Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

Words: T

table take taken takes taketh tale talents talk tall tarry task taste tasted tasteless taught teach teaching tear tears tedious tell tells temper temperance tempest tempests tempestuous temple tempt temptation temptations tempted tempter ten tenants tender tending tends tent tents terrestrial terrors testament testimony than thank thankful thankfulness thanks thanksgiving that thaw the thee their them theme themselves then thence there therefore thereof thereon these they thief thieves thine thing things think third thirst thirsted thirsty this thorns thorny those thou though thought thoughtless thoughts thousand thousands three threw thrice thrive throne thrones throng throngs through throughout thrown thrust thunder thunders thus thy thyself tide tidings tie ties till time times timorous tipped tire tired tires ’tis title to toast today together toil toiling toils tokens told tolling tomahawk tomb tombs tomorrow tone tones tongue tongues too took top topmost torment torments torn tottering touch touched towards tower towering towers towns toy toys trace track train traitor traitors tranquil transcribe transgressions transient transitory transport transporting travailed travel traveler travelers traveling tread treasure treasures treasury treat tree trees tremble trembling trial trials tribes tribulation tried trifles triumph triumphant triumphed triumphs trod trouble troubled troubles true truest trump trumpet trumpets trumps trust trusting truth truths try tune tuned tuneful tunes turn turned turns turtle ’twas twelve twenty twinkling two type tyranny tyrants