Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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New York State Sacred Harp Convention

Rochester, New York

October 20-21, 2018

Saturday, October 20

The 30th meeting of the New York State Sacred Harp Convention, held annually on the weekend of the third Sunday in October, was called to order at the Mennonite Meetinghouse by Thom Metzger leading 34b. Eileen Metzger offered the opening prayer, and led 39t.

Leaders: Laura Densmore 313t; Melody Johnson 33b; Dev Crasta 203; Rachel Fox Von Swearingen 277; Jason Jones 268; Gloria Slater 117; Kathy Chillemi 47t; Mitzie Collins 452; Candis Bailey 480.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Thom Metzger; Chaplain—Eileen Metzger; Arranging and Recording—Laura Densmore; Secretary—Sue Hengelsberg.


Eric Bean called the class together again by leading 159. Leaders: Bob Wheeler 147t; Ginny Huszagh 195 (Ginny has attended all thirty NYS Conventions); Chris Haller 267; Frank Griggs 442; Eric Bean 163b; Bethany Comegys 178; Em Ekelund 163b; Joanne Fuller 460; Jean Seiler 299; Joy Van Riper 148; Pleasance Crawford 543; Heather Schramm 472; Dennis Leipold 189.


Eileen Metzger called the class together by leading 47b. Leaders: Leon Pulsinelle 30b; Mary Skidmore 171; Thom Metzger 29b; Gerry Hoffman 196; Barbara Swetman 260; Willis McCumber 37b; Nicole Collins 155; Anne Wheeler 86; Jonathan Spencer 123b; Dylan Aiello 282. Bob Wheeler asked a blessing before the noon meal.


Ginny Huszagh began the afternoon session by leading 46. Leaders: Rebeka Radna-Crasta 142; Chuck Crawford 300; Jan May 362; Dan Hertzler 556 (Dan has attended all thirty of the NYS Conventions); Hal Kunkel 396; Karl Dise 56t; Laura Densmore 349; Pleasance Crawford 453; Nicole Collins 504; Mary Skidmore 215; Em Ekelund 217; Joanne Fuller 192; Frank Griggs 216; Heather Schramm 276; Jean Seiler 315; Leon Pulsinelle 440; Gerry Hoffman 522.


The class resumed singing with Bob Wheeler leading 312b. Leaders: Jonathan Spencer 68t; Willis McCumber 500; Rachel Fox Von Swearingen 294; Jan May 474; Daegan Von Swearingen 334; Candis Bailey 290; Dylan Aiello 146; Chuck Crawford 288; Bethany Comegys 106; Dan Hertzler 99; Hal Kunkel 475; Karl Dise 380.


Jan May called the class back together by leading 31t. Leaders: Jason Jones 31b; Bob Wheeler and Anne Wheeler 503; Jason Law 66; Dennis Leipold 56b; Thom Metzger 76b; Barbara Swetman 198; Ginny Huszagh 344; Eileen Metzger 131t; Eric Bean 335; Melody Johnson 490; Gloria Slater 162; Rebeka Radna-Crasta 547; Mitzie Collins 133; Chris Haller 497; Joy Van Riper 84; Thom Metzger 40. Ginny Huszagh offered the closing prayer.

Sunday, October 21

The Sunday session of the New York State Convention was held at Tay Lodge. Thom Metzger called the class to order by leading 49t. Eileen Metzger offered the opening prayer, and led 159.

Leaders: Laura Densmore 150; Helen Haller 481; Jason Jones 282; Chris Haller 497; Rebeka Radna-Crasta 36b; Joy Van Riper 315; Eric Bean 285t; Leon Pulsinelle 391; Barbara Swetman 390; Mary Skidmore 101b; Dennis Leipold 87; Ginny Huszagh 228; Gerry Hoffman 42; Katie Reimers 547; Jonathan Spencer 365.


Dan Hertzler led 82t to call the class back together. Leaders: Melody Johnson 113; Chuck Crawford 384; Joanne Fuller 564; Frank Griggs 83t; Jean Seiler 273; Jan May 448t; Kass Urban-Mead 106; Dylan Aiello 268; Pleasance Crawford 297; Hal Kunkel 333.

Eileen Metzger prayed for the sick and shut-ins, and led 72t for the following: Charlene Wallace, Ruth Ann Bryant, Corrone Bryant, Dorothy Connor, Ron Bornick, Margaret Bornick, Judy Clum, David Shipe, Len VanderJagt, Paul Foster, Melanie Hauff, Steve Hoyt and Lynne Hoyt, and Tenisha Collins.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Thom Metzger who read the following list of names, and led 196. Eileen Metzger prayed for the following departed: Tom Siess and Nicholas Cameron—Canada; Ann Sleeva—Illinois; Steve Helwig—Oregon; Julie Vea—Wisconsin; Darrell Swarens—Indiana; Elizabeth Rechenberg—Ohio; Carol Sanders and David Armor—Pennsylvania; Rodney Willard and Barbara Willard—Arizona; Joann Buitron—Texas; Tony Quimby—New Hampshire; Walter Colteryahn—Vermont; Daphene Causey—Alabama; Ruth Ekelund—North Carolina; Stan Subhan—New Jersey; Harry Roy, Michael Kaye, Herbert Erikkson, Jean Fleming, Laurie Lambie-Wallace, Mary Ellen Schrock and Dona Dise—New York.

Leaders: Dan Hertzler 426t; Heather Schramm 99; Karl Dise 320; Nicole Collins 47b; Em Ekelund 67; Dev Crasta 455. Dennis Leipold asked a blessing before lunch.


Frank Griggs led 29t. Leaders: Karl Dise 379; Nicole Collins 313b; Dylan Aiello 504; Em Ekelund 475; Thom Metzger 362; Heather Schramm 472; Dan Hertzler 505; Laura Densmore 542; Kass Urban-Mead 410t; Jan May 528; Pleasance Crawford 534; Frank Griggs 376; Jean Seiler 318; Eileen Metzger 383; Sue Hengelsberg 270; Chuck Crawford 546; Joanne Fuller 400; former and current NYS Convention chairs Laura Densmore, Eric Bean, Ginny Huszagh, Barbara Swetman, Jean Seiler, Mary Skidmore, Thom Metzger, and Dennis Leipold 212.


Gerry Hoffman led 145b to gather back the class. Leaders: Jonathan Spencer 71; Helen Haller 338; Gerry Hoffman 272; Melody Johnson 340; Eric Bean 236; Katie Reimers 31t; Ginny Huszagh 269; Dennis Leipold 65; Mary Skidmore 306; Leon Pulsinelle 458; Barbara Swetman 457; Jason Jones 277; Joy Van Riper 117; Hal Kunkel 189; Dev Crasta 274t; Chris Haller 191.


The class was called together by Heather Schramm leading 155. Thom Metzger called for announcements of regional and local singings. Leaders: Leon Pulsinelle 448b; Chuck Crawford 66; Gerry Hoffman 77t; Pleasance Crawford 382; Frank Griggs 372; Nicole Collins 63; Em Ekelund 89; Jonathan Spencer 70b; Heather Schramm 300; Jan May 276; Dan Hertzler 32b; Laura Densmore 532; Thom Metzger 62. The closing prayer was offered by Dan Hertzler.

The Secretary recorded attendance: forty from New York State, five from Pennsylvania, two from Connecticut, two from Vermont, one from New Jersey, one from Colorado, ten from Canada, and two listed as gmail, for a total of sixty-three registered singers, and several visitors. Over the two days, the class sang one hundred-seventy songs.

Chairman—Thom Metzger; Secretary—Sue Hengelsberg