Every year, the Minutes and Directory of Sacred Harp Singings is published by the Sacred Harp Musical Heritage Association.

Minutes are submitted by secretaries of singings and compiled by the editorial committee.

The cost of the book is largely funded by the $45 per singing day fee collected from singers the day of the singing. Each singing then receives 10 books per singing day in return, to be distributed by the secretary.

The minutes book includes:

Search the Minutes Online

Visit the online search page to browse or search in all minutes since 1995.

The online song indexes offer detailed information about songs in The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition.

The statistics page lets you explore how often individual songs from the 1991 Edition are sung.

How to order the Minutes Book

Please see your local secretary if you would like to receive a book. Otherwise, you may order single copies of the minutes book directly from Judy:

Minutes Book Order
c/o Judy Caudle
1821 Gum Pond Road
Eva, AL 35621

The cost of the book is $10.00 per copy (including postage).

Downloadable Minutes

Click one of the years to download a PDF of the Minutes Book Online Edition.

NOTE: For privacy purposes, the online version of the minutes book omits Birthdays and Names and Addresses. To view those sections, please obtain the printed book as described earlier.

Submitting your minutes

Please see the directions for submitting minutes in the opening pages of the minutes book for the most recent year (above).

Also included there, you will find directions for how to submit minutes electronically (by e-mail), which is a huge help for us since it saves typing.

Coming soon, check this page for further advice and assistance to help you submit your minutes.

— The minutes book committee: Shelbie, David, Chris, Carolyn