The Sacred Harp community is a loosely knit society of people who love Sacred Harp singing. There is no central organization or authority. The most important thing you can do to participate is to find a singing near you and come sing.

You will instantly be connected with a social band that spans the continent, and 2 continuous centuries of American cultural tradition.

Mailing Lists

When you’re not singing, offers two mailing lists to help you keep up with happenings in the community.

These lists are moderated, which means they do not contain any spam, and off-topic messages are filtered out by a moderator, resulting in high quality and low volume.

The singings mailing list focuses on traditional fasola singing experiences (and closely related topics). Primarily, this means announcements of upcoming singings and reports and essays inspired by recent singings, but also includes: major events in singers’ lives (such as deaths, serious illness, and births), and of course recipes for dinner on the grounds! Moderated by singer and volunteer Keith Willard.

The discussions list focuses on historical and technical aspects of shape-note singing. Examples of topics include tunebook history, shape note pedagogy, musicological analysis, as well as reviews of books, recordings, articles, and conferences. Moderated by singer and volunteer John Bealle.

How to join...

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