Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Midwest Convention

Chicago, Illinois

May 24-25, 2008

Saturday, May 24

The 23rd annual Midwest Convention was held at Ida Noyes Hall on the University of Chicago campus, Chicago, Illinois, on Memorial Day weekend. Ginny Landgraf and Jim Helke opened the convention leading 565. Ryan Wheeler offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Anne Heider and Steve Warner 171; Rachel Adelstein 351; William Shetter 454; Debbie Barford 203; John Seaton 47t; Donna Gunderson-Rogers 383; Darrell Swarens 542 (in memory of Amanda Denson Brady); Carol Munro Mosley 455; Will Fitzgerald and Ben Fitzgerald 207; Mandy Brady 146; Brad Oglesby 192; Martha Henderson 396 (in memory of Minja Lausevic); Jeff Breting 163t.

A business meeting was held and the following officers were elected: Co-Chairpersons—Anne Heider and Steve Warner; Vice Chairpersons—David Barford and Debbie Barford; Secretaries—Cathryn Bearov, Janet Miller, and Jeff Breting. The business meeting was closed.


Anne Heider and Steve Warner brought the class back to order leading 34b. Leaders: Randy Neufeld 29t; Anne Missavage 480; David Carlton 200; Beverly Enright 224; Charles Wells 38b; Virginia Warren 85; Steve Rogers 101t; Karen Swenson 411; Theo Economides 373; Sara Trumbore 117; Peter Bradley 344; Jan May 99; Ryan Wheeler 95; Ann Miczulski 378b.


Steve Warner brought the class back together leading 49t. Leaders: Lori Graber 348t; Eddie Mash 400; Kay Huener 350; Erik Schwab 315; Aura Lee Furgason 551; Herb Schroeder 497; Margaret McCamant 84; James Page 505; Christine Stevens 66; Robert Borcherding 235; Jo Schultz 198; Mark Davis 240; Eleanor Haase 384; Tom Malone 488. Herb Schroeder offered the blessing for dinner.


Debbie Barford and David Barford brought the class back to order leading 215. Leaders: Jim Swanson 419; Megan Jennings 430; Gary Gronau 377; Kathy Williams 385 (t? b?); Steve Helwig 245; JoDell Albi 375; Stephen Parker 475; Reba Windom 142; Ted Johnson 498; Carolyn Deacy 547; Richard DeLong 214; Molly Whedbee 379; Mike Hinton 456; Becky Browne 436; Steve Schmidgall 477; Melanie Hauff 278b; Matt Wells 181; Lisa Grayson 112; Paul Wyatt 176b; Nicoletta Manns 270; Ted Mercer 468; Randy Neufeld 474; Grace Scrimgeour 216.


Ginny Landgraf brought the class back together leading 335. Leaders: Scott Schroeder 276; Marian Mitchell 178; Doug Stapleton 440; Marcia Johnson 288; Peter Trumbore 107; Petrina Patti 217; Wayne Dell 277; Julie Vea 385t; Judy Hauff 536; Tim Binkley 49b; Susan Geil 52t; Jerry Enright 168; Kelly Brest van Kempen 335; Rochelle Lodder 39t; Mark Dawson 236; Sue Kessell 304; Anita Shaperd 442.

Herb Schroeder offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Sunday, May 25

The second day of the Midwest Convention opened with Anne Heider and Steve Warner leading 40. Mark Davis offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Constance Karduck 222; Jim Helke 75; Daniel Braithwaite 311; Johanna Fabke 441; Martha Henderson 48t (in memory of Minja Lausevic); Jan Ketelle 296; Eleanor Haase 352; Don Keeton 390 (in memory of his wife, Laquita Keeton); Lisa Bulawsky 503; Carolyn Deacy 485; Francesca Cassara and Judy Hauff 504; Jerry Enright 458; David Barford 173; Nick Pasqual 290; Jeff Breting 324.


The class was brought back to order by David Barford and Debbie Barford leading 155. Leaders: Marian Mitchell 340; Michael Mosley 440; Anita Shaperd 500; Donna Gunderson-Rogers 87; Steve Helwig 228; Nathan Barford 384; Richard Popp 200; Aura Lee Furgason 549; Steve Parker 362 (for John Yoakam and Rev. Tom Ewald); Steve Schmidgall 473; Sarah Trumbore 282; Tim Binkley 79; Carol Munro Mosley 148; Doug Stapleton 142; Rochelle Lodder 344; Ginny Landgraf 433; Lori Graber 327; Paul Wyatt 300.


Jim Helke brought the class back to order leading 63. Leaders: Jim Lawrie 91; Nicoletta Manns 30t; Scott Schroeder 472; Kay Huener 34b; Jim Swanson 560; JoDell Albi 376; Jo Schultz 73t.

Carol Munro Mosley conducted the memorial lesson for the deceased, reading from Hebrews 12:1. She read the names of the following deceased and led 474 in their memory: Amanda Denson Brady, LaRue Allen, Richard Mauldin, Sr., Edith Tate, Milton Oliver, Wilton Donaldson, and Chester Lacy—Alabama; Sara Curry and Utah Phillips—California; Myrtle Smith, Reby Stanford, Loy Garrison, Homer Benefield, and Gladys McGraw—Georgia; Hubert Martin, Martin Lakomiak, Glen Ernst, Stewart Thompson, Myrtle Thompson, Orrin Sebby, Laquita Keeton, and Harvey Blatt—Illinois; Minja Lausevic and Virginia Wolfe Stuart—Massachusetts; Peg Hoffman—Minnesota; Jeanette Lowry—Missouri; Marjorie Parker Burke—North Dakota; Helen Russell—Pennsylvania; Jim Hugh Segars—Tennessee; Karl Pegalow—Wisconsin.

Steve Schmidgall spoke for the sick and homebound. He read the following names and led 330b in their honor: Anna Williams, George Stapleton, Frank Block, Violet Thomason, Lonnie Rogers, Magda Lessau, Beth Zinzer, Diane Richmond, Janet Fraembs, Beth Kessell, Betty Jean Weiss, Richard Grayson, Mary Ramacher, Wally Block, Eleanor Phillips, Judy Freeman, Cindy Kissee, Charlie Obert, John Yoakam, Rev. Tom Ewald, Mary Wood, Nellie Davis, Bethalee Harpst, Gillian Inksetter, Val Dunagan’s brother, Cliff Gillette, Doris Littrell, Myra Palmer, Ophelia Matthews, Bob Scorgie, Bob Anderson, Dick Dunagan, Peg Pearson, Lilia Springer, and Jack Eigel. Jim Swanson offered the blessing before the noon meal.


Anne Heider and Steve Warner called the afternoon session to order leading 36b. Leaders: James Page 24t; Judy Hauff 411; Megan Jennings 189; Samuel Sommers 502; Nancy Katen 496; Michael Hinton 532; Christine Stevens 153; Tom Malone 550; Julie Vea 272; Susan Geil 220; Ted Mercer 349; Karen Freund 30b; Mark Davis and Henry Schuman 434; Matt Wells 313b; Ryan Wheeler 312b; Wendy Popp 59; Gary Gronau 216; Kathy Williams 180; Ted Johnson 283; Megan Dunning 86; Randy Neufeld, Sam Farwell, and Anita Shaperd 442.


David Barford and Debbie Barford brought the class back together leading 274t. Leaders: Rebecca Browne 137 (in memory of Virgil Phillips); Jason Martin 178; Richard DeLong 395; Sue Kleinfelter 480; Peter Trumbore 29t; Bill Hamlin 106; Lisa Grayson 448t; Erik Schwab 280; Jan May 31t; Steve Rogers 159; Sue Kessell 365; Grace Scrimgeour 287; Kit Bogan 268; Reba Windom, Melanie Hauff, Marcia Johnson, and Cathryn Bearov 208.

Reports from the various committees were given. The Finance committee reported that we had not met our expenses, and further contributions could be given at the registration table. The Secretary reported 168 lessons were led by 101 leaders from 17 states and Canada. Announcements followed.

Anne Heider and Steve Warner closed the convention by leading 347. Becky Browne offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Co-Chairpersons—Anne Heider and Steve Warner; Vice Chairpersons—David Barford and Debbie Barford; Secretaries—Cathryn Bearov, Jeff Breting, and Janet Miller