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Camp Fasola

Camp Lee, Anniston, Alabama

July 3-7, 2023

Monday, July 3

Arrival, Registration, and Orientation

Registration for Camp FaSoLa 2023 began at 3:00 p.m. Campers were issued t-shirts, procedure lists, room assignments, maps, and identification badges. Campers had free time, followed by counselor orientation sessions, and then supper at 6:00 p.m. Everyone met with Director David Ivey at Lakeview Lodge at 7:00 p.m. for general orientation and instructions.

Class Singing

7:30 p.m. Lakeview Lodge. The class was called to order by Blake Sisemore leading 37b. Leaders: Gillian Inksetter and Jeannette DePoy 65; Judy Caudle and Jim Neal 61; Emily Stutzman, Tabitha Cook, Taylor Cook, and Trinity Cook 59; Jonathon Smith and Scott DePoy 201; Alex Forsyth, Landon Kiser, Kason Stone, Calvin Jens, and Mark Jones 32t; Pam Nunn and Barbara Smith 481; Lori Rodgers and Ian Suchon 475; Ann Mashchak, Laura Russell, and Dan Comstock 300; Paula Oliver and Idy Kiser 73t; Lily Hammond and David Wright 205; Hollie Long and Dean Jens 53; Jaidyn Stump and Rachel Geary 282; Joe Kwiatkowski and Tom Evers 86; Murf Clay and Becca Clay 47b; Will Fitzgerald and Sophie Sokolov 47t; Rachel Spear and Beth Todd 373; David Smead and Shawn Taylor 534; Samuel Sommers and Larry Hall 34b; Inga Buckland and Judy Mincey 107; Barrett Patton and Derek Buckland 28b; Kerry Cullinan and Michael Darby 68b; Connie Des Marais and Lisa Bennett 318. Blake Sisemore led 521 as the closing song. Samuel Sommers offered the closing prayer. Emily Stutzman gave the devotional.

Tuesday, July 4

Lesson: Youth Rudiments I

9:00 a.m. The Ark—Stuart Ivey taught the class. He reviewed the major scale, then led the class in singing the major scale and major triads. Stuart led 36t. He discussed rhythm, time, tempo, and note values. He led 39t, and dismissed the class.

Lesson: Rudiments I

9:00 a.m. Lakeview Lodge—David Wright introduced himself, and led 49t. He reviewed the major and minor scales, the shape notes and syllable names corresponding to degrees of the scale, and then the time values of notes and rests. The class examined page 143 to see how note and rest values are used to fill measures, and other notational elements such as repeats. David led 143 and 332. The class reviewed the modes of time. David led 39t, and the class was dismissed.

Lesson: Learning Songs/Basics

10:45 a.m. Lakeview Lodge—Nathan Rees welcomed the class. He offered some suggestions for learning songs, such as, sitting beside an experienced singer at a singing, listening to recordings, and watching videos of leaders. Nathan and campers practiced singing shapes and keeping time. Leaders: Marsha Green and Nathan 62; Samuel Cordova and Nathan 435; Wanda Everett and Nathan 82b; Alissa Eiesland and Nathan 213b. The class was dismissed.

Lesson: Learning Songs/Youth

1:00 p.m. The Ark—Blake Sisemore and Alex Forsyth shared ways to learn songs, such as recordings, attending singings, and practice with experienced singers. They led 49t. The class practiced singing the following songs: 123b, 569b, 361, 213t, 354b, 455, 282, and 62. The class was dismissed.

Lesson: Patriotic & Secular Songs in The Sacred Harp

1:00 p.m. Lakeview Lodge—This class focused on songs with patriotic or otherwise secular song texts. David Wright, the teacher, discussed the origin of various types of songs that are represented in the book and shared stories and history associated with specific songs. Leaders: David Wright 479; Barrett Patton 110; Beth Todd 137; David Wright 136, 346; Inga Buckland and Derek Buckland 323b; Esther Morgan-Ellis 358. David Wright led the following songs that are not in the Sacred Harp: ‘The Star of Columbia’, ‘America’, ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’. The class was dismissed.

Lesson: Accent

2:15 p.m. Lakeview Lodge—Nathan Rees welcomed the class, and referred to page 16, section 14 of the Rudiments, which defines accent. The class practiced observing accent while singing notes and words. Nathan led 32t, 64, 97, and 412. Ian Suchon led 417. Nathan encouraged campers to practice singing with accent, and then dismissed the class.

Lesson: The Music and Mystery of E.J. King

3:30 p.m. Lakeview Lodge—Nathan Rees introduced himself to the class, and then introduced the composer, Elisha James King. He led 101t. Brent DeBoard led 87. Nathan discussed a few known facts about E.J. King: he was born in 1821 near Macon, Georgia; he moved to West Georgia where he met and was trained in music by B.F. White. Nathan stated that so little is known because E.J. King died young in 1844, before the Sacred Harp was published. He also mentioned E.J. King wrote no alto parts in his life and the following tunes were sung with no alto parts. Leaders: Tom Evers 33b; Kerry Cullinan 77t; Sophie Sokolov ‘Talbotton’; Rusha Wheeler 82t; Inga Buckland 99; Derek Buckland 100; Ian Suchon 98; Chloe Somers 102; Esther Morgan-Ellia and Lily Hammond 234; Connie Des Marais 227. Nathan dismissed the class.

Lesson: Leading Workshop/Beginners

4:45 p.m. Lakeview Lodge—Judy Caudle introduced herself, stating that she is a fourth-generation shape-note singer. Judy led 76t. She referred to the exercises on pages 15 and 16 in the Rudiments. The class practiced keeping time while singing these exercises. Inga Buckland led 46. Kerry Cullinan led 310. Judy discussed tempo, stating that some songs lend themselves well to peppy tempos, while others do not. The discussion also covered dragging (giving notes more and more time) vs slow tempo (giving notes relative time). Leaders: Beth Todd 501; Kerry Cullinan 455; Thomas Evers 489; Laura Ann Russell 81t. The class was dismissed.

Class Singing

7:30 p.m. Lakeview Lodge—The class was called to order by Rachel Geary leading 82t. Barrett Patton offered the opening prayer. The officers serving for the night singing are as follows: Chairman—Rachel Geary; Secretary—Sophie Sokolov; Arranging Committee—Alissa Eiesland and Brook Figursky. Leaders: Alissa Eiesland 31t; Grace Whitener, Allison Ivey, and Vivian Ivey 46; Molly-Claire Gillett and Barrett Patton 344; Brenda DeBoard and Bill DuPre 195; Adrian Eldridge 211; Karen Ivey and Sally Langendorf 314; Leslie Booher 133; Kevin Dyess and Esther Morgan-Ellis 173; Taylor Cook, Trinity Cook, and Tabitha Cook 282; Kason Stone and Blake Sisemore 49b; Sierra Saylors and Tullaia Powell 504; Yuka Oiwa and Chloe Somers 312b; Brenda Dunlap 428; Cheyenne Ivey and Barrett Patton 182; Mark Bowman and Mike Green 155; Nandra Perry and Suzy Lee 300; Sophie Sokolov 124; Sierra Carvalho and Daniel Lee 410t; Dan Comstock and Laura Ann Russell 479; Ann Mashchak and Dan Comstock 551; Dean Jens and Ian Suchon 434; Alex Forsyth and Landon Kiser 123b; Michael Darby and Lily Hammond 148; Kerry Cullinan and Beth Todd 566; Rachel Geary 414. Molly-Claire Gillett offered the closing prayer. Samuel Cordova presented the devotional. The class was dismissed.

Wednesday, July 5

Lesson: Youth Rudiments II

9:00 a.m. The Ark—Jonathon Smith reviewed the major scale. He then defined the minor scale. He led 159. The class practiced singing the minor scale. Jonathon reviewed note and rest values. He led 49t. The class practiced observing quarter rests as Jonathon led 79. He called attention to the purpose of a fermata (hold), and led 59. He also pointed to 145b for the use of D.C., denoting a repeat. The class was dismissed.

Lesson: Rudiments II

9:00 a.m. Lakeview Lodge—This class focused entirely on practicing aspects of the scale. David Wright led various singing exercises to reinforce concepts in how the scale is used and practice melodic intervals and patterns. The class sang up and down the scale in different keys; they sang up and down the scale with small skips; they sang larger ascending and descending intervals; they sang familiar melodies while David pointed at the appropriate shapes. The class then divided into two groups and practiced singing harmony intervals. The class sang 230: one group singing tenor, one group singing bass, and then switching parts. David and the class practiced singing intervals on the minor scale, again dividing into two groups. David led 159, and dismissed the class.

Lesson: Sister Songsmiths—A Look at the Lancasters

1:00 p.m. Lakeview Lodge—Lauren Bock joined the campers via Zoom to teach this class. Esther Morgan-Ellis led 345b.

Lauren: The three sisters are Ann, Sarah, and Priscilla. It wasn’t uncommon for women to be composing, but it is special that they were sisters, very young, and all published. The whole family was musical, going back generations to England. Sarah was the most prolific and wrote in many styles. She lived with the B.F. White family while attending school.

Lauren shared excerpts from letters written by and to the sisters. One included feedback to Ann on “New Harmony”. Tullaia Powell and Rebekah Clay led 406. Lauren: The words to 406 came from a magazine called Religious Miscellany, although she (Ann) omitted the first verse and reordered the others.

Lauren read feedback sent to Priscilla from J.P. Reese on the tune “Oh, Sing with Me!” Sophie Sokolov led 374. It is not known whether or not she (Priscilla) took the advice in the letter.

Lauren: Sarah once wrote to Ann that she had tunes running through her head day and night. Allison Ivey, Grace Whitener, Vivian Ivey, and Lottie Hinton led 112. The campers sang all the songs up to this point in this class in three parts, as they were originally written. Minnie Floyd created the alto part for “The Last Words of Copernicus.” The text is from a speech that was often printed in school books.

The song “Sardis” on page 460 was written in four parts, so the campers sang four-part harmony. The song was once the most popular song in the Sacred Harp. Yuka Oiwa led 460. The class was dismissed.

Lesson: How to Beat the 7 Modes of Time/Youth

3:30 p.m. The Ark—Blake Sisemore, Alex Forsyth, and Emily Stutzman led a class to help youth learn to lead and/or practice leading. Topics covered were bringing in parts, starting and stopping time, indicating repeats, and calling verses. Twenty students and teachers were in the class and twelve were led. The class was dismissed.

Lesson: The Memorial Lesson

3:30 p.m. Lakeview Lodge—Allison Ivey made opening statements about the Memorial Lesson. Karen Ivey read the following list of names of the deceased: Hubert Nall, Marlon Wootten, Claudene Townson, Norma Green, Renae Makris, Boyd Scott, Coy Ivey, Jeff Sheppard, and Shelbie Sheppard—Alabama; Philip Denney—Georgia; Lydia Lewallen—North Carolina. Barrett Patton led 81t in memory of the deceased.

Allison Ivey read the following list of names of the sick and shut-ins: Rosie Sokolov, Jennifer Jones, Eileen Forsyth, and campers and teachers with Covid. She led 35 in their honor.

Elective: Leading Workshop

4:45 p.m. Lakeview Lodge—Nathan Rees and David Wright demonstrated the method of keeping time for the different modes in the songbook. The class practiced keeping time with David as he led 45t. Leaders: Zena Tucker and Nathan Rees 127; Brooklyn Figursky, Josh Rose, and David Wright 65; Chloe Somers and Nathan Rees 455; Nandra Perry and Sophie Sokolov 30t; Ray Turner 299; Esther Morgan-Ellis 48b. The class was dismissed.

Class Singing

7:30 p.m. Lakeview Lodge—The class was brought to order by Landon Kiser and Adison Cook leading 56t. Kason Stone offered the opening prayer. Leaders: Jim Neal 84; Mark Jones and Calvin Jens 49t; Jonathon Smith 95; Tullaia Powell 142; Landon Kiser and Alex Forsyth 39t; Barb Smith 472; Larry Hall 78; Tabitha Cook 45t; Jaidyn Stump and Taylor Cook 59; Kason Stone 47t; Grace Whitener and Vivian Ivey 46; Sierra Carvalho 277; Zena Tucker 123t; Lottie Hinton 47b; Idy Kiser and Karen Ivey 32t; Emily Stutzman 294; Barrett Patton 422; Sophie Sokolov 285t; Esther Morgan-Ellis 224; Nathan Rees 272; Dan Comstock 338; Allison Ivey 89; Mark Bowan and Blake Sisemore 178; Yuka Oiwa 37b; Teresa Saylors and David Saylors 268; Marsha Green and Ian Suchon 159; Karen Ivey 217; David Wright and Nandra Perry 52t; Blake Sisemore and Kevin Dyess 196.

Landon Kiser and Adison Cook led 323t as the closing song. Mark Jones offered the closing prayer. The devotional was presented by Taylor Cook, and then she led 68b, and the class was dismissed.

Thursday, July 6

Lesson: Youth Rudiments III

9:00 a.m. The Ark—Jonathon Smith reviewed the minor and major scales. The class practiced singing scales. Jonathon then discussed rhythm, and the class practiced clapping in time as Jaidyn Stump led 274t. Jonathon talked about accent in 4/4 time, 2/4 time, and 6/8 time. He led 274t, and campers practiced accent. The class continued, paying particular attention to rhythm and accent. Leaders: Jaidyn Stump 146; Mark Jones 59; Kason Stone 383; Taylor Cook 282. The class was dismissed.

Lesson: Rudiments III

9:00 a.m. Lakeview Lodge—David Wright reviewed the patterns of beating time. David led 117 to illustrate how the correct beating of time depends on the notation of the music. David discussed accenting as a part of Sacred Harp singing style and reviewed where primary and secondary accents fall in various modes of time. David encouraged the class to think of accent like the stress of particular syllables or words in spoken language. It should be a part of the natural flow of the music and help to organize and clarify the musical line, not sound choppy or break up the line. The class sang 71 and 275b to practice accent in compound time, 168 and 300 to practice accent in 4/4 time, and 322 and 88t to practice accent in 2/4 time.

Elective: Dinner on the Ground

10:45 a.m. Lakeview Lodge—Karen Rollins welcomed the class. She presented a skit, featuring Emily Stutzman, Bill DuPre, and Denny Rogers, characterizing some of the rules of decorum at the lunch tables. Some examples were don’t reach across the table, don’t eat in line, don’t pressure people to eat certain dishes, and don’t loom over the person in front of you. Campers shared food disasters and advice. Karen shared her recipes for Sweet Alabama Pecan Bread, Pretzel Salad, and Southern Cornbread Muffins. Volunteers prepared a chocolate trifle during the class that was shared at supper time.

Lesson: Youth Learning Songs and Memorial Lesson

1:00 p.m. The Ark—Emily Stutzman and Barrett Patton led the class in learning songs. Leaders: Emily Stutzman and Mark Jones 294; Lottie Hinton 142; Taylor Cook 123b; Grace Whitener 46; Kason Stone 383; Calvin Jens 53; Trinity Cook and Jaidyn Stump 457; Jaidyn Stump 87; Tabitha Cook 312b; Vivian Ivey 45t; Landon Kiser 282; Jaidyn Stump 67; Mark Jones 59.

Barrett Patton discussed the tradition of the memorial lesson. He led 348b in honor of and in memory of present and past singers. The class was dismissed.

Lesson: Life and Music of S.M. Denson

1:00 p.m. Lakeview Lodge—Jonathon Smith taught this class in the absence of Jesse P. Karlsberg. Molly-Claire Gillett led 314. Jonathon shared information from a handout. Seaborn McDaniel Denson belonged to the family that oversaw the Denson revisions of the Sacred Harp. He was concerned both with modernizing the book and maintaining tradition. Connie Des Marais led page 6 (New Sacred Harp). The class observed that this is in a more conventional style that most Sacred Harp songs. David Wright led 183b (Union Harp), a revival chorus style song; and Sophie Sokolov led 120t (Union Harp), a plain tune style. Jonathon Smith led 118 (Union Harp), a song with many gospel characteristics. Rachel Geary led 430. Jonathon and the class reviewed alto parts written by S.M. Denson. Rachel Speer led 336. Jonathon Smith led “Seaborn” (from the 1960 edition of the Sacred Harp). Lily Hammond and Esther Morgan-Ellis led 436. Jonathon Smith led 161 (Sacred Tunes and Hymns) with piano accompaniment. The class was dismissed.

Elective: Sacred Harp Harmony

4:15 p.m. Lakeview Lodge—David Wright discussed Judy Hauff’s concepts of thick (rich, full, sweet) and thin chords from previous camps. David reviewed the chart of chords from page 22 of the Rudiments, and discussed aspects of chord voicing such as inversions of chords, doubling of notes, and spacing of the notes in a chord. The class sang 49b and 503 as examples of songs that use mainly standard or thick voicings, and 163t as a song that uses a variety of contrasting voicings. Alissa Eiesland led 547. Participants offered observations about the sounds of various chords in these pieces.

Community Singing

7:00 p.m. Lakeview Lodge—Brenda Dunlap called the class to order by leading 542. Jim Neal offered the evening prayer. Leaders: Taylor Cook, Mark Jones, Landon Kiser, Kason Stone, Calvin Jens, and Tabitha Cook 59; Hollie Long 208; Adrian Eldridge 209; Tullaia Powell 547; Henry Schuman 318; Rebecca Clay and Murf Clay 178; Tom Evers 503; Sierra Carvalho 448b; Wanda Everett 63; Connie Des Marais 474; Susan Lee and Daniel Lee 349; Alissa Eiesland 38b; David Saylors and Teresa Saylors 203; Bill DuPre 74b; Molly-Claire Gillett 106; Brooklyn Figursky, Josh Rose, and Nathan Rees 65; Sierra Saylors 216; Brent DeBoard 99; Rachel Geary 30b; Lottie Hinton 146; Judy Mincey 501; Jaidyn Stump and Taylor Cook 260; Leslie Booher 319; Mike Green and Marsha Green 347; Barb Smith 448t; Esther Morgan-Ellis 207; David Wright 500; Brenda Dunlap, Chloe Somers, Rachel Speer, and Jim Neal 276. Blake Sisemore led 62 as the closing song. Jim Neal dismissed the class with prayer.

Friday, July 7

Campers gathered in the Dining Hall for breakfast at 8:00 a.m. They were free to leave camp as soon as their gear was packed.

Camp Director—David Ivey