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All-California Sacred Harp Singing Convention

Angels Gate Cultural Center, San Pedro, California

January 18-19, 2020

Saturday, January 18

The 32nd All-California Sacred Harp Singing Convention was called to order by Mary Rose O’Leary leading 565. Carrie Grindon offered the opening prayer. The following officers were elected: Chairperson—Mary Rose O’Leary; Vice Chairpersons—Mark Godfrey and Leigh Cooper; Treasurer—Peter Stenshoel; Secretary—David Olson.

Leaders: David Olson 564; Mark Godfrey and Leigh Cooper 32t; Al Grindon 171; Bonnie Mitchell 503; Peter Stenshoel 163b; Randy Ritter 312b; Jennifer Obeidin 196; Jeff Laub 480; Maggie Taylor 569b; Bruce Hayes 198; Juanita Heyerman 497; Anzick 187; Carri Grindon 107; Bruce Teter 215; Andrew Mashchak 106; Lizzie Sanders 131t; Larry Arnstein 566; Karen Mathews 458; Fred Wilkey 332; Judy Getrich 538; Jerry Schreiber 377.


Will Fitzgerald led 324 to call the class back together. Leaders: Catherine Van Duzer 430; Abigail Curran 146; Jim Friedrich 347; Leah Coffin 448t; Wren Hyde 326; Chris Thorman 318; Judy Nahman-Stouffer 455; Laura Boyd Russell 384; J.T. Harechmak 286; Nancy Novotny 434; Linda Selph 456; Irene Gilb 372; Peter Stenshoel 48t; Carolyn Deacy and Lindy Groening 383.


Leigh Cooper led 35 to call the class back together. Leaders: Rick Russell 200; Pat Coghlan 272; Peter Bradley 556; Tom Booth 475; Janet Plattner 441; Sophie Sokolov 34t; Sam Thomas 82t; Kate Fine 546 (for Jennifer Jones of Portland, OR); Julia Zaffarano 142; Ruth Linehan 228; Sophia Schinske 270; Judy Van Duzer 70b; Abbie Sorg 276; Steve Warner 86; Naomi Kaye Honova and Jan Hon 72b; Derek Buckland 296; David Smead 193; Bob Schinske 436; Sadhbh O’Flynn 542; Stephanie Fida 428; Linda Booth 269; Ellee Curran 274t; Hoss Curran 388. Carrie Grindon asked a blessing before the noon meal.


Laura Boyd Russell led 52t to call the class back together. Leaders: Paul Landskroener 208; Inga Huebner 311; Josh Rogan 222; Mimi Wright 410b; Evelyn Lamb 406; Lisa Bennet 550; Scott Curran 500; Tom Fahrbach 345b; Kevin Barrans 271b; Kate Coxon 411; Gary Rogan 129; Lisa Grayson 536; Vivian Rogan 84; Jen Rymut 511; Erik Schwab 425; William Schuller 426b; Carol Huang 528; Julius Pasay 392; Emily Ross 551; Anne Heider 532.


David Olson and Brandon Armstrong led 282 to call the class back together. Leaders: Kevin Beirne 176b; Clarissa Fetrow and Temmo Korishelli 65; Michele Curran 203; Betsy Jeronen 499; Mike Chaffin 99; Karen Stingle 183; Rachel O’Leary 73t; Carla Smith 368; Will Fitzgerald 447; Midge Harder 315; Leon Godfrey 472; Sean Francis Conway 166; Aisha Morgan 284; Rebecca Edwards 205; Edward Rice 102; Inder Khalsa 313b; Elizabeth Poss 547; Jan Lloren 47t. Carrie Grindon offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Sunday, January 19

Mary Rose O’Leary brought the Sunday session to order leading 217. Peter Stenshoel offered the opening prayer. Leaders: Norman Van Holtzendorff 34b; Lizzie Sanders 227; Porter Lontz-Underhill 163t; Alison Fisher 171; Jeff Laub 496; Vivian Rogan 535; Al Grindon 66; Marilyn Murata 274t; Josh Rogan 192; Jennifer Obeidin 112; Linnea Sablosky 68b; Gary Rogan 30b; Karen Stingle 40; Bruce Teter 145t; Anzick 546; Cheryl Waskiewicz 277; Midge Harder 92; Cyprian Stevens 159; Pat Coghlan 492; Judy Nahman-Stouffer 146.


Sadhbh O’Flynn led 312t to call the class back together. Leaders: Chris Thorman 120; Elizabeth Poss 148; Bruce Hayes 250; Laurie Burk 280; Mark Godfrey 415; Mary Rose O’Leary 312b; Mike Hagerty 134; Ruth Linehan 123t; David Olson 117; Aisha Morgan 339; Sean Francis Conway 122; Maggie Zhou 534; Peter Stenshoel 285t; Sophie Sokolov 30t; Joel Chan 235; Inga Huebner 302; Leon Godfrey 32t.


Chris Thorman led 445 to call the class back together. Leaders: Erik Schwab 90; Scott Curran 460; Jen Rymut 543; Michele Curran 269; Peter Stenshoel 49t; Jerry Schreiber 236; Lisa Bennett 181.

Anne Heider and Steve Warner conducted the memorial lesson. Anne Heider spoke movingly and led 472 in honor of the sick and homebound.

Steve Warner offered dignified and comforting words, reviewing in particular Charlene Wallace’s life as a Sacred Harp singer, and led 162 in memory of the following deceased: John Beasley, Rozlyn Greene, and Ottis Sides—Alabama; Asmaa Ashooqullah, Danny Ayers, Sigrid Bishop, Eon Burchman, Billy Cunningham, Dick Eberle, Josie Herschel, Ronald Kaye, Steve Kilfoy, Alva Weinstein Lane, Carl Lindner, Jason Lopez, Gary (Mix) McDonald, Dina Mead, Gary Mendenhall, Priscilla Patterson, Rush Riddle, Lisa Spiegelman, and Curtis Taylor—California; Carole Chapman, Norma Mincey, Mildred Patterson, Robbie Rivers, and Charlene Wallace—Georgia; Michael Appert—Illinois; Paul Luther Wilson—Minnesota; Jane Ellen Mark and Jim Smith—Missouri; Marlene Spector Levine—New Jersey; Elizabeth Wurtzel—New York; Frank Mitchell and John Wills—Ohio; Ramóna Mason and Cheyanne Perez—Oklahoma; Concetta Branson and Anita Engiles—Oregon; Karl Walbrecht—Virginia; B and Clare Paris—Washington; Hugues Albane—France; Wilfred Huels and Wolfgang Neugebauer—Germany; John Beirne and Brian Morrisroe—Ireland; Hugo Noya—Peru. Stephen O’Leary led a moving prayer to conclude the memorial lesson.

Leaders: Carolyn Deacy 95; Julius Pasay 385b; Lisa Grayson 385t; Kevin Barrans 328; Kate Coxon 511; William Schuller 58; Paul Landskroener 195. Jim Friedrich offered grace for the meal.


Maggie Zhou led 67 to call the class back together. Leaders: Sophia Schinske 198; Sam Thomas 182; Carla Smith 209; David Smead 444; Irene Gilb 383; Derek Buckland 429; Judy Van Duzer 421; Will Fitzgerald 438; Nancy Novotny 391; Bob Schinske 522; Janet Plattner 119; Catherine Van Duzer 287; Abbie Sorg 344; Edward Rice 224; Julia Zaffarano 216; Evelyn Lamb 367; Laura Boyd Russell 89 (for Duncan McLeod); Kate Fine 426b; Natalie Hall 200; Thom Fahrbach 331; Lucy O’Leary 340; Stephanie Fida 359; Anne Heider 501.


Emily Ross led 354b to call the class back together. Leaders: Sadhbh O’Flynn 400; Inder Khalsa 165; Jim Friedrich 273; Linda Selph 527; Pat Keating 320; Steve Warner 84 (for Dean Slayton); Wren Hyde 69t; Fred Wilkey 474; Betsy Jeronen 440; Stephen O’Leary and David Olson 260; Lindy Groening 313t; Larry Arnstein 313b; Leigh Cooper 283; Leah Coffin 160b; Rebecca Edwards 110; Emily Ross 208.

Mary Rose O’Leary led 62 as the closing song, and those who wished took the parting hand. The closing prayer was offered by Jim Friedrich, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Mary Rose O’Leary; Vice Chairpersons—Mark Godfrey and Leigh Cooper; Secretary—David Olson