Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Ohio State Convention

First Lutheran Church, Cincinnati, Ohio

February 29 - March 1, 2020

Saturday, February 29

The 28th annual Ohio State Convention was brought to order by Ray Rechenberg leading 354b. The morning prayer was offered by Jim Herr.

A short business session took place, in which officers were elected or appointed to serve as follows: Co-chairpersons—Ed Walton and Josh Walton; Vice Chairperson—Liz Hayes; Treasurer—Debbie Hall; Registration—Kathleen Flanagan; Arranging Committee—James Coppock, Claire Outten, Rich Overturf, and Ray Rechenberg; Chaplain—Jim Herr; Memorial Committee—Greg Creech and Elizabeth Todd; Secretary—Michael Domino. The class sang selections from The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition, and one unpublished composition.

Leaders: Scott Troyer 128; Laura Ann Russell 72b; Claire Outten 29t; Karen Arnett 28b; Sylvia Thomas 84; Clara Herr 157; David Casenhiser 106; Michael Darby 168; John David Thacker 122; Elizabeth Todd 200; Tim Gregg 270; Tom Morton 503; Cecelia Kramer 210; Michael Domino 172; Debbie Hall 66; Randy Webber “Epitaph” (unpublished); Len VanderJagt 569b; Charles Grogan 146; Keith Seidel 102.


The class was brought back together by Josh Walton leading 59. Leaders: Greg Creech 33b; Lori Graber 144; Jim Herr 556; Marian Mitchell 528; Eric Conrad 129; Jamie Yeats 39t; John Bealle 522; Barb VanderJagt 142; Nigel Ewan 344; James Coppock 163t; Tom Kochan 274t; Kathleen Flanagan 63; Barb Patterson 480; Rich Overturf 159; Anne Gilliland 127; Michelle Cull 273; Annaliza Cull 99; Eloise Clark 54; Claire Grogan 178; Ray Rechenberg 148. Ray Rechenberg offered a blessing before the noon meal.


The afternoon session was brought to order by Linda Coppock leading 147t. Leaders: Scott Troyer 209; Laura Ann Russell 426b; Claire Outten 315; Karen Arnett 532; Sylvia Thomas 372; Clara Herr 564; David Casenhiser 551; Michael Darby 326; John David Thacker 56t; Elizabeth Todd 32t; Tim Gregg 475; Tom Morton 277; Cecelia Kramer 500; Michael Domino 408; Debbie Hall 474; Randy Webber 222.


The class resumed singing with Keith Seidel leading 472. Leaders: Len VanderJagt 38b; Greg Creech 74b; Lori Graber 111b; Jim Herr 546; Marian Mitchell 362; Eric Conrad 268; Jamie Yeats 313b; John Bealle 220; Annaliza Cull 183; Tom Kochan 496; Michelle Cull 236; Nigel Ewan 365; Barb VanderJagt 155.

Announcements were made. John Bealle led 347 as those who wished took the parting hand. The closing prayer was offered by Jim Herr.

Sunday, March 1

The Sunday session of the Ohio Sacred Harp Singing Convention was brought to order by Josh Walton leading 87. The morning prayer was offered by Ed Walton.

Leaders: Rich Overturf 105; Anne Gilliland 61; Barb Patterson 48b; Liz Hayes 198; Scott Troyer 377; Michael Hieber 163b; Laura Ann Russell 290; Sylvia Thomas 547; Clara Herr 406; Shawn Fenton 171; Kathleen Flanagan 223; Raphael Finkel 515; Linda Coppock 504; Eloise Clark 300.


The class was called back to order by Ed Walton and Josh Walton leading 34b. The memorial service was conducted by Elizabeth Todd and Greg Creech. Beth spoke and led 86 for the following sick and shut-ins: Jason Potsander, David Erskine, Karl Harlacher, Brenda Rechenberg, Prudy Duff, Sue Duff, Karen Carelli, Anne Missavage, and Bob Borcherding.

Greg spoke and led 159 in memory of the following singers and friends who have died since last year’s Ohio Convention: Janet Conrad, Paul Foster, David Schumacher, and Edgar Thacker—Ohio; Stephen O’Leary—California; Stephen Worley—Tennessee. Greg Creech offered a prayer to close the memorial service.

Leaders: Claire Outten 479; Michael Darby 288; John David Thacker 47b; Elizabeth Todd 89; Tim Gregg 389; Cecelia Kramer 191; Michael Domino 235; John Bealle 108t; Debbie Hall 192; Mary Donnellan 493; Ray Rechenberg 77t; Len VanderJagt 425; Greg Creech 501; Jim Herr 440; Jamie Yeats 313b. Ray Rechenberg offered a blessing before the noon meal.


James Coppock brought the afternoon session of the convention to order by leading 52t. Leaders: Barb VanderJagt 107; James Coppock 485; Marian Mitchell 549; Dirk Yount 275t; Eric Conrad 70b; Jamie Yeats 117; Barb Patterson 454; John Bealle 250; Eloise Clark 315; Linda Coppock 114; Raphael Finkel 66; Tim Gregg 267; Cecelia Kramer 71; Len VanderJagt 452; Anne Gilliland 143; Elizabeth Todd 436; Jim Herr 176t; Shawn Fenton 543.


The class resumed singing with Claire Outten leading 38t. Leaders: Liz Hayes 448t; Greg Creech 350; Laura Ann Russell 227; Ray Rechenberg 40; Sylvia Thomas 444; Clara Herr 203; Michael Darby 133; Kathleen Flanagan 477; Marian Mitchell 383; Eric Conrad 245; Debbie Hall 497; Scott Troyer 324; Michael Domino 390; John Bealle 434; Rich Overturf 209; Elizabeth Todd 373; Barb Patterson 82t; Cecelia Kramer 49t; Anne Gilliland 81t.

Following announcements, the class sang 347, and took the parting hand. Jim Herr offered the closing prayer.

Co-chairpersons—Ed Walton and Josh Walton; Vice Chairperson—Liz Hayes; Secretary—Michael Domino