Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

thoughts 15 occurrences, 14 verses, 14 songs

A thousand thoughts revolve

29t Fairfield

94 Never Part

Far from my thoughts, vain world, be gone

280 Westford

Like thoughts of absenting myself for a day

100 The Bower of Prayer

My nobler thoughts aspire.

71 Leander

My thoughts address His throne

203 Florida

My thoughts are often gone astray

317 Jackson

My thoughts, that often mount the skies

300 Calvary

Our highest thoughts exceed.

36t America

Religion should our thoughts engage

205 Pleasant Hill

So I must halt, recount my thoughts

482 Mulberry Grove

Stretch all thy thoughts abroad

313b Cobb

Thy love my thoughts shall fill

143 Pleyel’s Hymn

To Thee my thoughts would soar

143 Pleyel’s Hymn

We wept with doleful thoughts oppressed

504 Wood Street