Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Midwest Convention

Chicago, Illinois

April 29-30, 2000

Saturday, April 29

The fifteenth annual Midwest Sacred Harp Singing Convention met at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, April 29, 2000 at Ida Noyes Hall, Chicago, Illinois. Co-chairs Anne Heider and Steve Warner welcomed the class, and called the singers to order by leading song on page 59. Sarah Davie led the opening prayer. Anne Heider and Steve Warner led song on page 171 (for Don Bowen who was unable to attend).

Leaders: Kris Richardson 217; Melanie Hauff 421; Cathryn Baker 384; Jerry Enright 300; Kiri Miller 81 (t? b?); Ariel Weinberg 344; Connie Karduck 391; Kit Pfau 496; Scott DePoy 114; Jerilyn Schumacher 504; Martha Beverly 216; Carolyn Deacy 456; Wendy Wahn 163b; Mark Miller 29 (t? b?); Keith Willard 32t; Marcia Johnson 218; Lisa Grayson 436.


The singing was resumed with Anne Heider and Steve Warner leading song on page 52 (t? b?). Leaders: Johanna Fabke 83 (t? b?); Charles Wells 148.

A business meeting was convened for the purpose of electing officers. The officers elected or appointed to serve were: Chairpersons—Melanie Hauff and Kris Richardson; Vice Chairpersons—Kate Lingley and Jim Helke; Secretary—Connie Karduck; Chaplain—Sarah Davie; Arranging Committee—Lisa Grayson, Marcia Johnson, Ted Mercer, and Mark Miller; Memorial Committee—David Lee, Kiri Miller, Linda Thomas, and Julie Vea; Finance Committee—Becky Browne, Carolyn Deacy, Dean Slaton, and Kathy Williams; Resolutions Committee—John Bailey, Gary Groneau, Elene Stovall, and Chris Thorman; Locating Committee—Cathryn Baker, Suzanne Flandreau, and Ariel Weinberg.

Leaders: Al Frank 362; Sue Kessell 236; Jenny Willard 422; David Barford, Emmie Barford, and Elisabeth Schmidt-Hiber 428; Doug Stapleton 472; John Bailey 475; Karen Ivey 208; Dean Slaton 464; Kathy Williams 515; Buell Cobb 37b; Sarah Harcrow 299; Debra Barford and Nathan Barford 313b; Joanne Hoover 56b.


Kiri Miller and Ariel Weinberg brought the class to order leading song on page 455. Leaders: Gary Gronau 137; Allison Ivey 142; Jim Swanson 133; Jeannette DePoy 387; D.J. Hatfield 296; Elene Stovall 192; Coy Ivey 222; Paula McGray 572; Linda Thomas 350; Jesse Roberts 189. The singing dismissed for lunch with prayer led by Sarah Davie.


The afternoon session was called to order by Kate Lingley and Jim Helke leading song on page 496. Leaders: Kathy Wallace 80t; John Seaton 47t; Susan Harcrow 430; Ted Johnson “Boulder”; Richard DeLong 411; Kelly House 112; Don Clark 503; Henry Johnson 288; Dewayne Hawthorne 285t; Karen Freund 278b; Reba Dell Windom 269; Ted Mercer 181; Darlene Dalton 454; David Lee 383; Judy Hauff 220; Rodney Ivey and Richard Ivey 270 and 76b; Karen Buche 501; Steven Levine 41.


Connie Karduck brought the class back together leading song on page 87. Leaders: Virginia Warren 159; Karen House 460; Louis Hughes 565; Donna Abrahams 373; Gladys Epting 146; Scott Schroeder 566; Kathy Lee 28b; Patricia Doss 522; James Page 505; Dennis George 198; Liisa Eckersberg 126; Barbara Swetman 125; Matthew Wells 196; Jacob Affolten 178; Carol Buche 143; Suzanne Flandreau 276.

Melanie Hauff and Kris Richardson closed the Saturday session with song on page 347. Sue Kessell announced the time and location of the evening social, and Chaplain Sarah Davie dismissed the class with prayer.

Sunday, April 30

The Sunday session of the Midwest Convention was called to order at 9:30 a.m. with Melanie Hauff and Kris Richardson leading songs on pages 31t and 40. Sarah Davie led the opening prayer.

Leaders: Kate Lingley and Jim Helke 284; Julie Vea 318; Bruce Holmes 267; Kathy Kaiser 203; Wally Bloch 31b; Kathryn Krug 209; Martha Henderson 53; Jan Ketelle 448b; Chris Thorman 179; Lissa Blood 39b; David Ivey 394; Laura Clawson 95; Steven Parker 99; David Wright 546; Sarah Davie 148; Max Berueffy 282.


Jim Helke and Kate Lingley brought the class back to order leading song on page 441. Leaders: James Gingerich 29t; Carol Crawford 74b; Steven Schmidgall 120; Lorena Moore 312b; Thomas Willard 106; Ginny Landgraf 210; Larry Nothwehr 198; George Karduck and Dana Karduck 142; Margaret Sayvetz 66; James Brock 34b; Samuel Sommers 112; Tom Ivey 335; Rachel Adelstein 551; David Rust 201; Violet Stark 358.


The singing was resumed with Connie Karduck leading song on page 145t. Leaders: Jo Dell Albi 214; Matthew Lind 145b.

The memorial lesson was conducted. Kiri Miller read the names of the deceased. David Lee led song on page 80b, and Jeannette DePoy led song on page 420b for the deceased: Ester Wall Brown, Vester Jones, Glen Lacy, Lindberg Lacy, Mary Oden, Virgil Phillips, and Alice Williams—Alabama; Dollie DeLong Hudgins and Sadie Wilkerson—Georgia; Viola Boekelheide, Robert Frame, and Patrick Waddell—California; Gerry Armstrong, Morton Epstein, Eileen Holmes, Kay Keehn, Alice Kuiper, Pat McCauley, and Scott Oliver—Illinois; Stefan Brown, Jim Chalgren, and Marie Davie—Minnesota; Leona Washburn and Janet Wright—Michigan; Marvin Meyers—Colorado; Sara Kenedy—Kansas; John Cawley—Indiana; Linda Lowe Morris—Maryland; Lois Brown—New Jersey; Vivian McCurry—North Carolina; Jack Page—Texas; Ken Karlen—Wisconsin.

Julie Vea read the names of the singers who are sick and shut-in: Jeff Hamman, Andy Jones, Caroline Presnell, and Ralph Zum Bahlen—Illinois; R.J. Crawford, Nick Fabke, Paul Krolik, and Bob Scorgie—Wisconsin; Frank Block, Mary Lou Cagle, I.V. McWhorter, Myrtle Smith, Vedie Touchstone, Hershel Wooten, and Opal Wootten—Georgia; Rosa Hughes, Ruby Phillips, Lawrence Underwood, Lula Underwood, Jap Walton, and Woodie Walker—Alabama; Viola Smith—Hawaii; Gordon Matthews—Brockenhurst—United Kingdom; Bernice Embry, Hugh Bill McGuire, and Madeline Steel—Mississipi; Dorothy Garber and Susan Garber—Connecticut; John Flandreau—New York; Bruce Zum Bahlen—Minnesota; Ray McCurry—North Carolina; Ted Bellin—Nebraska; Philip Page, Jr.—New Jersey; John Morris—Maryland; Peter Henkel—Michigan; Jim Medendorp—Indiana. Julie Vea and Linda Thomas led songs on pages 83t, 47t, and 47b for those remembered. Jesse Roberts closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Sarah Davie led the blessing before lunch.


Kris Richardson and Melanie Hauff reconvened the class after lunch with song on page 212. Leaders: Christine Stevens 277; Rebecca Browne 304; Jeanette Lim 91; Jesse Roberts 498; Bill Hamblin 268; Coy Ivey and Elene Stovall 384; Richard DeLong 496; Sarah Davie 361; Susan Harcrow 218; D.J. Hatfield 283; Elene Stovall 475; Aura Lee Furgason 549; Richard Ivey 192; Karen House 153; Dennis George 224; Barbara Swetman 168; Natalie Cecire 191.


The class was brought back to order by Kate Lingley and Jim Helke leading song on page 68 (t? b?). Leaders: Chris Thorman 28b; Kathy Lee and David Lee 274t; Sarah Harcrow 101t; Dewayne Hawthorne 225t; Kelly House 61; Kathy Williams 273; Darlene Dalton 309; Rodney Ivey 186; Joanne Hoover 280; Don Clark 434; Laura Clawson 345 (t? b?); Max Berueffy 532; Henry Johnson 70 (t? b?); Melanie Hauff, Judy Hauff, and Diana Zwieg 528.

The officers called for reports from the Arranging Committee, the Finance Committee, and the Resolutions Committee. Twenty-five different states were represented at this convention.

Announcements of future singings were made, and the class took the parting hand. The class was dismissed with a closing prayer led by Sarah Davie.

Chairpersons—Melanie Hauff and Kris Richardson; Vice Chairpersons—Jim Helke and Kate Lingley; Secretary—Connie Karduck.