Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Rocky Mountain Sacred Harp Convention

Corrales, New Mexico

September 28-29, 1996

Saturday, September 28

The seventh Rocky Mountain Sacred Harp Singing Convention was held at the Historic Old Corrales Church in Corrales, New Mexico. The convention was called to order by Chairwoman Sandy Hill leading songs on pages 47 (t? b?) and 350. The morning prayer was led by Roy Nelson. Leaders: John Schaffer 391; Anita Landess 503; Sandy Klein 128; Ed Stevens 40; Sally Gwylan 163t; Harlan Van Camp 569b; Carol Selleck 235b; Allan Stavely 112; Anita Sanders 66. A motion was made and seconded to go into a business session. The following officers were duly elected or appointed: Chairman—David MacPherson; Vice Chairman—Alice Van Camp; Secretary—Harlan Van Camp; Chaplain—Lonnie Rogers; Arranging Commitee—Sandy Hill, Liz Bryant, Alice Van Camp, and Alan Stavely; Finance Committee—Carter Clary and Barbara Fern; Locating Committee Chairman—John Schaffer; Memorial Committee—Shelbie Sheppard and Carla Smith. After the business session, singing resumed. Leaders: Daniel Davis 315; Scott Schroeder 34b; Liz Bryant 270; Lou Cotney 218; Janet Herman 379; Joann Palmer 178; David Swarens 536; John Beard 282; Mary Oruc 383; Deborah Johnson 375 (Bill and Kay Johnson standing in the center of the square).


The class was called to order by David MacPherson leading song on page 59. Leaders: Toby Tenenbaum “Milton Falls” (his own composition); Kathy Krug 209; Roy Nelson 456; Jeanne Schaffer 127; Billie Joe Harris 452b; Betty Herman 180; John Bailey 155; Elsie Brock 318; Clarence Pope 68b; Laura Boyd Russell 211; Mark Bumgardner 146; George Snyder 454; Mattie Townsel 119; Craig Harris 479; Jane Campbell 497; Katherine Benefield 373; Marilou Jolly 480; Stephen Parker 547; Vykki Mende Gray 202; Pearl Guier 49t; Rick Russell 200; Louis Hughes 31t; Carla Smith 274t; Norma Latham 489; Midge Harder 64; Felton Denney 523; Joyce Walton 348b; Bill Waddington 268; Jerry Schreiber 198. The blessing for lunch was led by Gerald Hand.


The afternoon session was called together by Jerry Schreiber leading song on page 35. Leaders: Mary Lou Van Laanen 361; Rhonda Griswold 159; Louise Nelson and David Nelson 87; Shelbie Sheppard 269; Jap Walton 153; Ruth Brown 36b; Carter Clary 535b; Lori Rodgers 58; Josephine Denney 145b; Evelynn Harris 39b; Ernestine Pipkin 276; Christopher Maier 117; Jeff Sheppard and Gerald Hand 176t; Everette Denney 405; Kelly Beard 570; Ellen Walters 45t; Lonnie Rogers 225t; B. M. Smith 475.


The afternoon session was called to order by David MacPherson leading song on page 84. Leaders: Daniel Davis “Bosque del Apache” (his own composition); Elsie Brock 460; Felton Denney 120; Carla Smith 500; Janet Morgan 400; Lou Cotney 189; Rick Russell 297; Pearl Guier 303b; Joyce Walton 455; Jerry Schreiber and Ann Dietz 510; Norma Latham 482; Bill Waddington 299; Roy Nelson 97; Billie Joe Harris 445; Louis Hughes 57; John Beard 290; Stephen Parker 344; Vykki Mende Gray 222; Laura Boyd Russell 83t; Mark Bumgardner 85; Mattie Townsel 63; Kathryn Krug 217; David Swarens 42; Clarence Pope with Mrs. Pope (celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary today) 312 (t? b?). Jeff Sheppard was invited to lead the 100th song of the day, 163b. The closing prayer was led by Lonnie Rogers.

Sunday, September 29

The Sunday session was called to order by David MacPherson leading song on page 39t. The opening prayer was led by Lonnie Rogers. Leaders: Alice Van Camp 171; Ed Stevens 186; Harlan Van Camp 86; Allan Stavely 107; Louise Tenenbaum and Toby Tenenbaum 267; Janet Herman 95; Daniel Davis 137; Katherine Benefield 405; Deborah Johnson 147t; Midge Harder 48t; Liz Bryant 384; Scott Schroeder 313b; George Snyder 149; Craig Harris 515b; B. M. Smith 273; Carol Selleck 89; Ernestine Pipkin 283; Jeanne Schaffer 198; Josephine Denney 100; Jane Matthews 155; Betty Herman 428; Anita Sanders 528; Christopher Maier 65.


The class was called to order by Sandy Hill with song number 53. Leaders: Sandy Klein 358; Toby Tenenbaum “Jamestown” (his own composition); Bill Waddington 481; Lonnie Rogers 345t; Marilou Jolly 81b; Everette Denney 34b; Mary Oruc 49b; Elsie Brock 146; Joyce Walton 40; Rick Russell 145t; Kelly Beard 81t; Lou Cotney 196; Jap Walton 420; Ruth Brown 142. At this time a memorial lesson was given wherein we were reminded that the close band of Sacred Harp singers, those who come to sing, those who come to cook and sing, and those who just come, will be with us for the rest of our lives, even in heaven where there will be no preaching...just singing! The list of those remembered, and who have passed on included: Joe Beasley, Kelsey Rene Wootten, Ruby Gibson, Hubert Green, Aver Crider, Dewey Williams, Tom Roberson, Colbie Allen, Homer Cordes, R. C. Stanford, LeRoy McGraw, Mary Helen Chafin, Ester Reed, Randolph Mincey, Ola Pruitt, Lonnie Jones, Odell Cleveland, Agnes Hocutt, Elbert Drake, Russell Norton, Harold Jackson, Lawrence Daugherty, Joe Smith, Irvin Creel, Fleecie Tucker, Lucille Brothers, Herman Lambert, James Kerr, Erlene McGraw Baker, Tommy Creel, Curtis Dutton, Johnnie Sue Beasley, Tilda Mosley, John Bain, Mae Doss, Ruthie Cozart, J. J. Sexton, Floyd Stiefel, William Headrick, Hazel Cagle, Clydus Moon, Otis Nall, Ed Latham, Dillie Creel Harris, Malone Austin, Eric Hand, Elder Arthur L. Beckett, Dave O’Dell, Gil Johnson, William Downin, Al Levin, Bruce Johnson, and Mike McDonald. Jeff Sheppard led the song on page 369. The sick and shut-ins included: Mary Florence Smith, Revy Williamson, Clelon Cobb, Lola Jenkins, Vena Holley, Barrett Ashley, Lawrence and Lula Underwood, Mae Seymour, Lavoy Smith, Jerry and Mozelle Sheppard, Marshall Avery, Cecil Gilliland, and Hayden Creel. Carla Smith led song on page 327. The memorial was closed with prayer led by Billie Joe Harris. The regular singing was continued, and leaders called were: Daniel Davis 317b; Laura Boyd Russell 156; Midge Harder 180. Jap Walton led a prayer for lunch.


The singing resumed with John Bailey leading song on page 532. Leaders: John Schaffer 38b; Anita Landess 37b; Dr. James Howell 68b; David Swarens 284; Donald Klein 550; Marjorie Smith 313t; Carla Smith 430; Ellen Walters 75; Evelynn Harris 101t; Roy Nelson 434; Pearl Guier 143; Shelbie Sheppard 183; Billie Joe Harris 340; Mark Bumgardner 72b; Louis Hughes 410b; Jerry Schreiber 362; Felton Denney 566; Norma Latham 332; Stephen Parker 504; Vykki Mende Gray 195; Gerald Hand 65; Anita Landess 291.


David MacPherson called the class back together leading song on page 452b. Kathryn Krug led song on page 102. Ruth Brown called for a gathering of those people who were reunited at this singing convention. The Sheppards together with the Hand family, and the Nelson family all came to the center while Jeff Sheppard led songs 342 and 45t in honor of the reunion. Leaders: Laura Boyd Russell 77t; Mattie Townsel 79; Louise Nelson 82 (t? b?); Kelly Beard 61; Joyce Walton 111b; Ruth Brown, B.M. Smith, and Pearl Guier 73b (Ruth Brown’s favorite song). The Locating Committee reports that the next Rocky Mountain Sacred Harp Convention will be on the first weekend in October, 1997 in Boulder, Colorado. Chairman David MacPherson led 62 as the closing song, and the class was dismissed with prayer led by Lonnie Rodgers. Everyone is welcome to come to the regular Sacred Harp Singings on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month at the Friends Meeting House, Fifth and Bellamah, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Chairman—David MacPherson; Vice Chairwoman—Alice I. Van Camp; Secretary—Harlan L. Van Camp.