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James River Convention

Richmond, Virginia

November 13-14, 1999

Saturday, November 13

The eighth annual James River Convention was held on the second Sunday and Saturday before in November. The Saturday session was held in Spence Hall, Second Baptist Church. The Sunday session was held at the Dorey Recreation Center.

The class was called to order by Blake Morris leading song on page 335. The morning prayer was led by Chaplain Sandra Polaski. Stephen McMaster, outgoing Chairman, greeted everyone and led song on page 77b.

Leaders: Gail Doss 29t; Don Polaski 73b; Mary Wright 82t; Kathy Manning 128; Craig Baughan 178; Sandra Polaski 217; Blake Morris 378t; Kelly Macklin 53; Homer Rudolph 47b; Guy Bankes 565; Mary DeNys 72b; Jim Wantland 318; Paula McGray 216; Chris Sepic 86; Marty DeNys 133; John Daniel delRe 49b; Evan Duncan 224.


The class was called together with Tom Tucker leading song on page 35. Leaders: Cathy Tucker 34b; John delRe 399 (t? b?); Stephen Holland 155; Mary Ann Daly 372; Doron Henkin 270; Hal Kunkel 36b.

A business session was held with the following officers elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Gail Doss; Vice Chairman—Pat Temple; Secretary—Mary Wright; Treasurer—Blake Morris. Leaders: Tom Tucker 42; Frank Evans 501; Gail Doss 99; Mary Wright 290; Don Polaski 339; Kathy Manning 222; Craig Baughan 117; Sandra Polaski 495; Fred Beardsley 454; Blake Morris 73t; Cathy Tucker 148; Homer Rudolph 354b; Evan Duncan 513; Doron Henkin 236 (requested by George Tutwiler); Jim Wantland 198; Kelly Macklin 218; Mary Ann Daly 481; Tom Tucker 369; Guy Bankes 515; Leyland delRe 326; Kelsey Taylor 278b; Chris Sepic 68t; Stephen Holland 455; Mary DeNys 274t; Pat Temple 49t. Chaplain Don Polaski gave the blessing for lunch.


The afternoon session was called to order with Chris Sepic leading song on page 40. Leaders: Paula McGray 377; Marty DeNys 287; Doron Henkin 288; Hal Kunkel 162; Frank Evans 200; Mary Wright 58; Don Polaski 228; Kathy Manning 528; Craig Baughan 229; Cathy Tucker 144; Stephen McMaster 446; Jim Wantland 232; Blake Morris 291; Fred Beardsley 110; Homer Rudolph 315; Blake Morris 475; Evan Duncan 84; John delRe 32t; Sandra Polaski 344; Gail Doss 504; Pat Temple 556b.


Stephen McMaster brought the class to order leading song on page 28b. Leaders: Mary Ann Daly 415; Tom Tucker 282; Kelly Macklin 428; Stephen Holland 350; Chris Sepic 351; Jim Wantland 159; Guy Bankes 68b; Evan Duncan 45t; Mary DeNys 547; Paula McGray 546; Marty DeNys 566; Doron Henkin 380; Hal Kunkel 436; Frank Evans 209; Mary Wright 433; Don Polaski 352; Cathy Tucker 480; Craig Baughan 347; Kathy Manning 32b; Gail Doss 293.

Announcements were made. Sandra Polaski dismissed the class with prayer.

A late afternoon session organized by Blake Morris featured new music and music from sources other than “The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition”.

Sunday, November 14

The Sunday session was called to order by John delRe leading song on page 312b. Sandra Polaski led the opening prayer. Gail Doss greeted the convention and led song on page 59.

Leaders: Sandra Polaski 551; Blake Morris 535 (requested by George Tutwiler), 297; Mary Wright 108t; Homer Rudolph 556; Pat Temple 168; John Fedderson 378b; Kelly Macklin 206; Lynda Hambourger 171; Kathy Manning 167; Susan Kelley 159; Art Broadus 515; Clare Chapin 130; John delRe 376; Guy Bankes 441; Don Polaski 102; Craig Baughan 569 (t? b?); Doron Henkin 53; Frank Evans 284.


The class was brought to order by Anna Taylor leading song on page 274t. Leaders: Stephen McMaster 540; Hal Kunkel 362; Leyland delRe 127; Mary DeNys 313b; Paula McGray 572; Marty DeNys 232; Leslie Alperin 268; Lynda Hambourger 143 (requested by Judy North); Pat Temple 85 (requested by Floyd and Margaret Patterson); Fred Beardsley 532; John Fedderson 192; Kelly Macklin 260; Lynda Hambourger 300; Kathy Manning 417; Don Polaski 361; Clare Chapin 86; Art Broadus 178; John delRe 333; Guy Bankes 120; Craig Baughan 390; Hal Kunkel 342. Hal Kunkel led song on page 49t, and Chaplain Don Polaski led the grace for lunch.


The afternoon session was brought together by Mary DeNys leading song on page 148. Leaders: Doron Henkin 193; Stephen McMaster 215; Paula McGray 214; Marty DeNys 547; Leslie Alperin 155; Blake Morris 496; Leyland delRe 497.

Kelly Macklin introduced the memorial lesson. Fred Beardsley led song on page 515 for the sick and shut-ins. Those remembered were: Hedy Wantland—Oklahoma; Bob Todd—Pennsylvania; Henry Bizzel—North Carolina; and Dorothy Garber—Connecticut.

Kelly Macklin read a passage from the book of Gilgamesh on the meaning of grief and led song on page 33t for the following deceased: Irma Burgess—Pennsylvania; Anne McCook and Elizabeth Peterson—North Carolina; George Lippl and Pat Lippl—Wisconsin; Jim McCarty—Massachusetts; and Sharon McLeod—Connecticut. The memorial lesson was closed.

Leaders: Gail Doss 82t, 217; Mary DeNys 34b; Sandra Polaski 146; Mary Wright 58; John Fedderson 378b; Lynda Hambourger 334.

Hal Kunkel of the Resolutions Committee recognized those without whom the convention would not have been a success:

(1) The slate of officers;

(2) Norma Morris at the registration desk;

(3) Pitching by Blake Morris, Paula McGray and John Fedderson;

(4) Jim and Judy North for the forms and bookmarks;

(5) Housing by Blake Morris, George Tutwiler, Homer Rudolph, and Stephen McMaster for their exceptional efforts in the kitchen and the contributors to the alternative singing.

Blake Morris gave the Treasurer report.

Leaders: Blake Morris 195; Clare Chapin 162; John delRe 486; Brian Sears 481; Guy Bankes 384; Craig Baughan 277; Doron Henkin 224; Paula McGray 74b; John Daniel delRe 101 (t? b?); Hal Kunkel 521; Stephen McMaster 56b; Marty DeNys 347; Leyland delRe 101b; Leslie Alperin 228; Don Polaski 269; Mary DeNys 81t; Blake Morris 179.

Chaplain Sandra Polaski gave the benediction. Gail Doss led song on page 62 as the closing song. The class was dismissed.

The James River Convention will meet next year on the second Sunday and Saturday before in November, November 11-12, 2000.

Chairman—Gail Doss; Vice Chairman—Pat Temple; Secretary—Mary Wright.