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Georgia State Sacred Harp Convention

Big Creek Primitive Baptist Church, Alpharetta, Georgia

March 27-28, 1999

Saturday, March 27

The thirty-eighth session of the Georgia State Sacred Harp Convention met at Big Creek Primitive Baptist Church the fourth Sunday and Saturday before in March. The convention was called to order by Helen Bryson leading songs on pages 31b and 34b. The morning prayer was offered by Jack Smith. Louis Hughes, Sr. led song on page 378b; Charlene Wallace 277. Committee members were called: Richard DeLong 411; Faye Pettis 380; Doug Allison 383; Lee Rogers 228; Judy Mincey 528; John Plunkett 71; Kelly Morris 47b; Don Bowen 99; Felton Denney 31 (t? b?); Kenneth DeLong 568; Elder Jesse Roberts 34 (t? b?). Other leaders called were: Phillip Langley 200; Reba Windom 224; Karen Morris 168.


The class was called together by Helen Bryson leading song on page 121. Leaders: Susan Helf 128; Jack Smith 145 (t? b?); Nathan Morrison 73 (t? b?); Daryl Mayberry 492; Melinda Snow 523; Linda Sides 475; Norma Green and Nathan Green 77b; Laurie Allison and Emma Allison 335; Everette Denney 405; Phil Summerlin 225 (t? b?).

A motion was made and seconded to go into the business session. Officers elected or appointed to serve were: Chairman—Louis Hughes, Sr.; Vice Chairman—Jeannette DePoy; Secretary and Treasurer—Charlene Wallace; Chaplain—Elder Jesse Roberts; Arranging Committee—Richard DeLong and Laura Allison; Memorial Committee—Lee Rogers and Kelly Morris; Resolutions Committee—Connie Karduck, Janice Paulk, and John Plunkett; Finance Committee—Faye Pettis and Don Bowen; Locating Committee—Doug Allison, Jimmie Denney, and Kenneth DeLong. End of business session.


Louis Hughes, Sr. called the class together leading song on page 37b. Leaders: Sam Amidon 48 (t? b?); Janice Paul 478; Regina Glass 522; Patty Cuyler 474; Ken Cofield 344; Larry Gordon 532; Sharon Kellam 29 (t? b?); Ken Shimizu 528; Kate Howard 217; Matthew Wojeik 504; Mattie Townsel 196; Jeff Sheppard 216; Frances Carnell 328; Katie Shimizu 209; Louis Hughes, Jr. 448 (t? b?).


The class was called to order by Louis Hughes, Sr. leading song on page 108 (t? b?). Leaders: Jeremy York 285 (t? b?); Richard Schmeidler 155; Kathy Williams 291; Daphene Causey 451; Cindy Franklin 362; John Gregg 29b; Neely Bruce 369; Connie Karduck 218; Cassie Franklin 269; Ted Mercer 302; Shelbie Sheppard 202; Edith Tate 336; Jack Lofton 198; Lynne deBenedette 542; Ted Johnson 142; Johnny Lee 566; D.J. Hatfield 149; Joan Durdin 178; Laura Akerman 192.


The class resumed singing with Jeannette and Scott DePoy leading song on page 282. Leaders: LeAnne Carnell 86; Mary F. Smith 43; Teenie Moody 384; Debra Jones 535; John Redman 236; Eric Tweedy 292; Martha Ann Stegar 47 (t? b?); Susan Posey and Emily Posey 299; Andy Morse 84; Warren Steel 214; Billy Hollingsworth 361; Tim Cook 171; John Hollingsworth 82 (t? b?); Audrey Karabins 56 (t? b?); Jimmie Denney 101 (t? b?).

Announcements were made. Louis Hughes, Sr. and Jeannette DePoy led song on page 46 as the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer led by Elder Jesse Roberts.

Sunday, March 28

The convention was called to order by Louis Hughes, Sr. leading song on page 32 (t? b?). The morning prayer was led by John Hollingsworth. Louis Hughes, Sr. led song on page 569b; Jeannette DePoy and godson, David Slade 39 (t? b?).

Leaders: Hugh McGraw 527; Dollie Hudgins 61; Richard DeLong 510; Charlene Wallace 77b; Raymond Hamrick 347; Shelbie Sheppard 183; Jeff Sheppard 303; Ted Mercer 464; Neely Bruce 484; Robert Rivers, II 378 (t? b?); Ted Johnson 485; Warren Steel 117; Charles Woods 466 (for Joyce Harrison); Cassie Franklin 368 (for Judy Hauff); Helen Bryson 456; Connie Karduck 212; Reba Windom 196.

Hugh McGraw thanked all the people who came to help make the Georgia Sacred Harp Documentary and especially all the music writers for submitting their songs for the 1991 Revision.


The class was called together by Jeannette DePoy leading song on page 122. Leaders: Elder Jesse Roberts 434; Buell Cobb 131b; Kathy Williams 506; Lynne deBenedette 440; Scott DePoy 77 (t? b?); Jack Lofton 53; John Gregg 353; Cindy Franklin 189; Faye Pettis 532; Judy Mincey 50b; Amanda Denson and grandson, Thomas Denson Brady 40.


The class was called together by Charlene Wallace leading song on page 79. Leaders: Don Bowen 283; David Lee 383; Regina Glass 78; Mike Castleberry 401; Amelia Miller and Jeremy York 276; Cathy White 268.

The memorial lesson was held. Richard DeLong led song on page 410 (t? b?) in memory of Horace DeLong. Helen Bryson led song on page 348b for other Georgia deceased: Mary Frances Dannals, Roxy Duffy, Bob Hart, Mae Holt, Jerry Sheppard, Laura Poove, and Michael Pate. Shelbie Sheppard led song on page 28b in memory of: Mae Seymour, Essie Calvert, and Annie Sanders—Alabama; Ethel Klein—Florida; Margaret Wright—Tennessee; Janet Borman—Illinois; Anita Jacob—Pennsylvania.

David Lee led song on page 47b for the sick and shut-ins: Mozelle Sheppard, I.V. McWhorter, Jap Walton, Woodie Walker, Violet Thomason, Herman Thomason, Hubert Anderson, Dot Garber, Susan Garber, Warren DeLong, Gertie DeLong, Eura DeLong, Nancy Kincaid, Flarce Creel, Marie Aldridge, Alene Stanford, Ruby Phillips, and Virgil Phillips. Elder Jesse Roberts closed the memorial with prayer.


The afternoon session resumed with Louis Hughes, Sr. leading song on page 400. Leaders: Junie Wooten 503; Phillip Langley 222; Bud Oliver 270; Richard Schmeidler 120; Vaudie M. Sherer 143; Edith Tate 73 (t? b?); Johnny Lee 343; D.J. Hatfield 460; Rueben Ball 318; Roy Nelson 277; Louis Hughes, Jr. 208; Diane Avery 314; Daphene Causey 73b; Mary Rose O’Reiley 500; Linda Sides 480; Elene Stovall 436; Susan Helf 112; Kenneth DeLong 316; Henry Johnson 388; Ken Cofield 49b; Mary F. Smith 91; Marian Mitchell 479; Janice Paulk 498; Mattie Townsel 68 (t? b?); Elder Marshall Avery 271 (t? b?); John Redman 358.


Louis Hughes, Sr. and Jeanette DePoy called the class together leading song on page 565. Leaders: Sharon Hamrick 236; Bobby Jackson 282; Sheri Taylor 369; Jack Corley 421; Bobbie Flowers 74b; Tim Cook 327; Diane Wall 568; Oscar McGuire 454; Janet Shepherd 114; Eric Tweedy 300; Billy Hollingsworth 551; Dan Bailey 66.

A business session was held for the purpose of hearing various reports.

The Financial Report was given by Charlene Wallace.

The Locating Committee reported that the next session for the year 2000 would be held in the Old Dekalb Courthouse, Decatur, Georgia.

The Resolution Committee gave the following report. “I Have Had Singing”, poem by Fred Mitchell (85 year old Welsh horseman). The Singing. There was so much singing then and this was my pleasure, too. We all sang: the boys in the fields, the chapels were full of singing, always singing. Here I lie. I have pleasure enough. I have had singing.

The Resolution Committee would like to thank:

(1) The pastor and congregation of the Big Creek Primitive Baptist Church, and particularly Faye Pettis and her family, for graciously hosting the convention this year.

(2) The officers, committee members, and organizers of the convention for their diligence and hard work in looking after all the details that have made this a successful convention. We would especially thank those who helped prepare food for the convention.

(3) The singers who have come from near and far to make this a successful convention. We remember those who have come before and preserved this tradition for us that we may now partake. May we be worthy inheritors.

(4) Most of all we offer highest thanks and praise to God for all that God provides us: the beautiful spring weather we have been able to enjoy, the design and capacity of the human voice, the wonderful gift of music, this tradition, and this community in which all are welcome. Solely for the glory of God.

We resolve to remember those who could not be with us this year for whatever reason. May we remember them in both our prayers and our actions. We resolve to do all within our ability to support the traditions of Sacred Harp and the continuation and growth of this music and this community of singers. We resolve that, God willing, we will meet again next year for the Georgia State Convention.

Respectfully submitted by: Connie Karduck, Janice Paulk, and John Plunkett. End of business session.

Announcements were made. Louis Hughes, Sr. and Jeannette DePoy led song on page 62, “Parting Hand”, for the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer led by Elder Jesse Roberts.

Chairman—Louis Hughes, Sr.; Vice Chairman—Jeannette DePoy; Secretary—Charlene Wallace.