Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

trumpet 24 occurrences, 18 verses, 15 songs

And shall hear the trumpet sound in the morning?

85 The Morning Trumpet

And soon shall hear the trumpet sound

94 Never Part

And when the last trumpet sounded

250 Heavenly Vision

Be unto the earth by reason of the trumpet

250 Heavenly Vision

Blow the trumpet in Mount Zion

117 Babylon Is Fallen

Blow ye the trumpet blow

40 Lenox

But ere the trumpet shakes

501 O’Leary

Hark! How the gospel trumpet sounds!

99 Gospel Trumpet

Hear the trumpet loudly roar

117 Babylon Is Fallen

The Gospel trumpet hear

40 Lenox

The seventh trumpet speaks Him near

274b Roll Jordan

The trumpet of the Gospel sounds

295 Odem

The trumpet! the trumpet! the dead all have heard

149 The Trumpet

To hear the trumpet sound

373 Homeward Bound

Waked by the trumpet sound

47b Idumea

428 World Unknown

When Gabriel’s trumpet you shall hear

421 Sweet Morning

When I hear the trumpet sound in the morning.

85 The Morning Trumpet

Wherever Christ leads me the trumpet to blow.

347 Christian’s Farewell