Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Georgia State Sacred Harp Convention

Old DeKalb Courthouse, Decatur, Georgia

March 23-24, 2002

Saturday, March 23

The forty-first session of the Georgia State Sacred Harp Singing Convention was held at the Old DeKalb Courthouse, Decatur, Georgia on the fourth Sunday and Saturday before in March.

The convention was called to order by Felton Denney leading song on page 52t. Lonnie Rogers led the morning prayer.

Leaders: Felton Denney 489; Charlene Wallace 232; Richard DeLong 57; Scott DePoy 56b; Jesse Roberts 240; Lee Rogers 492; Helen Bryson 411; LaRue Allen 291; Teenie Moody 384; Jimmie Denney 155; Don Bowen 503; Louis Hughes, Sr. 112; Andy Anderson 28t; Judy Mincey 538; Kenneth DeLong 568; Eric Tweedy 135; John Hollingsworth 82t; Philip Denney 440; Laura Akerman 192; Janice Paulk 518.


The class was called together by Felton Denney leading song on page 299.

A motion was made and seconded to go into the business session. The officers elected or appointed to serve were: Chairman—John Plunkett; Vice Chairman—Richard DeLong; Secretary/Treasurer—Charlene Wallace; Chaplain—Louis Hughes, Sr.; Arranging Committee—Scott DePoy and Helen Bryson; Memorial Committee—Jeannette DePoy, Judy Mincey, and Eric Tweedy; Resolutions Committee—Lee Rogers and David Yeager; Finance Committee—Lela Crowder, Andy Anderson, and Don Bowen; Locating Committee—Kenneth DeLong, Philip Denney, and John Hollingsworth.

Leaders: Henry Zittrouer 87; Faye Hollbrook and Wayne Pettis 475; Shaffig Welji 547; Violet Thomason 340; Dan Bailey 569b; Everette Denney 405; Kate Hauk 178; John Whittemore 40; Joan Durdin 148; Billy Hollingsworth 236; LeAnne Carnell 63; Cathy White 314; Dr. Harry Eskew 146; Frances Carnell and Holly Corbett 269; Henry Johnson 88t; Jessica Roberts, Jonathan Altman, and John Mizell 203; Janet Sheppard 454; Mary Brownlee 350; Buell Cobb 565; Kiri Miller 442; John Plunkett, Blake Adcock (grandson of H.S. Reese), and Kathryn 419. Chaplain Louis Hughes offered prayer for the noon meal.


The class was called together by Richard DeLong leading songs on pages 542 and 278b. Leaders: B.M. Smith 313t (for Margie Smith); Jeannette DePoy, Lisa, and Robert 282; Rodney Ivey 222; Lela Crowder 300; Kathy Williams 107; Jeff Sheppard 142; Laura Clawson 216; Reba Windom 224; Ted Mercer 77t; Elene Stovall 430 (in memory of Karen House); George Seiler 183; Shelbie Sheppard 263; Dennis George 455; Flora Skinner 434; Bud Oliver 270; Eric Carnell and Sara Carnell 328; Diane Mennella 349; Sharona Nelson 66; Sandra Wilkerson 311; Hermon Wilkerson 215; Chris Carnell 99.


John Plunkett and AnaLynn Witherington brought the class to order leading song on page 200. Leaders: Gaston White 35; Malinda Snow 474; Al Grindon 347; Carrie Grindon 497; Ben Wisdom 95; Charles Woods 94; Jean Seiler 217; Eugene Forbes 80b; Aaron Girard 372; Hans Guttmann 84; Vim Helke 303; Mary Florence Smith 29t; Becky Powell 145t; Judith Green 117; Earlis McGraw 225t; Nate Green and Norma Green 420 (for Jap Walton and Joyce Walton).

Announcements were made. John Plunkett and Richard DeLong led song on page 46 as the closing song. The singing was closed with prayer led by Louis Hughes, Sr.

Sunday, March 24

The convention was called to order by John Plunkett leading song on page 49t. Chaplain Louis Hughes, Sr. offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: John Plunkett 52t; Richard DeLong 439; Charlene Wallace 171 (for Joyce Walton and Jap Walton); Cathy White 503; Andy Anderson 36b; Andy Morse 540; Kelly Morse 147t; John Redman 179; Liz Frazier 65; Scott DePoy 76b; Nancy Yeager 34b; Nate Green and Norma Green 415; Lela Crowder 208; Laura Akerman 532; John Hollingsworth 460; B.M. Smith 420 (for Jap Walton); Louis Hughes 406; Helen Bryson 456.


The class was called together by Richard DeLong leading song on page 110. Leaders: Jeannette DePoy 55; Judith Green 384; Aaron Girard 245; Henry Slack 181; David Yeager 147b; Jean Seiler 68b; Sharona Nelson 146; Frances Mary D’Andrea 280; Rodney Ivey 273; Vim Helke 477; Becky Powell 335; Shane Wootten 394; Martha Almond 490; Diane Wall 159; Diane Mennella 457; Shelbie Sheppard 211; John Plunkett 355.


Richard DeLong called the class together with song on page 333. Leaders: Ted Mercer 132; Martha Ann Stegar 198; George Seiler 480.

Memorial Lesson: Judy Mincey spoke and read the names of the following deceased: Wilford Denney, Berta Woods, Sara Woolf, J.B. Parker, and Melvin Hickox—Georgia; Curtis Rogers, Polly Moore, Lydia Phillips Baswell, Lawrence Underwood, Freeman Wootten, Roie Alexander, Lucille Creel Tolbert, and Nelda Tolbert—Alabama; Jerilyn Schumacher—Illinois; Richard Hooke—Massachusetts; Joey Aguinaldo and Elizabeth Wilson—New York; Mary K. Friday—Washington D.C. For these deceased, Jesse Roberts led song on page 37b and Henry Johnson led song on page 385t.

Jeannette DePoy spoke for the following sick and shut-ins to be remembered: Vivian Rogers, Barbara Johnson, Revy Williamson, Reby Stanford, I.V. McWhorter, Gladys McGraw, Joyce Walton, Jap Walton, Mozelle Sheppard, Dot Barber, Bill Green, Beufa Green, Ike Stanford, Lindy Stanford, Jo Thornton, John Bailey, and Coy Ivey. Sarah Harcrow led song on page 49b. George Seiler closed the memorial with prayer.

Chaplain Louis Hughes dismissed the class with prayer for the noon meal.


The afternoon session resumed with Richard DeLong leading song on page 216. Leaders: Reba Windom 196; Susan Harcrow 436; Eschol Hughes 349; Karen Morris 77t; David Lee 82t; Laura Clawson 362; Jeff Sheppard 260; Jackson Harcrow 274t; Terry Wootten 240; Raymond Hamrick 231; Sarah Harcrow 347; Rueben Ball 497; Kiri Miller 419; Aaron Wootten 282; Jessica Roberts and Micah Roberts 168, 45t; Kathy Williams 506; Henry Johnson 535; Delores Skinner 426b; Oscar McGuire 573.


John Plunkett and Rodney Ivey called the class together with song on page 564. Leaders: Bud Oliver 145t; Teenie Moody 270; Hans Guttmann 142; Mary Florence Smith 383; Glenda Collins 81t; Eugene Forbes 212; Sheri Taylor 324; Joel Jenkins 35; Alice West 288; Liz Bryant, Andrew Sydner, and Bob Goodman 178; Janet Sheppard 114; Kenneth DeLong 382; Judy Mincey 210; Don Bowen 521.

A motion was made to go into the business session to hear reports from various committees.

The Financial Report was given.

The following Resolutions Report was given. In a world where everything has changed and where everything is always changing, a few truths remain constant. We rely on the love of a gracious and Almighty God, on the beauty of spring returning to the earth, and on the joy of singing these wonderful songs, and the love and fellowship that surround us. For forty-one years singers have gathered as the Georgia State Sacred Harp Convention. We have come together this year in a beautiful setting where the echoes of history enrich our musical tradition and amplify the harmonies of our songs. As the hall has been filled with glorious sounds, our hearts overflow with love and gratitude to God. Whereas we are deeply aware of the rich blessing bestowed on us these two days, and whereas we recognize the importance of the following:

  • The generosity of the DeKalb Historical Society in donating these beautiful facilities;
  • The efforts of the officers, committees, and local supporters in organizing the convention and making it run smoothly;
  • The loving hands that prepared delicious nourishment that delighted and sustained us;
  • The decades of inspired effort by those who taught us to love these songs and who made this convention the kind of occasion that draws so many of us together; and
  • The singers who have come from Georgia and across the country and raised their voices in song.

Now, therefore, the forty-first session of the Georgia State Sacred Harp Convention publishes a resolution of thanks to all these contributors and to God Almighty for His many blessings. We further resolve to keep in our thoughts those who could not be here but are with us in spirit, and the songwriters and singers who have gone before us and have given us the gift of the Sacred Harp tradition. Finally, we resolve to carry forward this tradition, to invite and encourage others to become a part of our convention, and by the grace of God, to meet again next year for the forty-second session of this convention. Submitted by: Lee Rogers and David Yeager, Resolutions Committee.

The Locating Committee reported that the forty-second session of the Georgia State Convention would meet at Big Creek Primitive Baptist Church, Alpharetta, Georgia. End of business session.

Announcements were made. John Plunkett, Richard DeLong, and members of various committees led song on page 62 as the closing song. Elder Jesse Roberts led the closing prayer.

Chairman—John Plunkett; Vice Chairman—Richard DeLong; Secretary—Charlene Wallace.