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Ohio State Convention

First Lutheran Church, Cincinnati, Ohio

March 4-5, 2017

Saturday, March 4

The 25th annual Ohio State Convention was brought to order by Karen Arnett leading 31b. The morning prayer was offered by Jim Herr.

A short business session took place, in which the following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairperson—Karen Arnett; Vice Chairperson—Lia Mansfield; Treasurer—Ray Rechenberg; Secretary—Michael Domino.

Leaders: Lia Mansfield 65; Ray Rechenberg 148; Michael Domino 40; Deborah Hall 38t; Claire Outten 542; Rich Overturf 312b; Carol Medlicott 182; Joel-Henry Mansfield 410t; Claudia Baldwin 38b; Beth Garfinkel 504; Sheila Patterson 114; Zachary Davis 56b; David Casenhiser 59; Randy Weber 547; William Shetter 441; Linda Coppock 377; Ally Talbot 480; Jim Herr 27; Michael Darby 128; Jim Coppock 198.


The class was brought back together by Karen Arnett leading 72b. Leaders: Idy Kiser 313b; Jubal Bayer 189; Nigel Ewan 344; Ruth Wampler 279; Tim Morton 395; John Bealle 340; Elizabeth Gentry 34t; Hans Bayer 419; Gillian Inksetter 227; Shawn Fenton 70b; Bob Borcherding 324; Regina Frick 270; Gerry Hoffman 458; Anne Missavage 454; Eddie Mash 77t; Cecelia Kramer 534; Ray Rechenberg 47t; Michele Cull 384; Tom Kochan 496; Corey Sees 336; Darrell Swarens 507; Nate Zweig 160t; Annaliza Cull 155; Greg Creech 401. Greg Creech offered a blessing before the noon meal.


The afternoon session was brought to order by Karen Arnett leading 274t. Leaders: Michael Domino 235; Tom Morton 209; Marian Mitchell 549; Paula Picton 428; Mike Hinton 475; Brad Oglesby 151; Lori Graber 500; Laura Ann Russell 564; Barb VanderJagt 112; John David Thacker 122; Hollie Long 535; Grace Patterson 448b; Len VanderJagt 350; Michael Hieber 178; Sylvia Thomas 444; Michele Raine 183; William Shetter 546; Gillian Inksetter 273; Mike Hinton 154; Paula Picton 142; Ruth Wampler 394; Jubal Bayer 442.


The class resumed singing with Linda Coppock leading 147t. Leaders: Regina Frick 196; Ed Walton 524; Randy Weber 236; Nate Zweig 516; Hans Bayer 455; Nigel Ewan 276; Jim Herr 222; Darrell Swarens and Annaliza Cull 47b; Corey Sees 390; Eddie Mash 556; Anne Missavage 215; Bob Borcherding 383; Gerry Hoffman 29t; Cecelia Kramer 71; Annaliza Cull 268; Tim Morton 269; Marian Mitchell 474; Michele Cull 300; Greg Creech 74b; Beth Garfinkel 448t; Zachary Davis 282; Shawn Fenton 163t; Michael Darby 123t; Joel-Henry Mansfield 68b.

Announcements were made. Karen Arnett led 347 as the class took the parting hand. The closing prayer was offered by Nigel Ewan.

Sunday, March 5

The Sunday session of the Ohio Sacred Harp Singing Convention was brought to order by Karen Arnett leading 52t. The morning prayer was offered by Ray Rechenberg. Announcements were made by Karen Arnett.

Leaders: Ray Rechenberg 203; Michael Domino 34b; Lia Mansfield 515; Bobette Olson 95; Claire Outten 171; Gerry Hoffman 42; Laura Ann Russell 542; Ruth Wampler 213b; Greg Creech 127; Bob Borcherding 210; Linda Coppock 532; Darrell Swarens 36b; Shawn Fenton 501; John Bealle 278t; Gillian Inksetter 572; Michele Cull 217; Jim Patterson 86; Paula Picton 82t; Jim Coppock 106; Sylvia Thomas 168; Eddie Mash 455; Jim Herr 440; Sheila Patterson 89; Michael Darby 133; Annaliza Cull 358; Ally Talbot 290; Rich Overturf 373.


The memorial service was conducted by Ruth Wampler and Michele Cull. Ruth spoke, and led 430 for the following sick and shut-ins: Melanie Hauff, Anne Hiltner, Karen Carrelli, Curtis Owen, and Edith Owen.

Michele spoke, and led 53 in memory of the following singers and friends who have died since last year’s Ohio Convention: Les Sontag, Mary Jean McGuire, Janelle Davis—Illinois; Lila Mitchell, Helen Darby—New York; John Bayer, Loraine Bayer, Deb Riley, Boyd Holliman—Ohio; Johnnie Lee, Delorese Lee, B.M. Smith, Earlis McGraw—Georgia; Steve Adams, Kermit Adams, Toney Smith, Lavoy Smith—Alabama; Fannie Forry—Pennsylvania; John McGhee—California; Annabel Clark—Colorado; Leatrice Creech—Kentucky; Dorothy Pipkin—Tennessee; Madeleine Venier—France.

Michele spoke in particular about John Bayer. Claire Outten offered a prayer, thus closing the memorial service.


Linda Coppock brought the afternoon session of the convention to order by leading 30b. Leaders: Tim Morton 323t; Cecelia Kramer 157; John David Thacker 99; Corey Sees 121; Hollie Long 73b; Mike Hinton 456; Barb VanderJagt 294; Anne Missavage 280; David Casenhiser 155; Marian Mitchell 163b; Grace Patterson 47t; Lori Graber 150.


The class resumed singing with Lia Mansfield leading 335. Leaders: Susan Zurcher 535; Idy Kiser 472; Len VanderJagt 277; Carol Medlicott 475; Michael Domino 390; Gillian Inksetter 186; Paula Picton 273; Barb VanderJagt 122; Rich Overturf 100; Hollie Long 491; John David Thacker 49b; Ally Talbot 551; Lori Graber 32t; Jim Patterson 569b; Jim Coppock 436; Laura Ann Russell 528.


The class resumed singing with John Bealle leading 75. Leaders: Dennis Delaney 117; Sheila Patterson 71; Ray Rechenberg 49t; Bobette Olson 362; Susan Zurcher 84; Sylvia Thomas 504; Len VanderJagt 452; Jessica Dooley 48t; Claire Outten 315; Michael Darby 189; Linda Coppock 212; Grace Patterson 344; Idy Kiser 39t; Carol Medlicott 460; Dennis Delaney 274b; Mike Hinton 400; Gerry Hoffman 328; Karen Arnett 503.

Karen Arnett led 347 as the closing song, and those who wished took the parting hand. The closing prayer was offered by Ed Walton.

Chairman—Karen Arnett; Vice Chairman—Lia Mansfield; Secretary—Michael Domino