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All-California Sacred Harp Singing Convention

Templars Hall, Poway, California

January 17-18, 1998

Saturday, January 17

The tenth annual All-California Sacred Harp Singing Convention was called to order by Chris Thorman leading song on page 59. The opening prayer was offered by Jim Friedrich. Leaders: Carla Smith 28b; Richard Rands 143; Jim Friedrich 454; Sandy Klein 142; Barry Phillips 168; Anita Landess 480; Henry Schuman 99; Alyssa Storm 306b; Paul Ralston 214; Joanne Hoover 66; Matt Wells 163b; Janice Hecksel 324; Jim Brock 84; Lissa Callirhoe 328; Carroll Lunsford 153; Deborah Johnson 504; Tom Ostwald 268; Kate Ware 535b; John Schaffer 174; Betty Herman 224; Marc Weyl 47t; Katharine Hough 378b; Gerry Hoffman 70t.


The class was called together by Chris Thorman leading song on page 448b. Leaders: Mary Rose O’Leary 340; Brian How 114; Jeanne Schaffer 385b; Jon Rand 385t; Jane Hancock 345b; Harlan Van Camp 501b; Carolyn Deacy 290; Rick Russell 448t; Laura Shaffer 300; Mike Hinton 146; Janet Herman 271 (t? b?); Stephen O’Leary and Isaac O’Leary 510; Jeannette DePoy 475; David Hough 384; Susan Turpin 344; Paul Schwebel 410t; Carol Selleck 282; Ted Mercer 302; Shelley Phillips 312b; Hugh McGuire 71; Victoria Ostwald 260; Helen Bryson 319; Leon Ballinger 217; Sandy Hill 30b; Michael Lambert 186; Laura Russell 545; Richard DeLong 542. Susan Turpin offered the prayer before lunch.


The class was called together by Chris Thorman leading song on page 299. Leaders: Jerry Schreiber 198; Karen Willard 497.

Chris Thorman led the Convention into a business meeting. The following new officers were elected or appointed: Chairman—Carla Smith; Vice Chairman—Mary Rose O’Leary; Treasurer—Norma Ruptier; Secretaries—Michael Lambert and Jan Hecksel; Memorial Committee—Pauline Childers and Joanne Hoover; Arranging Committee—Carolyn Deacy and Jerry Schreiber; Resolutions—Rod Willard and Ted Mercer.

Leaders: Carla Smith 222; Pauline Childers 498; Roberta Hartley 218; Mary Rose O’Leary 95b; Midge Harder 335; Matt Wells 481; Chris Thorman 474; Mike Hinton 436; Karen Hay and Karen Willard 94; Hugh McGuire 184.


The class was called together by Mary Rose O’Leary leading song on page 215. Leaders: Helen Bryson 163t; Anne Friend 277; Ted Mercer 182; Lynne Welke 236; Richard DeLong 278b; Barbara Willard 171; Leon Ballinger 269; Pauline Childers 318; Jeannette DePoy 89; Carroll Lunsford 127; Dave Hough 330b; Laura Russell 298; Tom Ostwald 117; Joanne Hoover 56b; Katharine Hough 376; Shelley Phillips 532; Janet Herman and Betty Herman 106; Gerry Hoffman 566; Jeanne Schaffer 178; Rick Russell 327; Susan Turpin 33b.

Carla Smith led song on page 414b for the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Susan Turpin.

Sunday, January 18

The class was called together by Carla Smith leading song on page 59. The morning prayer was offered by Susan Turpin. Leaders: Harlan Van Camp 125; Lissa Callirhoe 492; Stephen O’Leary 130; Jim Friedrich 40; Anita Landess 503b; Paul Ralston 210; Roberta Hartley 31t; Henry Schuman 288; Carol Selleck 328; Jane Hancock 551b; Jim Brock 350.


The class was called together by Mary Rose O’Leary leading song on page 274t. Leaders: Janice Hecksel 107; John Schaffer 332; Sandy Klein 312b; Marc Weyl 128; Midge Harder 220; Jon Rand 404; Alyssa Storm 374; Sandy Hill 369; Barry Phillips 133; Deborah Johnson 147t; Genevieve Prentice 448t; Richard Rands 122; Fred Dexter 34b; Janet Herman 442; Roger Mohling 66.


The class was called together by Mary Rose O’Leary leading song on page 79. Leaders: Jeanne Schaffer 569b; Don Klein 540; Tom Ostwald 209; Shelley Phillips 380; Chris Thorman 280.

The Memorial Lesson was offered by Pauline Childers. “This is the sad part of the convention; but let us be thankful to be able to sing in memory of our dear loved ones who have departed from this life in the past year since we met. God in his infinite wisdom has called them to their Eternal Home where there will be no sorrows and sickness. They will be singing with the angels in a much sweeter song than we can here.” Carla Smith led song on page 146 in memory of Marilou Jolly. Pauline Childers read the list of our departed: California—Marilou Jolly, Leon Wilson, Peter Rydell, Dottie Horn, Ida Ray Rosenfeld, Larry Carter, and Joy Reed; Alabama—Vernice Calvert, Seldon Creel, and Jimmy Causey; Oregon—Albert Fee and baby Michael Ditson; Texas—Sam Herman and Amanda Howell; Georgia—Eva Corley Reeves; Colorado—Barry Sullivan; Utah—Jeff Hardyman; Illinois—George Barford; England—Alison Small. Pauline Childers led song on page 111b for the deceased.

Joanne Hoover spoke as follows for the sick and shut-ins. “We are now going to remember those who cannot be with us today, those who we are concerned about. If we are Christians, we hold the belief that we exist in the Communion of Saints—that in all times and in all places we live in love and fellowship—and that love can be expressed and sent to strengthen and support each other, even when we are apart. I am going to read these names, some ill in minor situations, and some with terminal illnesses. Please hold these persons in your heart as we sing “Bellevue”. How firm a foundation. Think of those who are going through ‘fiery trials’ and ‘deep waters.’ Joanne read the list of the names of the sick and shut-in: California—Pete Esten, Carol Hancock, Noelle Hancock, Clara Zukerman, Bud Orgen, and Melanie Willard; Alabama—Marie Aldridge, Hadyn Creel, and Kim Cagle; Georgia—Mary Frances Dannals and Horace DeLong; Virginia—Mary Hulbert and Betsy Callahan; Pennsylvania—Catherine Cessna; Washington—Johnny Jeans; New Mexico—Dodge Wiggins. Joanne Hoover led song on page 72b. Susan Turpin closed the Memorial Lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Stephen O’Leary 77t; Rick Russell 48t; Katharine Hough 183; Laura Russell 543; Betty Herman 372; David Hough 371; Mary Rose O’Leary 276; Carolyn Deacy 299. Susan Turpin offered the prayer before lunch.


The class was called together by Mary Rose O’Leary leading song on page 189b. Leaders: Helen Bryson 411; Carroll Lunsford 387; Jeannette DePoy 267; Leon Ballinger 137; Susan Turpin 161; Mike Hinton 365; Carla Smith 567; Hugh McGuire 550; Joanne Hoover 361; Richard DeLong 362b; Pauline Childers 530; Ted Mercer 216; Karen Willard 142.


The class was called together by Jon Rand leading song on page 84. Leaders: Sandy Hill 159; Ron Harrell 138t; Lissa Callirhoe 24b; Don Klein 556b; Anne Friend 160t; Barry Phillips 196; Barbara Karol 268; Harlen Van Camp 32b; Mimi Wright 39t; Deborah Johnson 207; Jim Friedrich 455; Anita Landess 68b; Henry Schuman 388; Jerry Schreiber 441.


The class was called together by Rick Russell leading song on page 63. Leaders: Carol Selleck 154; Rodney Willard 148; Midge Harder 401.

A business meeting was entered into for the purpose of hearing reports from the various committees.

The Treasurer reported that the Convention expenses had been met. The Locating Committee reported that the Convention would be in Los Angeles in 1999.

There was a special announcement that Carolyn Deacy started the All-California Sacred Harp Singing Convention 10 years ago, and seven people have attended all ten sessions of the Convention: Carolyn Deacy, Richard DeLong, Ted Mercer, Mary Rose O’Leary, Stephen O’Leary, Jerry Schreiber and Rena Sonshine.

The Resolutions Committee read the following report. We thank:

(1) our Maker for the gift of song and praise and the fellowship of Sacred Harp singers everywhere;

(2) the members of the class for so enthusiastically contributing their voices to the wonderful sounds of worship these two days;

(3) those who have come from afar to share and sing and fellowship with the local class;

(4) the City of Poway and Old Poway Park for allowing us to enjoy this acoustically wonderful room. And a special thanks to the staff of the Park who have gone the second mile in preparing the facilities for us. Thank you San Diego Folk Heritage for bringing us together with Old Poway.

Midge Harder—will we ever fit into our clothes again? What about the jalapeno bread—that scrumptious apricot pie—the Texas pound cake from Pauline’s Childers’ recipe—the Coy Ivey barbecue?

San Diego singers and non-singing friends alike—thank you for your hospitality, and for opening your homes to the travelers.

Janice Hecksel and Michael Lambert, thank you for giving up some of your singing time to do the essential secretarial duties.

Richard DeLong—thank you for dealing with us so gently as you helped overcome the voids in our understanding of the tradition that is a part of Sacred Harp.

Officers and all the members of the committees—you who have worked so hard to bring this convention to be a successful and wonderful singing—our heartful thanks.

Carla Smith and Jerry Schreiber—we love you! What would this convention have been without your devotion to detail in preparation and execution? Submitted by: Ted Mercer and Rod Willard.

Leaders: Pauline Childers 546; Jeannette DePoy 192; Richard DeLong 318.

Carla Smith and Jerry Schreiber led song on page 62 as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Jim Friedrich.

Chair—Carla Smith; Vice Chair—Mary Rose O’Leary; Secretaries—Janice Hecksel and Michael Lambert.