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Union Musical Convention

Big Creek Primitive Baptist Church, Alpharetta, Georgia

September 28-29, 1996

Saturday, September 28

The one hundred twenty-eighth session of the Union Musical Sacred Harp Singing Convention was called to order by Chairman Jesse Roberts leading song on page 47t. The opening prayer was offered by Elder Roy Davis. Vice Chairman Helen Bryson led song on page 70t. Kenneth DeLong led the following songs for the introductory lesson: 31b, 87, 171, 278b, 282, 425, 317b, 572, and 560. Leaders: Jesse Roberts 456 (in honor of Mrs. Hazel Cagle who was a faithful attendee of this convention as well as Secretary for many year, and who passed away this August); Frances Mary D’Andrea 183, 198; Margie Dietz 46, 159; Loy Garrison 177, 137; Jeannette DePoy 369, 373 (dedicated to her godfather who passed away this morning).


Helen Bryson called the class to order leading songs on pages 428 and 287. Leaders: Janice Paulk 478, 222; Horace DeLong 192, 45t; Joan Durden 29t, 47b; Don Bowen 59, 145b; Susan Roberts 49b, 155; John Plunkett and Jason Shirley 91, 182; Lee Rogers 184, 112; J. C. Moore 30t; Charlene Wallace 79, 283; Elder Roy Davis 348 (t? b?), 499.


Jesse Roberts resumed the singing leading songs on pages 108 (t? b?) and 214. Leaders: Mary Alice Latimer 358, 454; Andy Morse 84, 203; Frances Carnell 503, 551; Ashley Roberts 235, 532; Dan Bailey 569b, 401; Dianne Wall 147t, 497; Ted Mercer 138t, 185; Leanne Carnell 180, 547. On orderly motion, the Convention entered into a business session. The following officers were elected: Chairman—Jesse Roberts; Vice Chairman—Kenneth DeLong; Secretary—Helen Bryson. Kim Cagle reported that the convention account at Valley National Bank had been closed (total account on closing $2,245.06). Jesse Roberts resumed the singing leading song on page 39t.


Kenneth DeLong resumed the singing by leading song on page 303. Leaders: Hannah Roberts 269, 501. The officers appointed the following committees: Finance and Locating—Richard DeLong and Kim Cagle; Arranging Committee—Judy Mincey and Susan Roberts; Memorial Committee—Jeannette DePoy and Faye Pettis; Resolutions—Ted Mercer and Lee Rogers; Chaplain—Elder Roy Davis. Leaders: Richard DeLong 439, 436; Dollie Hudgins 119, 61; Reuben Ball 318, 475; Faye Pettis 165, 434; Mike Castleberry 354b, 566; Judy Mincey and Susan Shirley 368, 376. Announcements were made. Jesse Roberts and Kenneth DeLong led 372 as the closing song. Elder Roy Davis offered the closing prayer.

Sunday, September 29

The second day of the convention began with Vice Chairman Kenneth DeLong leading songs on pages 34t and 73t. Elder Roy Davis offered the morning prayer. Leaders: Helen Bryson 448 (t? b?), 272; Jeannette DePoy 122, 475; Richard DeLong 316, 301; Susan Roberts 146, 277; Judy Mincey 494, 178; Faye Pettis 342, 380; Ted Mercer 123b, 134; Lee Rogers 347, 218; Elder Roy Davis 445, 48t; Charlene Wallace 267, 570.


Helen Bryson called the class together by leading song on page 294. Leaders: John Hollingsworth 155, 196; Ashley Roberts 569b, 454; Reuben Ball 348b, 497; Floy Wilder 142, 297; Wesley Haley 300, 298; Hannah Roberts 385b, 504; Loy Garrison 104, 50b; Cathy White 34b, 358; Margie Dietz 101t, 102; Louis Hughes, Jr. 384, 76b; Rita Haley 268, 63.


The afternoon session began with Helen Bryson leading song on page 35. Leaders: Dollie Hudgins 82 (t? b?), 108t; Don Bowen 426t, 176t; Horace DeLong 460, 384; Dianne Wall 100, 299; Jack Corley 168, 328. The memorial lesson was held. The sick and shut-ins remembered are: Eva Reeves, Edna Wilson, Herm Wilson, Violet Thomason, Mary Morse, Jerry Sheppard, Mozelle Sheppard, Virgil Phillips, Ruby Phillips, Daphene Causey, Gertrude Bateman and Mildred Dumas. Jeannette DePoy asked us to remember these people and offer our support and encouragement. We should not make assumptions that they know we are thinking about them; go ahead and make a phone call or send a card. Cathy White led song on page 542 for the sick and shut-ins. The deceased remembered this year are: Velma Kelly, Annette Blalock, B. F. Pettis, Junurs Hudgins, Mae Moon, Charles Dannals, Chris Whiting, and William Headrick. Richard DeLong reminded us that this is the second oldest convention still to be held. We share a great sense of community, we’re part of a large family, and the pull of Sacred Harp is very powerful. Lastly, it is only right that we should remember the matriarchs and patriarchs that have been a part of this legacy. Richard Delong led songs on pages 39b and 229 for the deceased. This year the convention has lost a very dear woman, Mrs. Hazel Cagle. She served for many years as the Secretary of this Convention and many other singings. She served as a mentor and guide to many singers, both young and old. She supported the tradition of Sacred Harp singing wherever she went and will always remain an inspiration. By request of the family, the following leaders led in memory of Hazel Cagle: Helen Bryson 456; Jesse Roberts 434; Kenneth DeLong 503.


The class was called to order by Jesse Roberts leading song on page 66. Leaders: Dennis Walls 128, 288; Junior Wooten 480, 28b; Frances Mary D’Andrea 163t, 106; J. C. Moore 335, 45t; Laura Ackerman 304, 436; Dan Bailey 77b, 145t; Mike Castleberry 401, 127; John Plunkett 209, 53; Jean Lamer 117. The class was called into a business session to hear the following reports: Finance and Locating Committee Report—Camp Creek Primitive Baptist Church asked for and was granted the Convention to be held on the fifth Sunday and Saturday before in August, 1997. Lee Rogers read the Resolutions Report as follows: The 128th session of the Union Musical Convention expresses gratitude to the One whose praise we sing for granting us once again the fellowship and joy of this convention, and the many blessings we enjoy. We thank the officers and committees who have run this Convention so smoothly, and made it such a pleasure for the rest of us. We are grateful for the many years that Hazel Cagle served this Convention, and illuminated it with her spirit. We thank all of those who made this convention a success; those whose voices made sublime music; those whose hands prepared delicious food; and those whose spirit and support encouraged and sustained us. We especially thank Big Creek Church and members for once again extending the hospitality they always show toward Sacred Harp singing and singers, old and new. We are hereby resolved to carry on the Union Musical Convention and the great tradition of Sacred Harp singing in the spirit of the community of singers, past and present, and to welcome into our midst the new singer that joins us to carry it forward into the future. On orderly motion, the convention closed the business session. After announcements, the class sang “Parting Hand”, and the Convention was dismissed with prayer by Elder Roy Davis.

Chairman—Jesse Roberts; Vice Chairman—Kenneth DeLong; Secretary—Helen Bryson.