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Ohio State Convention

Little Red Schoolhouse, Indian Hill, Ohio

March 1-2, 2014

Saturday, March 1

The 22nd annual Ohio State Convention was brought to order by Jim Coppock leading 33b. The morning prayer was offered by Greg Creech.

A short business session took place, in which the following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Jim Coppock; Vice Chairpersons—Lia Mansfield and Judith McDowell; Secretary—Michael Domino; Memorial Committee—Linda Coppock, Ray Rechenberg, and William Shetter. Although not appointed, Dennis Delaney served as Treasurer, and Linda Coppock served as alternate Secretary.

Leaders: John Bealle 108t; Lia Mansfield and Judith McDowell 65; Ed Walton 31t; Barb VanderJagt 49t; Rich Overturf 163b; Claire Outten 315; Karen Arnett 66; Conner Wilburn 112; Ray Rechenberg 40; Linda Coppock 377; Corey Sees 499; Jim Patterson 569b; Sue Duff 276; Bonnie Spitzkeit 551; Hans Bayer 500; Grace Patterson 344; David Casenhiser 373; Clara Herr 564; Greg Creech 74b; Rich Kern 496; Laura Ann Russell 542.


The class was brought back together by Steve Duff leading 313t. Leaders: Thomas Smith 270; Darrell Swarens 556; Marian Mitchell 28t; Joe Todd 497; Bob Borcherding 149; Seth Mitter 132; Cecelia Kramer 176b; William Shetter 546; Idy Kiser 313b; Gillian Inksetter 560; Michael Darby 169; Joel-Henry Mansfield 535; Virginia Cameron 68b; Phil Dupont 129; Jan May 454; Anne Missavage 280; Beth Todd 436; Sheila Patterson 56b; Jubal Bayer 203; Daniel Coppock 180; Jim Herr 440; Shawn Fenton 428; Loraine Bayer 312t. Claire Outten offered a blessing before the noon meal.


The afternoon session was brought to order by Laura Ann Russell, Lia Mansfield, and Judith McDowell leading 155. Leaders: Nancy Huerta 547; Sylvia Thomas and two guests 178; Randy Webber 218; Len VanderJagt 350; Eloise Clark and Karen Carelli 480; Debbie Hall 192; Dennis Delaney 117; Brad Oglesby 369; John Bayer 29t; Michael Domino 235; Annaliza Cull 268; Meredith Owensby and friend 86; Bobette Olson 95; Brenda Waters and Darrell Swarens 515; John Herr 528; Bertha Buttner 312b; Michelle Cull 410t.

The memorial service was held at this time (a day early, in anticipation of bad weather) by Linda Coppock, Ray Rechenberg, and William Shetter. Linda led 32b for the following sick and shut-ins: Joe Fothergill, Dorothy Glanzer, Helen Spriegel, Lauralee Thompson, Jeff Fyffe, Melanie Hauff, and Hobert Ivey.

William spoke and led 347 in memory of the following singers and friends who have died since our previous Ohio Convention: Jeff Sheppard, Shelbie Sheppard, Josie Hyde, and Bud Oliver—Alabama; Hugh Bill McGuire—Mississippi; Martha (Marky) Aden Wenker, Amy Phillips, and Ruth Overturf—Ohio; Harold Ramis—Illinois; Martha Worley Anderson—Tennessee; Carroll Lunsford—California. Ray spoke in particular about Marky Aden and Amy Phillips. Jim Herr offered a prayer to close the memorial service.


The class resumed singing with Ray Rechenberg leading 426b. Leaders: Gillian Inksetter 167; Karen Arnett and two guests 146; Jan May 492; Anne Missavage 236; Idy Kiser 108t; Cecelia Kramer 71; Ann Holzer 107; Marian Mitchell 189; Bob Borcherding 485; Barb VanderJagt 282; Beth Todd 475; Seth Mitter 472; Len VanderJagt 102; Joe Todd 106; Thomas Smith 495; Daniel Coppock 269; William Shetter 198; John Herr 186; Randy Webber 565; Sylvia Thomas 510; Brad Oglesby 47t.


Michael Darby brought the final session of the day to order by leading 84. Leaders: Virginia Cameron 145t; Loraine Bayer and three guests 225t; Steve Duff 49b; Darrell Swarens 38t; Jubal Bayer 481; Jim Herr 182; Bonnie Spitzkeit 59; David Casenhiser 99; Ray Rechenberg 434; Hans Bayer 522; Phil Dupont 168; Bobette Olson 131t; Clara Herr 209; Michelle Cull 384; Jim Coppock, Michael Domino, Lia Mansfield, and Judith McDowell 148; Linda Coppock 196.

Announcements were made. Jim Coppock led 62 as the closing song, and those who wished took the parting hand. Darrell Swarens offered the closing prayer.

Sunday, March 2

The Sunday session of the Ohio Sacred Harp Singing Convention was brought to order by Jim Coppock leading 147t. A morning prayer was offered by Linda Coppock.

Leaders: John Bealle 80t; Linda Coppock 532; Rich Overturf 38b; Brad Oglesby 38t; Allison Lindner and Marian Mitchell 172; Barb VanderJagt 68b; Karen Arnett 171; Ray Rechenberg 36b; Joe Todd 122; Ed Walton 457; Lia Mansfield 142; Joel-Henry Mansfield 452; Beth Todd 217; Daniel Coppock 228; Idy Kiser 47t; Nigel Ewan 178; Cecelia Kramer 174; Bob Borcherding 271t; Len Missavage 270; Eloise Clark 189; Marian Mitchell 308; Gillian Inksetter 448b; Anne Missavage 163t; Jan May 474.


The class resumed singing with Rich Overturf leading 330b. Leaders: Ray Rechenberg 145b; Len Missavage 147t; Idy Kiser 385b; Bob Borcherding 113; Daniel Coppock 333; Barb VanderJagt 47b; Lia Mansfield 504; Beth Todd 32t; Marian Mitchell 287; Nigel Ewan and Beth Todd 254; Jan May 313b; Joe Todd 375; Gillian Inksetter 352; Joel-Henry Mansfield 183; Cecelia Kramer 39t; Anne Missavage 377; Michael Darby 133; Laura Ann Russell 300; Debbie Hall 344; Michael Domino 173. Michael Darby asked a blessing on the food prepared, and dismissed the class.


Lia Mansfield brought the final session of the convention to order by leading 335. Leaders: Allison Lindner and Chloe Wenker 127; Michael Darby 274t; Rich Overturf 100; Jan May 99; Nigel Ewan 318; Lia Mansfield 143; Linda Coppock 114; Joel-Henry Mansfield 523; Chloe Wenker 250; Jim Coppock 436; John Bealle 434; Karen Arnett 106; Ray Rechenberg 413; Eloise Clark 34b; Chloe Wenker 461; Michael Domino 232; Laura Ann Russell 72b; Debbie Hall 299; Jan May 540.

Jim Coppock led 347 as the closing song, and those who wished took the parting hand. The class was dismissed after a silent prayer from the singers.

Chairman—Jim Coppock; Vice Chairpersons—Lia Mansfield and Judith McDowell; Secretary—Michael Domino