Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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North Carolina Sacred Harp Convention

Page Walker Hotel, Cary, North Carolina
Glen Eden Community Center, Raleigh, North Carolina

February 28-March 1, 1998

Saturday, February 28

Page Walker Hotel, Cary, North Carolina

Outgoing President Peggy Loddengaard opened the singing by leading song on page 49t. The invocation was given by Henry Bizzell. Peggy Loddengaard lead song on page 81t.

A business session was held with the following officers elected or appointed: President—Suzanne Newton; Vice President—Peggy Loddengaard; Secretary—Tim Gee; Chaplain—Henry Bizzell.

The singing continued with the following leaders called: Suzanne Newton 318; Blake Morris 129; John Feddersen 68b; Tim Gee 191; Matt Cartmill 313b; G. C. Waldrep 112; Sharon Kellam 180; Patricia Temple 85; Mary Wright 71; Gail Doss 504; Claudia Egelhoff 556; Ron Craig 117; Joy Craig 454; Lynda Hambourger 472; Sandra Polaski 361; Kat Kinkade 131t; Don Polaski 495; Gavin Campbell 360; Becky Hart 474; Leslie Alperin 497.


Suzanne Newton reconvened the class with 34b. Leaders: Blake Morris 442; John Feddersen 528; Tim Gee 45t; Matt Cartmill 300; Jennifer Boger 163b; Peggy Loddengaard 82t; G. C. Waldrep 163t; Sharon Kellam 270; Patricia Temple 535b; Mary Wright 145b; Gail Doss 196; Frederick Beardsley 149; Claudia Egelhoff 210; Ron Craig 284; Joy Craig 63; Sandra Polaski 192; Kat Kinkade 428; Gavin Campbell 517; Don Polaski 200; Becky Hart 36b.


Suzanne Newton called the class to order with song on page 299.

As suggested during the business portion of the convention, the first songs after lunch were new works written by attendees. Each author lead his/her work. Blake Morris “Comforter”; Kat Kinkade “Never Turn Around”; Blake Morris “Submission”.

Traditional singing resumed: Leaders: Erin Newton 546; Hugh McGraw 413; Charlene Wallace 347; John Feddersen 236; Leslie Alperin 268; Tim Gee 457; Matt Cartmill 228; Peggy Loddengaard 61; G. C. Waldrep 282; Sharon Kellam 77b; Patricia Temple 183; Blake Morris 234; Mary Wright 354b; Gail Doss 441.


Suzanne Newton reconvened the class with song on page 38b. Leaders: Claudia Egelhoff 464; Lynda Hambourger 532; Carlene Griffin 171; Sandra Polaski 551b; Kat Kinkade 485; Don Polaski 480; Gavin Campbell 439; Becky Hart 269; Erin Newton 430; Frederick Beardsley 475; Blake Morris 501; John Feddersen 415; Leslie Alperin 178; Tim Gee 66; Matt Cartmill 189b; Peggy Loddengaard 65; G. C. Waldrep 419; Sharon Kellam 49 (t? b?); Patricia Temple 337; Gail Doss 137; Claudia Egelhoff 317; Lynda Hambourger 368; Sandra Polaski 142; Kat Kinkade 383; Don Polaski 47b; Gavin Campbell 94; Becky Hart 217; Erin Newton 56b. Suzanne Newton led song on page 46 as the closing song, and the class was dismissed with prayer by Henry Bizzell.

Sunday, March 1

Glen Eden Community Center, Raleigh, North Carolina

Suzanne Newton call the class to order by leading song on page 276. The invocation was given by Henry Bizzell.

Leaders: Peggy Loddengaard 196; Tim Gee 288; Blake Morris 35; John Feddersen 235b; Matt Cartmill 242; Sharon Kellam 278b; Patricia Temple 203; Hugh McGraw 553; Charlene Wallace 267; Carlene Griffin 117; Gail Doss 99; Claudia Egelhoff 304; Lynda Hambourger 122; Sandra Polaski 84; Kat Kinkade 375.


Tim Gee reconvened the class with 38t. Leaders: Becky Hart 344; Frederick Beardsley 446; Don Polaski 198; Erin Newton 143.

Claudia Egelhoff and Henry Bizzell then conducted the memorial service during which Claudia Egelhoff led songs on pages 65 and 569b.

Leadors: Suzanne Newton 163b; Blake Morris 378t; Tim Gee 98; Matt Cartmill 148; Peggy Loddengaard 358; Sharon Kellam 29t.


Peggy Loddengaard called the class to order leading song on page 133.

As done the day before, the period after lunch was devoted to recent music led by the authors.

Blake Morris “Berryman” and “Elizabeth”; Matt Cartmill “Consonance” (by Billings); Kat Kinkade “Deluge”; John Feddersen “Dance in the Sky”.

Traditional singing resumed. Leaders: Patricia Temple 324; Gail Doss 378b; Lynda Hambourger 348t; Sandra Polaski 107; Erin Newton 377; Kat Kinkade 539b; Becky Hart 222; Frederick Beardsley 452b; Don Polaski 209; Suzanne Newton 277; Blake Morris 220; Peggy Loddengaard 323b.


Tim Gee reconvened the class with song on page 280. Leaders: Frederick Beardsley 174; Joy Craig 31t; Matt Cartmill 352; Sharon Kellam 414t; Patricia Temple 362; Gail Doss 400; Claudia Egelhoff 380; Lynda Hambourger 455; Sandra Polaski 147 (t? b?); Kat Kinkade 124; Frederick Beardsley 310; Don Polaski 318; Becky Hart 155.

The convention closed with 62 as the final lesson. Henry Bizzell dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Suzanne Newton; Vice Chairman—Peggy Loddengaard; Secretary—Tim Gee.