Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Potomac River Sacred Harp Singing Convention

The Grange, Great Falls, Virginia

April 2-3, 2011

Saturday, April 2

The 22nd session of the Potomac River Convention was held at The Grange, Great Falls, Virginia, on the first Sunday in April and Saturday before. Jim Strube opened the convention at 10:00 a.m.by leading 354t. Miriam Kilmer offered the opening prayer.

A business session was held with the following officers elected or appointed to serve: Chairperson—Carly Goss; Vice Chairpersons—Maura Burns and Amber Smith; Treasurer—Mimi Stevens; Secretary—Mary Ann Daly; Arranging Committee—Gillie Campbell, Kelly Macklin, and Cat Tucker. Carly Goss welcomed the class and made announcements. Gillie Campbell gave instructions for the convention’s “zero waste” disposal program.

Leaders: Carly Goss 59; Amber Smith 31t; Maura Burns 142; Mary Ann Daly 401; Mimi Stevens 84; Gillie Campbell 99; Kelly Macklin 272; Tim Slattery 81t; Myles Dakan 76b; Cat Tucker 144; Pat Temple 39t; Leyland delRe 96; Erin Kelly 313t; Susan Green 182; Matt Ference 268; Rebecca Green 49b; Jim Glaser 297; Mary DeNys 163t; Kevin Griffin Moreno 411; Mairi Quodomine 339; Jodi Seidenstein 528; John Alexander 317; Sonia Chin 536; John delRe 80t; Lee Schumacher 117; Clare Chapin 515; Adrian Mariano 500.


John delRe brought the class back together leading 114. Leaders: Doron Henkin 376; Elizabeth Stoddard 171; Michael Walker 227; Thom Fahrbach 402; Daniel Hunter 138b; Rachel Speer 421; Mel Novner 189; Kelsey Sunderland 422; Peter Golden 324; Deidra Montgomery 440; Richard Ivey 556; Becky Wright 367; Robert Stoddard 250; Aldo Ceresa 419; Erik Mason 480; Anne Krikorian 481; Al McCready 67; Ina Shea 60; Lamar Matthew 40; Richard Green 198. Mimi Stevens offered a blessing for the noon meal.


Peter Pate called the class together leading 37b. Leaders: Kelly Macklin 404; Ray Milesky 87; Brady family 294; Joshua Barnett 178; Greg Carroll 276; Elissa Kreig 503; Hal Kunkel 304; Barbara Barry 168; Myles Dakan 195; Michael Walker 436; Thom Fahrbach 472; John delRe 466; Aldo Ceresa 218; Elizabeth Stoddard 534; Matt Ference 186; Kevin Griffin Moreno 326; Becky Wright 397; Robert Stoddard 70b; Bev Yaeger 180; Peter Pate 365; Kathy Manning 456; Richard Ivey 215; Leyland delRe 208; Peter Golden 129; Kelsey Sunderland 373; Doron Henkin 333; Deidra Montgomery 160b; Mel Novner 475.


Cat Tucker called the class back to order leading 34b. Leaders: Mimi Stevens 128; Bev Yaeger 146; Michael Walker 110; Elizabeth Stoddard 47b; Daniel Hunter 116; Rachel Speer 123b; John Alexander 29b; Maura Burns 271t; Jim Glaser 348b; Al McCready 452; Hal Kunkel 228; Erik Mason 32t; Lamar Matthew 35; Pat Temple 33t; Ina Shea 121.

After announcements, Carly Goss led 406 as the closing song. Miriam Kilmer offered the prayer of dismissal.

Sunday, April 3

The Sunday session of the Potomac River Convention was called to order by Carly Goss leading 33b. Miriam Kilmer offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Gillie Campbell 480; Maura Burns 260; Mimi Stevens 546; Mary Ann Daly 77t; Amber Smith 504; Kelly Macklin 505; John Hewes 110; Cat Tucker 350; Mary DeNys 229; Peter Pate 354b; Bev Yaeger 192; Joshua Barnett 77b; J.R. Hardman 222; Jim Glaser 66; Clare Chapin 45t; Rebecca Green 89; Tim Slattery 344; Joni Seidenstein 506; Marty DeNys 228; Sonia Chin 319; Joel Miller 472; Kathy Manning 564; Adrian Mariano 203; Lois Badey 335; Erik Mason 148; Nora Dunn 379; Peter Golden 274t.


Kathy Manning brought the class together leading 114. Leaders: Phyllis Gonigam 556; Myles Dakan 198; Ina Shea 109; Steven Sabol 53; Kevin Griffin Moreno 234; Daniel Hunter 263; Ted Stokes 302; Robert Stoddard 492; Rachel Hall 383; Thom Fahrbach 573; Rachel Speer 172; Al McCready 34b; Michael Walker 447; Aldo Ceresa 68t; Kelsey Sunderland 214; Mel Novner 430; Richard Ivey 73t; Deidra Montgomery 511.

Elizabeth Stoddard and Robert Stoddard conducted the memorial lesson. Elizabeth spoke on the value of singing for the sick and led 52t in honor of the following sick and shut-ins: Betsy Smith, Bud Oliver, Sammie Oliver, Lonnie Rogers, Skip Trout, John Merritt, Marie Curtis, John Hillis, Tom Mahr, Sherry Bankston, Lucy Kramp, Pete Soloway, and George Tutwiler.

Comparing the hollow square to a river, which remains present while flowing on, Robert Stoddard spoke, and led 499 in memory of the following deceased: Barbara Swain—Maryland; George Seiler, David Bornick—New York; Cecilia Valdin, Frances Ceresa—Michigan; Goldie Gonigam McKelvey, Jerry Enright—Illinois; Phyllis Bruce, Jeanette McCready—Connecticut; Joanne Bowman—Massachusetts; Billy Williams—Alabama; James DeMarce, James Graham, Leila Goodman, David Willingham—Virginia; Laverne Schweitzer, William Krieg—Florida; Ian Krieg—Washington; Bob Meek—Kentucky; Henry Bizzell—North Carolina; Joan Alderfer—Ohio. Mimi Stevens closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Pat Temple 232; Hal Kunkel 289; Leyland delRe 71; Elizabeth Stoddard 58; John delRe 59; Bev Yaeger 351; Carly Goss 460. Mimi Stevens offered the blessing before the noon meal.


Carly Goss called the class back to order leading 400. Leaders: Steven Sabol 133; Ina Shea 489; Kent Beck 361; Carol Werba 163b; Kevin Griffin Moreno 283; Hal Kunkel 540; Mary Langley 328; Michael Walker 145t; Daniel Hunter 82b; Kelsey Sunderland 377; Ted Stokes 298; Robert Stoddard 296; Rachel Hall 275b; Mel Novner 372; Jim Brady and Grace Brady 319; Deidra Montgomery 196; Thom Fahrbach 399t; Myles Dakan 378b; Elizabeth Stoddard 101b; Richard Ivey 426b; Leyland delRe 101t; Aldo Ceresa 280; Al McCready 179; Rachel Speer 134; John delRe 83t.


Nora Dunn and Joshua Barnett reconvened the class leading 72b. Leaders: Nicholas Schliapin 490; Erik Mason 569b; Nora Dunn 521; Peter Golden 425; Lois Badey 122; Joel Miller 290; Mimi Stevens 47t; Marty DeNys 327; Joshua Barnett 49t; Mary Langley 269; Pat Temple 566; Jodi Seidenstein and Adrian Mariano 300; Jim Glaser and Tim Slattery 322; Sonia Chin 100; Maura Burns and Mary Ann Daly 288; Gillie Campbell, Kelly Macklin, and Cat Tucker 323t.

After reports, announcements, and resolutions, the officers led 62 as the closing song. Miriam Kilmer dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairperson—Carly Goss; Vice Chairpersons—Maura Burns and Amber Smith; Secretary—Mary Ann Daly