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Texas State Sacred Harp Convention
(The Sonny Erwin Memorial Singing)

Coker United Methodist Church, San Antonio, Texas

February 22-23, 2020

Saturday, February 22

The 28th annual Texas State Sacred Harp Singing Convention was held at the Coker United Methodist Church in San Antonio, Texas. Michele Curran called the class to order leading 56t. Gaylon Powell offered the opening prayer. Mike Hinton suggested and the class agreed that this year’s convention be designated as The Sonny Erwin Memorial Singing. Leaders: Michele Curran 42; Vickie Cook 171; Tammy Powell 454 (in memory of Sonny Erwin); Janie Short 228; Chris Nicholson and Charity Vaughn 212; Bill Bailey 30t; Donald Ross 489 (in memory of Sonny Erwin); Bridget Jamison 106; Robert Vaughn 482; Catherine Rogan 454; Kristie Powell 349; Mike Hinton 373; Barbara Chopin 31b; Abigail Curran 354b; Diane Ross 455; Elene Stovall 426b; Ellee Curran 146; Tom Owen and David Montgomery 503, 28b; Tim Morton 222; Patrick Curran 388; Linda Booker 288.


Michele Curran called the class to order leading 186. Leaders: David Brodeur 444; Zack Rogan 34b; David Wright 303; Scott Curran 475; Erin Fulton 379; Abby Huckaby 99; Emily Ross 340; Cheryl Foreman and Abby Huckaby 492; Karen Isbell 384 (for Coy Ivey); Gaylon Powell 532; Linda Sides 225t; Vivian Rogan 32t; Andy Ditzler 49b; Silas Huckaby 442; Tim Gregg 92; Beverly Coates 267 (in memory of Sonny Erwin); Erik Schwab 50t; Hardy Davis 84; Kathy Williams 276; Bruce Coates 313b; Rodney Ivey 365 (for Karen Rollins); Gary Rogan 360; Philip Denney 101t; Cheyenne Ivey 76b; Presley Barker 505; Rick Foreman 472 (in memory of Sonny Erwin); Tammy Powell 142; Chris Nicholson 473; Bridget Jamison 274t. The following committee members were announced: Memorial Committee—Gary Rogan and Tom Owen; Nominating Committee—Kristie Powell and Katherine Rogan. Elder Sonny Huckaby offered the noon prayer.


Vickie Cook called the class back together leading 335. Leaders: Zack Rogan 217; Robert Vaughn 215; Bill Bailey 451; Donald Ross 499; David Montgomery 144; Janie Short 350; Barbara Chopin 178; Catherine Rogan 182; Elene Stovall 440; Mike Hinton 480; Diane Ross 133; Tim Morton 270; Linda Booker 569b; Tom Owen 528; David Brodeur 540; David Wright 299; Scott Curran 269.


Michele Curran called the class back to order by leading 56b. Leaders: Gaylon Powell 113 (in memory of Sonny Erwin); Erin Fulton 27; Emily Ross 448t; Karen Isbell 224; Linda Sides 564; Kathy Williams 448b; Philip Denney 120; Presley Barker 538; Erik Schwab 151; Andy Ditzler 434; Tim Gregg 545; Hardy Davis 122; Silas Huckaby 565; Beverly Coates 481; Vivian Rogan 163b; Bruce Coates 566; Kristie Powell 209; Gary Rogan 30b; Cheyenne Ivey and Rodney Ivey 432. Michele Curran and Vickie Cook led 191 as the closing song. Zack Rogan offered the closing prayer.

Sunday, February 23

The Sunday session of the Texas State Convention was called to order by Michele Curran leading 82t. Don Ross offered the opening prayer. Leaders: Michele Curran 95; Vickie Cook 472; Tammy Powell 542; Beverly Coates 328; Carter Cook 228; Andy Ditzler 163t; Don Ross 399b; Erik Schwab 308; Tom Owen 512; Emily Ross 318; Diane Ross 543; Ellee Curran 421; Linda Sides 500; Cheryl Foreman 224; Barbara Chopin 547; Patrick Curran 35; Janie Short 168; Tim Morton 236; Hardy Davis 320; David Brodeur 524; Linda Booker 490; Abby Huckaby and Cheryl Foreman 101t; Erin Fulton 329 (in memory of Walter Howrey).


Cheyenne Ivey led 37b to bring the class together. Leaders: Presley Barker 474; Silas Huckaby 377; Philip Denney 73t; Sarah Huckaby 441; Elene Stovall 47t; Tim Gregg 371; Kathy Williams 518; Karen Isbell 36b; Rodney Ivey 411; Rick Foreman 501 (in memory of Sonny Erwin); Abigail Curran and Ellee Curran 146; Vivian Rogan 282.

A memorial lesson was held. Vickie Cook led 68b for the sick and shut-ins. Gary Rogan read the following list of names: Velton Chafin, Coy Ivey, Wanda Capps, Margaret Thacker, Nate Green, Norma Green, Karen Mathews, Barry Rollins, Melanie Hauff, Pat Waggener, Gary Gronau, Jennifer Jones, Glenda Walton, Curtis Owen, Myrl Jones, Leon Ballinger, and Chloe Webb.

Gary Rogan read the following list of names of the deceased: Hughes Albarel—France; Paul Wilson—Minnesota; Butch Morton—Indiana; Walter Howrey—Missouri; Concetta Branson—Oregon; Stephen O’Leary—California; Aubrey Barfield—Florida; John Wills—Ohio; Charlene Wallace, Robby Rivers, Norma Mincey, and Susan Roberts—Georgia; Rozlyn Green and Ottis Sides—Alabama; Sonny Erwin, Burl Russell, Leola Perry, and Lorraine McFarland—Texas. Tom Owen led 338. Mike Hinton offered the closing prayer for the memorial service.

Leaders: Scott Curran 39t; Kristie Powell 383; Bridge Jamison 86; David Wright 74b; Bill Bailey 121; Catherine Rogan 192; Bruce Coates 535; Gaylon Powell 304; Gary Rogan 155. Bruce Coates offered the noon prayer.


Michele Curran called the class back together leading 566. Leaders: David Wright 421; Mike Hinton 534; Erik Schwab 548; Silas Huckaby 120 (for Leon Ballinger); Rick Foreman 389; Tim Morton 511; Bill Bailey 410t; Andy Ditzler 200; Emily Ross 344; Philip Denney 448t; Barbara Chopin 47b; Tim Gregg 382; Erin Fulton 69b; Karen Isbell 29t; David Brodeur 202; Elene Stovall 216; Presley Barker 203; Linda Sides 196; Rodney Ivey, Cheyenne Ivey, and Abby Huckaby 354b; Kathy Williams 186; Lori Rodgers 162. Announcements were made.


Vickie Cook called the class to order leading 474. Leaders: Mike Hinton 456; Bridget Jamison 278b; Becca Short 45t; Tom Owen 327; Janie Short 183; Rick Foreman and Cheryl Foreman 568 (in memory of Sonny Erwin); Catherine Rogan 112; Sarah Huckaby, Silas Huckaby, and Abby Huckaby 460; Scott Curran, Michele Curran, Patrick Curran, Ellee Curran, and Abigail Curran 432; Bruce Coates and Beverly Coates 176t (for Curtis Owen); Gary Rogan and Vivian Rogan 56t; Gaylon Powell and Kristie Powell 430.

A business meeting was held. The following officers were elected to serve for next year: Chairman—Vickie Cook; Vice Chairman—Gary Rogan; Secretary—Tammy Powell; Treasurer—Mike Hinton.

Michele Curran, Vickie Cook, and Tammy Powell led 62 as the closing song. Tom Owen offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Michele Curran; Vice Chairman—Vickie Cook; Secretary—Tammy Powell