Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

thine 29 occurrences, 24 verses, 27 songs

A copy, Lord, of Thine.

328 Praise God

And ev’ry grace is Thine.

503 Lloyd

And now in thine eye shines the fond, parting tear.

231 Thou Art Passing Away

And wishes Thine increase

150 Amity

But Thine shall be the praise

33b Abbeville

Dear Lord, if indeed I am Thine

127 Green Fields

Ever near Thine aid to lend

510 Corley

How sweet Thine entertainments are!

280 Westford

In Thine own appointed way

50b Humility

70t Gainsville

Make us, Savior, wholly Thine.

477 Lord, We Adore Thee

My feet shall visit Thine abode

298 Providence

Nor lay thine armor down

147b Laban

372 Rockport

Now to me afford Thine aid.

52b Charlestown

56b Villulia

458 Friendship

Sufficient is Thine arm alone

543 Thou Art God

There then to Thee Thine own I leave

448t Consecration

Thine’s all the glory

236 Easter Anthem

Thine are we eternally

477 Lord, We Adore Thee

Thine arm of mercy held me up

187 Protection

Thine earthly tent must shortly fall

266 Kingwood

Thine eye commands with piercing view

315 Immensity

’Tis heav’n to rest in Thine embrace

147t Boylston

503 Lloyd

To lean alone on Thine.

75 I Would See Jesus

Was ever love like Thine?

292 Behold the Savior

When thine arms around me fold.

410t The Dying Californian