Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Hopewell Homecoming

Hopewell Primitive Baptist Church, Oneonta, Alabama

June 9-10, 2012

Saturday, June 9

The 66th annual Hopewell Homecoming Sacred Harp singing was held at Hopewell Primitive Baptist Church in Oneonta, Alabama, on the second Sunday and Saturday before in June. Terry Hullett called the class to order by leading 59. The morning prayer was offered by Elder Philip Gilmore.

Leaders: Terry Hullett 144; Nate Green 29t; Henry Johnson 109, 426t; Rebekah Gilmore 99, 445; Jim Aaron 503, 68b; Lori Graber 65, 155; Rebecca Over 77t, 216; Darrell Swarens 112 (for Nettie Green), 335; Roberta Strauss 203, 542; Leon Pulsinelle 177, 168; Bridgett Kennedy 31t, 440; Anne Drexler 66, 87; Jack Nelson 30b, 560.


Terry Hullett brought the class together by leading 76b. A business session was held with the following officers elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Terry Hullett; Vice Chairman—Nate Green; Secretaries—Paula Gilmore and Rebekah Gilmore; Arranging Officer—Terry Hullett; Memorial Committee—Philip Gilmore and Paula Gilmore.

Leaders: B.M. Smith 101t, 318; Richard Mauldin 446, 143; Ainslie Allen and Emma Calvert 217, 124; Mike Hinton 340, 480; Heather Ikeler 34b, 492; Bea Carnathan 283, 568; Patti Sontag 385t, 457; Charlotte Ehrman 452, 383; Taylor Ward 128; Les Sontag 40, 142.


Philip Gilmore brought the class together by leading 498 and 81t (in memory of Willie Mae Moon). Leaders: Brenda Chafin 331, 137; Jeff Begley 348t, 173; Richard Schmeidler 474, 254; Ann Jett 327, 546; Henry Guthery 549 (for Lydia Bagwell); Karen Clark 167, 501; Velton Chafin 227; Elsie Moon 292; Cassie Allen 126, 300; Judy Caudle 448b (in memory of Herby Bailey), 472.


Terry Hullett brought the class together by leading 276. Leaders: Doug Conn 278b, 384; Sarah Beasley 129, 282; J.L. Hopper 534, 518; Gary Smith 63, 565; Jan Nesbilt 380; Tommie Spurlock 273, 402; David Carlton 385b, 496; Loyd Ivey 204, 270; Stanley Smith 185; Norma Green 314, 84; Margie Smith 108t; Russ Pope 117; Dennis George 453; Grace Gilmore 208; Vella Dailey 146; Paula Gilmore 512; Philip Gilmore and Paula Gilmore 317; Chris Green 294; Seth Holloway 274t, 82t (by request).

Terry Hullett and Nate Green led 47b as the closing song. Elder J.L. Hopper dismissed the class with prayer.

Sunday, June 10

The Sunday session of the Hopewell Homecoming Sacred Harp singing was called to order by Terry Hullett leading 32t. The morning prayer was offered by Doyle Alexander.

Leaders: Terry Hullett 58, 441 (in memory of Willie Mae Moon); Nate Green 34b, 50b; Rebekah Gilmore 39t, 171; Scot Oliver 100; Eugene Forbes 299, 318; Doyle Alexander 68b, 36b; Norma Green 389, 208; Rebecca Over 283, 460; Margie Smith 569b; Betty Sue Johnson 406; David Light 30t, 383; Grace Gilmore 388, 542; Judy Caudle 421, 312b.


Terry Hullett brought the class together by leading 129. Leaders: Barb Patterson 230, 510; Jared Wootten 426t; B.M. Smith 66, 99; Phil Summerlin 64, 65; Jamey Wootten 276, 418; Cheyenne Ivey 56t, 176b; Doug Conn 189, 436.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Philip Gilmore and Paula Gilmore. Elder Philip Gilmore recited the poem “One by One They Are Falling Asleep.” Philip and Paula led 285t for the following deceased: Lonnie Rogers, Harrison Creel, Dr. Julietta Haynes, Marie Ivey, Clarence McCool, Jack C. Nelson, Norma Sears, Ken Sherrett, John Grant, Sam Thomas, Joan Fritz, Bill Tanner, Ernie Jett, Ed Phillips, Ernest Phillips, John Merritt, Ruby Brothers, Cecil Sanders, and Travis Keeton.

Philip and Paula then led 45t for the following sick and shut-ins: Josie Hyde, Bud Oliver, Sammie Oliver, S.T. Reed, Lessie Reed, Don Buswell, Anita Buswell, Virginia Dell Glass, Jean Wootten, Carmen Brothers, Daphene Causey, and Amber Davis. Phil Summerlin closed the memorial lesson with prayer.


Terry Hullett brought the class together by leading 222. Leaders: Jackie Tanner 89, 101t; Chita Blakeley 172, 430; Susan Cherones 74b, 107; Cindy Tanner 297, 546; Scott Ivey 26; Scott Ivey and Jared Wootten 73t (for Bud Oliver); Jason Kirby 317, 128; Ben Faucher 235, 274t; Shane Wootten 67, 571 (CB); Rodney Ivey 176t (in memory of Herby Bailey), 426b; Paula Gilmore 270, 75; Susan Harcrow 126, 35; Karen Davis 480, 358; Philip Gilmore 33b, 48t; Terry Hullett 97.

Terry Hullett, Nate Green, and Philip Gilmore led 62 as the closing song. Doug Conn offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Terry Hullett; Vice Chairman—Nate Green; Secretaries—Paula Gilmore and Rebekah Gilmore