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Cullman County Convention

Cullman County Courthouse, Cullman, Alabama

July 11-12, 2015

Saturday, July 11

The 122nd annual Cullman County Sacred Harp Singing Convention was held at the Cullman County Courthouse on the second Sunday and Saturday before in July. The class was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by Glenn Keeton leading 59. The opening prayer was offered by Butch White.

Leaders: Glenn Keeton 349; Butch White 535; Brenda Scott 146; Susan Cherones 300; Patti Wareh 171; Eugene Forbes 195; Rebecca Over 380; Jim Aaron 47b; Susan Allred 378b; Lisa Geist 273; Cheyenne Ivey 222; Geraldine Sharpton 542; Charles McCravy 428; Adrian Eldridge 278t; Kate Fortin 411; Joanna Nicovich 87; Philippa Stoddard 440.


Glenn Keeton called the class back to order leading 270. A business session was held and the following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Glenn Keeton; Vice Chairman—Henry Guthery; Secretary—Lisa Geist; Arranging Officer—Carolyn Thompson; Finance Officer—Bea Aaron; Chaplain—Butch White; Memorial Committee—Susan Allred and Amber Davis.

Leaders: Charles McCravy 176b (for the Umphries family); Amber Davis 150; Henry Guthery 112; Karen Rollins 168; Vickie See and Billy See 178; Brenda Chafin 436; Loretta Whitman 373; Cora Wareh 481; Linda Thomas 391; Darrell Swarens and Katherine Eldridge 77t (in memory of Amanda Denson); Christopher Mann 86; Tarik Wareh 472; Álvaro Witt Duarte 232; Richard Mauldin 446; Mary Amelia Taylor 474; Ron Harper 442; Buell Cobb 525 (?); Owen Stoddard 107; Daniel Bearden 140.


The class was called back together by Glenn Keeton leading 46. Leaders: Greg Allred 452; Hazel Heinze 515; Chris Coughlin 426b; Beth Branscomb 477; Kaitlyn Bailey 480; Marlin Beasley 455; Steve Adams 99; Jack Pate 569b; Ginger Davis and Katherine Eldridge 63; Aldo Ceresa 132; Carolyn Thompson 507 (in memory of Josie Hyde). Butch White offered the blessing before the noontime meal.


The afternoon session began with Glenn Keeton leading 64. Leaders: David Carlton 424; Faiz Wareh 456; Robert Dupree 40; Katherine Eldridge 329; Nicholas Thompson 192; Larry Ballinger 291; Jessa Cherones 299; Logan Green 315; Mike Richards 528; Peggy Strickland and Marlin Beasley 277; Kathy Williams 142; Virginia Eldridge 102; Justin Bowen 122 (for Margret Bryson); Luke Bryson 448t; Bridgett Hill Kennedy 383; Bob Simmons 66; Pattie Wareh 564; Rebecca Over 39t; Kate Fortin 419; Philippa Stoddard 440; Cora Wareh 473; Darrell Swarens and Kathy Williams 208; Adrian Eldridge 569t; Tarik Wareh 48b; Owen Stoddard 42; Alvaro Witt Duarte 430; Chris Coughlin 278b; Nathan Stewart 438 (in memory of George Easley); Aldo Ceresa 550; Virginia Eldridge and Katherine Eldridge 531; Faiz Wareh 486; Justin Bowen and Luke Bryson 59; Vickie See and Billy See 288; Nathan Stewart 148.

Glenn Keeton led 267 as the closing song. Butch White dismissed the class with prayer.

Sunday, July 12

The Sunday session of the Cullman County Sacred Harp Singing Convention was called to order by Glenn Keeton leading 63. The opening prayer was offered by Butch White.

Leaders: Glenn Keeton 274t; Bea Aaron 175, 475; Lisa Geist 527, 394; Butch White 354t, 37b; Carolyn Thompson 180, 196; Rebecca Over 493, 340; Adrian Eldridge 505, 571; Kevin Beirne 42, 108b; Kate Fortin 313b, 215; Alvaro Witt Duarte 186, 216.


Glenn Keeton led 504 to bring the class back together. Leaders: Nicholas Mann 159; Eugene Forbes 218; Chris Coughlin 170; Faiz Wareh 543; Darrell Swarens 111b (in memory of Harrison Creel); Delone Cobbs 341; Faith Riley 72b; Logan Green 245; Larry Ballinger 203; Hazel Heinze 145t; Linda Booth 147t; Henry Johnson 337; Tarik Wareh 309; Joanna Nicovich 405; Steve Adams 99; Riley Lee 182; Virginia Eldridge 413.


Cora Wareh brought the class back together leading 547. The memorial lesson was conducted by Amber Davis and Susan Allred. Amber spoke on behalf of the sick and shut-ins, and read the following list of names: Helen Beauchamp, Juanita Beasley, Elsie Moon, Phillip Springfield, Toney Smith, Lavoy Smith, Floy Wilder, Litefoot, S.T. Reed, Lena Keeton, and Ropy Davis. She led 167 in their honor.

Susan spoke in remembrance of the deceased, and then read the following list of names: Dennis Beasley—Florida; Jean Ballinger, Johnny Humber, Rena Humber, Betty Wright, Dawson Adams, Jerry Godsey, Sammie Oliver, Stanly Edwards, Charles Kitchens, Eldagene Roberson—Alabama; George Easley—Mississippi; Dale Johnson—Tennessee; David Rust—Indiana; Danny Arms—North Carolina; Dan Adams—Connecticut; Caroline Bonnet—California; George Garner, Josephine Denney, Raymond Hamrick, C.W. Garner—Georgia; Reuben Summerlin—Fiji. She led 59 in memory of the deceased. Butch White closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Aldo Ceresa 399b; Gravis Ballinger 36b; Kelsey Ivey 374; Billy See 163b; Danny Creel 512; Richard Mauldin 43. Butch White offered our mealtime blessing.


Glenn Keeton led 282 to begin the afternoon session. Leaders: Katherine Eldridge 412; Elene Stovall and Aldo Ceresa 411; David Ivey 487; Philippa Stoddard 500; Mark Davis 198; Kathy Williams 276; Buell Cobb 268; Owen Stoddard 155; Karen Ivey 391; Mike Richards 546; Pattie Wareh 496; J.C. Rutledge 441; Mark Davis and Carolyn Thompson 236; Susan Allred 183; Loretta Whitman 81t; Sonya Sipe 30b; Karen Freund 33b; Ateven Sanderson 107; Angela Myers 122; Richard Ivey 214; Willodean Barton 480; Amber Davis 224; Geraldine Sharpton 318; Anna Grace Sipe 335; Faiz Wareh 292; Rebecca Over 445; Chris Coughlin 205; Tarik Wareh 283; Aldo Ceresa 286; Virginia Eldridge 378b; Alvaro Witt Duarte 24b; Katherine Eldridge 67; Owen Stoddard 277; Ateven Sanderson 178; Karen Freund 332; Cora Wareh 535; Philippa Stoddard 387; Adrian Eldridge 349.

Glenn Keeton led 62 as the closing song. Butch White offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Glenn Keeton; Vice Chairman—Henry Guthery; Secretary—Lisa Geist