Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

today 17 occurrences, 13 verses, 12 songs

A Savior’s born today.

152 Shepherds Rejoice

306 Oxford

“Come let us seek our God today;”

150 Amity

Dear people we have met today

60 Day of Worship

Jesus Christ is ris’n today

415 Easter Morn

The Lord is leading me today

373 Homeward Bound

The Spirit calls today

213b Warning

To feast His saints today

467 Lisbon

Today attend His voice

169 Dartmouth

Today He makes His entrance here

152 Shepherds Rejoice

306 Oxford

Today, if you will hear His voice

160b Turn, Sinner, Turn

Today the Savior calls

213b Warning

“Today thy parting soul shall be

44 The Converted Thief

Will be felt for today

175 Highlands of Heaven