Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

through 88 occurrences, 70 verses, 80 songs

I’m running through grace

369 Send A Blessing

I’m trav’ling through the wilderness

267 Parting Friends

And find salvation through Thy blood

99 Gospel Trumpet

And guide me through the dreadful shade.

402 Protection

And I must launch through endless deeps

266 Kingwood

And many sore conflicts I have to pass through.

179 The Christian Warfare

And rolls through my soul from the mansions above.

360 The Royal Band

And sailed through bloody seas?

57 Christian Soldier

309 Living Lamb

513 Joyful

And sing God’s praise through endless days

55 Sister’s Farewell

And the lamp of His love is thy guide through the gloom.

158 Funeral Thought

And through the vale of death shall bear us

337 Mercy’s Free

Burst through the gloomy shades of death

44 The Converted Thief

Fly fearless through death’s iron gate

30b Prospect

111b To Die No More

275b Roll On

380 Lawrenceburg

444 All Saints New

Flying through the midst of heav’n

250 Heavenly Vision

Glide through the midnight air

184 Enfield

His beams through all the nations run

391 Sounding Joy

I know I must go through great tribulation

179 The Christian Warfare

I’ll sing God’s praise through endless days

426b Jasper

In and through God’s only Son.

144 Jubilee

Lord, Thou hast searched and seen me through

315 Immensity

My joy through life has been to sing

381 Sing On

My theme Through all eternity

544 Praise Him

Oh may they all through men regain

89 The Church’s Desolation

Redemption through his blood

40 Lenox

Shall bear us homeward through the skies

562 Infinite Delight

Sound His praise through ev’ry nation

322 Man’s Redemption

That all men through Him might believe.

553 Anthem on the Beginning

The same God that led Him through scenes most severe

341 The Lone Pilgrim

The Savior has passed through its portals before thee

158 Funeral Thought

Their line is gone through all the earth

518 Heavenly Anthem

They went up through pain and sighing

133 Hebrew Children

This truth through all our life shall cheer us

337 Mercy’s Free

Though I walk through the valley dark

490 My Shepherd Guides

Through all eternity.

381 Sing On

Through all the blissful road

456 Sacred Mount

Through all the world the echo bounds

99 Gospel Trumpet

Through endless days to come

426b Jasper

Through endless years the same.

543 Thou Art God

Through everlasting days

31t Ninety-Third Psalm

Through everlasting years adore.

434 Fillmore

Through ev’ry age eternal God

142 Stratfield

Through ev’ry land, by ev’ry tongue.

192 Schenectady

276 Bridgewater

377 Eternal Praise

Through free grace and a dying Lamb

401 Cuba

Through grace I am determined

129 Heavenly Armor

Through grace I feel determined

85 The Morning Trumpet

Through His own blood and battle scars

534 New Georgia

Through many dangers, toils and snares

45t New Britain

105 Jewett

Through my remaining days

205 Pleasant Hill

Through our Shiloh’s wide dominion

117 Babylon Is Fallen

Through peril, toil and pain they climbed

123b Cross of Christ

Through the earth and through the sky.

156 Jesus Rose

Through the enchanted ground.

121 Florence

Through the iron gate of death.

523 Pleyel’s Hymn

Through which pilgrims make their way.

545 The Pilgrim’s Way

Thy presence through my journey shine

475 A Thankful Heart

To live through endless days

568 I Want to Go to Heaven

To spread through all the earth abroad

88b Mount Zion

350 Nativity

395 New Bethel

To steer through life’s tempestuous sea

101t Canaan’s Land

We’re marching through Immanuel’s ground

94 Never Part

220 Mount Zion

313t Concord

481 Novakoski

565 The Hill of Zion

We’re trav’ling through this world of woe

206 Christian’s Hope

“When through the deep waters I call thee to go

72b Bellevue

When through the torn sail the wild tempest is streaming

224 Save, Lord, or We Perish

While journ’ying through this world of woe

457 Wayfaring Stranger

While through this world I travel

406 New Harmony

While trav’ling through the world below

286 Heavenly Home

387 Penick

Who through the night gave us to rest

411 Morning Prayer

Whose glories shine through endless days.

32t Corinth

Ye trav’lers through the wilderness

72t The Weary Soul

121 Florence

Yea, though I walk through death’s dark vale

558 Living Streams

Yea, though I walk through the valley

524 The Twenty-Third Psalm