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Henagar-Union Convention

Liberty Baptist Church, Henagar, Alabama

June 30-July 1, 2012

Saturday, June 30

The 96th session of the Henagar-Union Convention held at Liberty Church, Henagar, Alabama, on the first Sunday in July and Saturday before was called to order by Richard Ivey leading 82t. Henry Johnson offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Shane Wootten and Donna Wootten 56t; Cassie Allen and Sonny Erwin 73t (for Bud Oliver); Blake Sisemore 129; Loyd Ivey 97; Ed Thacker and Margaret Thacker 39b; Jackie Tanner 477; Nate Green and Norma Green 496; Phil Summerlin 30t; Elene Stovall and Bea Carnathan 500 (for Carolyn Thompson); Henry Johnson 322; B.M. Smith and Margie Smith 475; Buddy Ballinger and Lomax Ballinger 430; Leigh Cooper 564; Jeff Adcock and Syble Adams 448t; Wanda Capps and Cindy Tanner 498; Tom Ivey 455; Karen Rollins and Denney Rogers 143; Boyd Scott 358; Michael Walker 213t; Eli Hinton 268.


Rodney Ivey led 345t to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Daniel Lee 171; Jim Aaron 503; Molly Ellis 148; David Light and Sandra Light 354b; Barrett Patton 454; Robert Walker 490; Sharon Strong 218; John Kelso and Nathan Berry 156; Micah Roberts 178; David Ballinger and Amanda Hardiman 340; Louis Hughes 512; Delone Cobbs, Christopher Mann, Anna Grace Sipe, and Sonya Sipe 49t; David Carlton and Gail Doss 272; Steven Taylor 183; Rich Lee and Katie Mahoney 229; Lela Crowder 157; Kevin Dyess and Susan Cherones 480; Reed Schilbach 318; J.R. Hardman 501; Darrell Swarens and Hannah Land 66; Katie Kanfer and Bethany Towne 95.


The class was brought back to order by David Ivey leading 217. Leaders: Arlon Gardner, Peth Gardner, and Sophia Gardner 277; John Plunkett 33t; Fallon Cook and Hayden Arp 269; Emily Burleson 434; Emma Rose Brown 511; Mark Godfrey 83t; Eimear O’Donovan and Ellen Lueck 300; Amy Armstrong 40; Jenna Strizak and Alexa Gilmore 445; Phillip Denney and Gayle Denney 155; Oliver Kindig-Stokes 423; Rebecca Edwards 326; Jonathan Wood 29b; Julianna Jett and Ann Jett 327; Jim Patterson and Sheila Patterson 312b; Kelsey Ivey 419; Gary Rogan and Vivian Rogan 282; Karen Clark 167; Pat Temple and Bridgett Kennedy 373; Ethan Hardy 77t; Judy Caudle 151. The blessing before lunch was offered by Louis Hughes.


Shane Wootten led 101t to begin the afternoon session. Leaders: Linda Sides 215; Jackson Fleder 417; Jesse Roberts 320; Elizabeth Stoddard 124; Matt Hinton and Erica Hinton 460; Rebecca Over 114; Michele Rogan 507; Alvaro Witt Duarte 543; Beverly Coates and Bruce Coates 354t; Deidra Montgomery 292; Jonathon Smith 214; Philippa Stoddard 383; Ian Quinn 196; Lauren Bock and Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 185; Scott Curran 472; Rachel Rudi 392; April Watkins and Ainslie Allen 146.


Richard Ivey led 76b to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Mary Wright 546; Kevin Barrans 411; Grace Patterson 47b; Riley Lee 170; Nathan Rees and Wendy Futral 283; Catherine Rogan 192; Willis McCumber 163b; Carol Munro Mosley 464; Laura Clawson 542; Tom Stokes 69t; Liz Kiser and Idy Kiser 335; Ottis Sides 530; Kendra Strickland 75; Jeannette DePoy 99; Philip Gilmore, Paula Gilmore, Rebekah Gilmore, Grace Gilmore, and Mary Jewel Gilmore 418 (in memory of Mary Smith); Scott Ivey, Rachel Hunt, and Jayden Hunt 112.

Shane Wootten led 45b as the closing song. Elder Philip Gilmore offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Sunday, July 1

The Sunday session of the Henagar-Union Convention began at 9:30 a.m. with Shane Wootten and Loyd Ivey leading 32t. The opening prayer was offered by Samuel Sommers.

Leaders: Loyd Ivey and Richard Ivey 47t; Donna Wootten 81t; Blake Sisemore 187; Sonny Erwin 441; Marcus Whitman 448t; Paula Oliver 217; Scott DePoy and Jeannette DePoy 410t; Mary Wright 477; Earl Ballinger 472; Kevin Barrans 329; Tommy Schultz 70b; Beverly Coates and Bruce Coates 107; Jamie Dalton and Myra Dalton 47b; Rich Lee 209; Ellen Lueck 545; Carol Selleck 138b; Rebecca Edwards 422; Buell Cobb and Tat Bailey 436; Hannah Land 198; Tom Stokes 142; Riley Lee 344; Lori Rogers 31t; Judy Mincey 474.

The results of the annual election of officers were announced as follows: Chairman—Shane Wootten; Vice Chairman—Richard Ivey; Secretary—Donna Wootten.


Stuart Ivey led 73t to bring the class to order. Leaders: Henry Johnson 425; Alexa Gilmore 68b; Jim Carnes 171; Jim Patterson, Sheila Patterson, and Grace Patterson 324 (for Ohio Sacred Harp singers); Jedidiah Schultz and Jairus Schultz 268; Anna Hinton 300; Barrett Patton and Lindsey Wells 480; Jubal Schultz 89; Ainslie Allen 146; Gresham Davis 76b; Reba Windom and Shelby Castillo 542; Aldo Ceresa 411; Carol Munro Mosley and Darrell Swarens 485; Larry Ballinger and Linton Ballinger 224; Jenna Strizak and Katie Mahoney 426t; Bridgett Kennedy 304; Judy Caudle and Cassie Allen 242; Gary Rogan 406.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Tony Ivey and Susan Harcrow. Tony Ivey spoke on behalf of the sick and shut-ins, and read the following list of names: Terry Maher, Carolyn Thompson, Louise Burns, Cathy White, Josephine Denney, Peter Golden, Bud Oliver, Sammie Oliver, S.T. Reed, Lessie Reed, Jill Acceta, and Daphene Causey. He read the poetry from the song on page 41 (Home In Heaven), and then led 41 in honor of the sick and shut-ins.

Susan Harcrow spoke on behalf of the deceased using Bible scriptures John 11:30-35 and Matthew 6:19-21. She read the following list of names of the deceased: Bill Tanner, Marie Ivey, Melvin Stiefel, Betty Ivey, Harrison Creel, and Earnie Jett—Alabama; Jeanne Schaffer—Colorado; Joan Fritz—Minnesota; Leland Owen—Texas; Doc Watson—North Carolina; Lonnie Rogers—Georgia; James Wyllie—Pennsylvania; Frannie Bliss—Maine; Diane Nelson—Indiana; Betty Carnes—Mississippi; Hazel Dunn—Tennessee; Jim Love—Oregon; Phillip Higgins—Oldham, United Kingdom; Mark Ferguson—Ireland; Alice Fahrbach, Audra Scott, and Norma Sears—No State Listed. Susan led 399b in their memory. The memorial service was closed with prayer offered by Gary Rogan.

Leaders: Elizabeth Stoddard 541; Catherine Rogan and Vivian Rogan 168; Eimear O’Donovan and Eva Striebeck 274t; Deidra Montgomery and Alvaro Witt Duarte 528; Matt Hinton and Erica Hinton 99. The blessing before the noon meal was offered by Dennis George.


The afternoon session began with Richard Ivey leading 343. Leaders: Emma Rose Brown and Rachel Rudi 522; Michele Rogan and Scott Curran 37b; Tom George, Dennis George, Scott Ivey, and Tony Kiser 270; Susan Harcrow and Drew Smith 430; Robert Kelley 429; Lisa Geist, Beth Wallace, and Chris Ballinger 84 (in memory of Lavaughn Ballinger); Lauren Bock, Nathan Rees, and Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 380; Angela Myers and Rodney Ivey 365; Jonathon Smith and Wendy Futral 220; Samuel Sommers 502; Jamey Wootten and Jared Wootten 546; Crystal Meadows 384; Jeffrey Wootten 460; Oliver Kindig-Stokes 395; Philippa Stoddard 216; Eloise Wootten, Marlon Wootten, Tony Ivey, Sandy Ivey, Hobert Ivey, Sylvia Ivey, Scott Ivey, Martha Underwood, Nathan Underwood, Norma Green, Vickie Ivey, Doug Ivey, Tim Travis, Jayden Hunt, Teresa Bethune, Marian Biddle, Ivey Biddle, Loyd Ivey, Norman Greeson, Rilla Greeson, Callie Watkins, Lilly Underwood, David Bethune, Nate Green, Will Ivey, Loise Ivey, Rachel Hunt, and Linda Patton 454; Terry Wootten and Eloise Wootten 201; Laura Clawson 186; Linda Sides and Ottis Sides 475; Elene Stovall 211; Ann Jett, Cindy Tanner, and Jackie Tanner 172; Jackson Fleder 400.


Blake Sisemore and Cassie Allen led 440 to bring the class to order. Leaders: Jonathan Wood and Emily Wood 278t; J.R. Hardman and Bethany Towne 408; Ethan Schultz, Nathan Berry, and Jason Steidl 299; Pat Temple and Gail Doss 39t; Liz Kiser, Idy Kiser, and Reed Schilbach 426b; Daniel Lee 523; Nate Green, Norma Green, and Alex Makris 222; Tommy Spurlock and Stanley Smith 565; Rebecca Over 208; Susan Cherones 481; Willis McCumber 348t; Marty Wootten and Levon Wootten 496; Ethan Hardy and Benedicta Hardy 191; Ricky Harcrow 29t; Karen Ivey, David Ivey, Richard Ivey, and Stuart Ivey 349.

Following announcements, Shane Wootten, Loyd Ivey, and Hobert Ivey led 146 as the closing song. Phil Summerlin offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Shane Wootten; Vice Chairman—Richard Ivey; Secretary—Donna Wootten