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The United Sacred Harp Musical Association

Burritt Museum, Huntsville, Alabama

September 12-13, 1998

Saturday, September 12

The ninety-fifth session of the United Sacred Harp Musical Association was called to order by Jeff Sheppard leading songs on pages 32t and 57. The morning prayer was led by Harrison Creel. The officers were called to lead as follows: Nora Parker 36b; Bud Oliver 47t; B.M. Smith 503; Jerry Enright 300; Don Bowen 99; Ann Jett 327; Jim Carnes 436.


Bud Oliver called the class together leading song on page 39b.

A business session was held to elect the following officers: Chairman—Linton Ballinger; Vice Chairman—B.M. Smith; Secretary—Nora Parker (Permanent); Chaplain—Phil Summerlin; Arranging Committee—Bud Oliver and Connie Karduck; Memorial Committee—Shelbie Sheppard and Syble Adams; Resolutions Committee—David Ivey and Linda Thomas; Locating Committee—Coy Ivey and Harrison Creel; Finance Committee—Don Bowen and Louis Hughes, Jr.

Leaders: Linton Ballinger 208; Rodney Ivey 270; Jeff Reed and Beth Reed 148; Allen Fannin 442; Edith Tate 73 (t? b?); Allen Jones 317; Lorena Moore 312b; Jimmy Ballinger, Teresa Ballinger, and Amanda Ballinger 565; S.T. Reed 176 (t? b?); Carol Freyder 147 (t? b?); Lavaughn Ballinger 405; Anne Steel 318; Clarke Lee 312 (t? b?).


The class resumed singing with Lomax Ballinger leading song on page 68 (t? b?). Leaders: Connie Karduck 418; Barbara Swetman 532; David Carlton 189; Syble Adams 171; Warren Steel 173; Celia Carnes and KeriAnn Wilkerson 145 (t? b?); Lisa Geist 269; Travis Keeton 44; Larry Ballinger 38 (t? b?); Judy Caudle 193; James Freyder 128; Norma Latham and Nate Green 63; Tim Reynolds 277.


The class was called together by Earl Ballinger leading song on page 319. Leaders: Cassie Franklin 556; Rhoda Norris 389; Phil Summerlin 475; Lynne deBenedette 59; Christie Allen 500; Louis Hughes, Sr. 89; Pauline Childers 217; Myra Dalton 421; David Ivey 302; Rosemary Greenaway 86; Beth Reed 203; Karen Isbell 110; Allison Ivey 178; Scott Swanton 159; Carlene Griffin 548; Eloise Avery 426 (t? b?); Jewel Wootten and Freeman Wootten 87; Marilyn Burchett 335; Richard Ivey 567; Cindy Franklin 368; Leon Ballinger 384; Buddy Ballinger 385 (t? b?).


The afternoon session began with David Ivey leading song on page 387. Leaders: Judy Mincey 538; Marie Aldridge 316; Charlene Wallace 455; Ted Mercer 132; Reba Windom 192; Flora Skinner 358; Wanda Capps 448 (t? b?); Roy Nelson 380; Shelbie Sheppard 195; Lee Rogers 220; Phillip Ballinger 373; Pam Wilkerson 142; Paul Frederick 224; Elene Stovall 528; Karen Freund 272; Jeanette Lowry 276; Louis Hughes, Jr. 56b; Karen Ivey 215; Teresa Ballinger 460; Mary Ruth Stiefel and Verlon Stiefel 420; Regina Glass 522; Betty Wright 347; Buell Matthews 285 (t? b?).


The class reassembled with Coy Ivey leading songs on pages 57 and 384. Leaders: Gene Wakefield 103; Randall Smith 137; Gary Leopold 479; Harrison Creel 512; Mattie Townsel 68b; Jackie Tanner 222; Hershell King 97; Ophelia Matthews 569 (t? b?); Bill Schrader 452b; Margie Smith and Nancy Allen 393; J.C. Rutledge 105; Linda Thomas 350; Cassie Franklin and Flarce Creel 143; Sara Ingram 145 (t? b?).

Linton Ballinger led song on page 46 as the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer by Lavaughn Ballinger.

Sunday, September 13

The Sunday session was called to order by Linton Ballinger leading song on page 146. The morning prayer was led by Harrison Creel. Leaders: B.M. Smith 101t; Nora Parker 317; Connie Karduck 456; Bud Oliver 145 (t? b?); Shelbie Sheppard 368; David Ivey 371; Harrison Creel 530; Don Bowen 483; Syble Adams 532; Louis Hughes, Jr. 278 (t? b?); Linda Thomas 472; David Ballinger 176 (t? b?); Patsy Gentle 348 (t? b?); Henry Johnson 326; Richard Ivey 270; Jo Dell Albi 195; Doyce Bailey 143.


The class was brought together by Rodney Ivey leading song on page 299. Leaders: Lorena Moore 39t; Dennis George and Jerry George 358; Cindy Franklin 507; Amanda Ballinger 454; Randall Smith 137; Allison Ivey 138t; Leon Ballinger 84; Beth Reed 288; Joan Aldridge 475; Tim Reynolds 492; Rose Mary Greenaway 48b; Barbara Swetman 40; Buell Cobb 284; Flora Skinner 434; Jimmy Ballinger 111b; Susan Harcrow 218; Coy Ivey 212; Lee Rogers 287; Jeanette Lowry 260.


The class was called to order by Lomax Ballinger leading song on page 300. Leaders: Lynne deBenedette 542; Gary Leopold 159; Celia Carnes and KeriAnn Wilkerson 388; Jon Gregg 155; Regina Glass 383; Edith Tate 98; Jeff Reed and Beth Reed 107; Karen Isbell 419; Mark Carroll 142; Marilyn Burchett 294; B.J. Harris 503; Karen Freund 74b; Jeff Sheppard 75; Judy Mincey 474; Allen Fannin 70 (t? b?); Richard DeLong 349; Mattie Lou Townsel 112.

A memorial session was held by Shelbie Sheppard and Syble Adams.

Shelbie Sheppard talked about how many of our singers and supporters have passed away in the last few years, and especially about Mae Seymour who had been Assistant Secretary of this Convention from 1975 until her death in 1998. Mae Seymour served on the Board of Directors of the Sacred Harp Publishing Company for a number of years, and due to bad health, could no longer serve in that capacity. Mae Seymour was a friend, a lover and supporter of Sacred Harp music, and she will be missed by those of us who had the pleasure to know her.

Shelbie Sheppard closed her remarks by reading the first two verses of the song on page 146, and read the long list of those deceased: Elmer Cordell, Luke Allen, Alvin Stanson, Jerry Sheppard, Mae Seymour, Hollis Sizemore, Clifford Wakefield, Ozetta Gilliland, Kim Cagle, Gene Phillips, Claude Moon, Keterina Sanders, Hadyn Creel, Mariam Hoobler, Mamie Creel, Ila McGhee, Vernice Calvert, John Forman, Hussell Godsey, Mary Ramsey Berueffy, Michael B. McCulley, and Dale Mack—Alabama; Myreeta Hardin, Gertrude Bateman, and Anne Block—Georgia; Janet Borman—Illinois; Herbert Leopard and Louie Smith—Texas; Beatrice Ezell—Tennessee; Samuel Lynch and Dion Stams—New York; Russell Murphree—Mississippi. Shelbie Sheppard led song on page 146 for the deceased.

Syble Adams read the list of names and led song on page 147t for the following sick and shut-ins: Warren Mason, Mrs. Mimes, Jap Walton, Vester Jones, Flossie Jones, I.V. McWhorter, Margaret Bornick, Margaret Wright, Woodie Walker, Elsie Moon, Shelia Moon, Essie Calvert, Myrtle Wootten, and Ruby Phillips. Verlon Stiefel closed the memorial with prayer.


The afternoon session began with Buddy Ballinger leading song on page 343. Leaders: Teresa Ballinger 186; Louis Hughes, Jr. 411; Pauline Childers 334; Jerry Enright 77t; Elene Stovall 99; Stuart Ivey 222; Roy Nelson 80 (t? b?); Reba Windom 344; Ted Mercer 296; Pam Wilkerson 313 (t? b?); Rosemary Greenaway 45 (t? b?); Jim Carnes 410 (t? b?); Cassie Franklin 217; Mark Brown 29 (t? b?); Charles Meidinger 178; Dorothea McCowan 442; Betty Wright 323b; Frances Jones 569 (t? b?); Floyd Peters 282; Ann Jett and Cindy Franklin 198; J.C. Rutledge 401; Nate Green and Norma Latham 335; Hershell King 204; Evelyn Harris 47t; Margie Smith and Nancy Allen 501; Jackson Harcrow 63.

A business session was held to hear committee reports.

Resolutions: Be it resolved by the United Sacred Harp Musical Association that:

First and foremost, we thank God for allowing us the opportunity to meet at this 95th session of the United Convention;

We thank Mr. Pat Robertson and all of the administration and staff of Burritt Museum and Park for providing these wonderful facilities for this convention;

We thank the Huntsville Sacred Harp Singers for their hospitality in hosting this year’s convention;

We thank the officers and committees for diligently performing their duties, the results of which have been an orderly and enjoyable singing convention;

We thank everyone who provided food, especially Coy Ivey for preparing the barbeque and the Reeds and Olivers for providing the lemonade; and

We thank all singers from far and near who came and gave of your spiritual gifts in worship of God here this weekend.

Further, we resolve to continue to preserve our precious Sacred Harp heritage by attending singings whenever we can, and, God willing, to meet again next September for the 96th meeting of this convention.

Respectfully submitted, Resolutions Committee—Linda Thomas and David Ivey

Locating Committee—Although the location was not confirmed at the time of the singing, it was later reported that the 1999 session will be held at Liberty Church, Henagar, Alabama.

Finance Committee—Total expense was $438.07. Collected $535.00. Balance on hand $1,369.71. End of Business Session.

Leaders: Mark Brown “Beulah Land” (by request); Coy Ivey “Trusting” (by request).

Linton Ballinger and B.M. Smith led the closing song on page 62. The convention was dismissed with prayer by B.J. Harris.

Chairman—Linton Ballinger; Vice Chairman—B.M. Smith; Secretary—Nora Parker.