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Germany Sacred Harp Convention

Ökomenisches Forum HafenCity, Hamburg, Germany

May 31 - June 1, 2014

Saturday, May 31

The first Germany Sacred Harp Convention was held in the chapel of the Ecumenical Forum in Hamburg, Germany. The class was called to order by Andreas Manz leading 33b, followed by announcements by Harald Grundner. The opening prayer was offered by Zack Lindahl.

Leaders: Yotin Tiewtrakul 38b; Magdalena Osthaus 448b; Brittany Silvers and Calum Woods 56t; Ulrike Tietjen 448t; Jantje Wilken and Claudia Jansen 312b; Theresa Mittmann 29b; Tobias Saalmann 164; Sonja Spörhase 504; Eva Striebeck 171; Corinna Frische 123t; Emma Rock 210; Magdalena Gryszko 480; Zack Lindahl 335; Amanda Parkes 439; Fynn Titford-Mock 61; Paul Kirby 163b; Kevin Kennedy 163t; Ed Paton-Williams 65.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Harald Grundner; Vice Chairman—Andreas Manz; Secretary—Ulrike Tietjen; Assistant Secretaries—Melanie Audritz and Ina Twachtmann.


Eva Striebeck brought the class back to order leading 159. Leaders: Calum Woods 129; Gosia Perycz 352; Levi Silvers 410t; Justyna Orlikowska 411; Ina Twachtmann 503; Francis Gaskin 76b; Anna Spruch 182; Erin Johnson-Hill 434; Constantin Dorsch 26; Alvaro Witt Duarte 234; Daniela Witt 148; Andreas Manz 388; Joanna Bennett 276; Yotin Tiewtrakul 497; Steve Helwig 385b; J.R. Hardman 270; Christina Wallin 377; Ellen Lueck 273; Michael Walker 280; Eimear O’Donovan 101t; Ed Paton-Williams 290; Emma Rock 142; Zack Lindahl 131b; Amanda Parkes 548; Paul Kirby 213t; Magdalena Gryszko 326; Kevin Kennedy 506; Fynn Titford-Mock 298; Ulrike Tietjen 111b; Harald Grundner 145t. Announcements were made by Harald Grundner. Zack Lindahl offered prayer.


The class was brought to order by Andreas Manz leading 82t. Leaders: Corinna Frische 29t; Christina Wallin and Tobias Saalmann 228; Harald Grundner 124; Michael Walker 522; Steve Helwig 460; Álvaro Witt Duarte and Philip Jacobs 299; J.R. Hardman 472; Justyna Orlikowska 500; Calum Woods and Brittany Silvers 327; Erin Johnson-Hill and Ellen Lueck 406; Theresa Mittmann 481; Fynn Titford-Mock 454; Magdalena Osthaus 370; Magdalena Gryszko 384; Jaap Wiering 268; Gosia Perycz 188; Paul Kirby 106; Eva Striebeck 183; Francis Gaskin 567; Jantje Wilken 224; Amanda Parkes 428; Sonja Spörhase 84; Yotin Tiewtrakul, Philip Jacobs, and Laura Eisen 455.


Harald Grundner brought the class back to order leading 114. Leaders: Constantin Dorsch 271t; Calum Woods 123t; Gunnar Heite 282; Anna Spruch 277; Álvaro Witt Duarte 399b; Michael Walker 30b; Levi Silvers 278t; Gosia Perycz 123b; Joanna Bennett 47b; Christina Wallin 376; Eimear O’Donovan 56b; J.R. Hardman 378b; Ellen Lueck 230; Kevin Kennedy 444; Erin Johnson-Hill 569b; Justyna Orlikowska 27; Zack Lindal 235; Emma Rock 542; all singers from Ireland 166; all singers from Hamburg 354b; all singers from Poland 63; all singers from Scandinavia and Netherlands 146; all singers from UK 133; Andreas Manz, Joanna Bennet, Tobias Saalmann, Franziska Schmidt, Theresa Mittmann 66; all singers from USA and Brazil 313t; all singers from Bremen 39t.

Announcements were made and the class was dismissed by Harald Grundner leading 51.

Sunday, June 1

The Sunday session of the Germany Sacred Harp Singing Convention was brought to order by Harald Grundner leading 28t. Zack Lindahl offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Franziska Schmidt 47t; Ulrike Tietjen 37b; Claudia Jansen 30t; Magdalena Osthaus 317; Tobias Saalmann 361; Ina Twachtmann 89; Theresa Mittmann 77t; Yotin Tiewtrakul 48t; Harald Grundner 429; Heather Thompson and Andreas Manz 284; Andreas Manz 445; Corinna Frische 42; Zack Lindal 354t; Sonja Spörhase 106; Jaap Wiering 178; Gosia Perycz 187; Justyna Orlikowska 31t; Magdalena Gryszko and Philip Jacobs 503; Anna Spruch 564; Constantin Dorsch 86; Magdalena Gryszko 217; Eva Striebeck 107; Fynn Titford-Mock 565.


The class was brought to order by Tobias Saalmann leading 59. Michael Walker opened the memorial lesson and read the following list of names of the sick and housebound: Alison Zunklei, Melanie Audritz, Rojana Wings, Bärbel Kracke, Elli Manz, Matthias Böchter, Don Walker, Charlotte Walker, Zolzislaw Gryszko, and Dora Magreth. He then led 531.

Calum Woods led 303 in memory of the following deceased: Bill Aplin, Jeff Sheppard, Shelbie Sheppard, Earl Martin, Paul Bäck, Dorothy Williams, and Dietmar Schwarz. Zack Lindahl offered prayer to close the memorial service.

Leaders: Erin Johnson-Hill 390; Emma Rock 425; Ed Paton-Williams 448b; Francis Gaskin 146; Amanda Parkes 464; Brittany Silvers and Álvaro Witt Duarte 491; Joanna Bennett and Emma Rock 505; Kama Dembinska 440; Kevin Kennedy 131t; Eimear O’Donovan 165; Paul Kirby and Patrick Williams 159; Steve Helwig 348t; Christina Wallin 76b; J.R. Hardman 40; Ellen Lueck 374; Levi Silver 535; Álvaro Witt Duarte 523. Zack Lindahl offered prayer before the noon meal.


The class was called back to order by Andreas Manz leading 122. Leaders: Ulrike Tietjen 499; Magdalena Gryszko and Tobias Saalmann 236; Calum Woods 179; Michael Walker 426t; Yotin Tiewtrakul 99; Steve Helwig and Gosia Perycz 556; Christina Wallin 150; Francis Gaskin 346; Corinna Frische 196; Justyna Orlikowska 442; Paul Kirby 229; Fynn Titford-Mock 304; J.R. Hardman 481; Eva Striebeck 551; Harald Grundner 180; Zack Lindahl 105; Erin Johnson-Hill 318; Álvaro Witt Duarte 430; Kama Dembinska 456; Eimear O’Donovan 222; Anna Spruch 546; Ed Paton-Williams 496.


Andreas Manz brought the class back to order leading 148. Leaders: Fynn Titford-Mock and Magdalena Osthaus 506; Gosia Perycz and Justyna Orlikowska 269; Francis Gaskin and Paul Kirby 117; Michael Walker and Calum Woods 227; Magdalena Gryszko and Emma Rock 181; Erin Johnson-Hill and Steve Helwig 57; Heather Thompson and Andreas Manz 33b; Ellen Lueck and Álvaro Witt Duarte 139; Zack Lindahl and Harald Grundner 414; Eimear O’Donovan and J.R. Hardman 46; Corinna Frische and Eva Striebeck 300; Kevin Kennedy and Amanda Parkes 372; Ed Paton-Williams and Anna Spruch 108b; Kama Dembinska and Fynn Titford-Mock 215.

Following announcements and reports, Harald Grundner led 278b. The class sang 62 as closing song. Zack Lindahl offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Harald Grundner; Vice Chairman—Andreas Manz; Secretary—Ulrike Tietjen