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James River Convention

Varina Masonic Lodge, Richmond, Virginia

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The 17th annual James River Convention was held on Saturday before the second Sunday in November at the Varina Masonic Lodge in Richmond, Virginia. The class was welcomed by Lois Badey leading 492 and 34b, followed by announcements.

Leaders: Stephen McMaster 24b, 77b; Pat Temple 128, 72b; Mary Wright 35, 108t; Phil Rubin 42, 208; Hank Schutz 474, 86; Marty DeNys 107, 133; Mary Langley 569t, 319; Mary DeNys 36t; 56b; Jim Strube 66, 477; Craig Baughan 178, 569b.

A business session was held with the following officers elected or appointed: Chairman—Stephen McMaster; Vice Chairman—Bev Yaeger; Treasurer—Lois Badey; Secretary—Mary Wright; Arranging Committee—Phil Rubin. The morning prayer was offered by Sandra Hack Polaski, Chaplain, who then led 335 and 84.


The class was brought back to order. Leaders: Frances Schutz 155, 504; Lynda Hambourger 339, 327; Kelly Macklin 466, 408; Clare Chapin 503, 47t; Don Polaski 297, 446; Kathy Manning 159, 142; Frank Evans 501, 163b; Fiona Nugent and Hannah Polaski 299, 209; John delRe 564, 566; Clare Maher 288, 300; James Nugent 457, 274t; John Alexander 312b, 547; Sheila Nugent 40, 203; Kathy Kaiser 384, 29t; Bev Yaeger 440, 441; Hannah Polaski and Fiona Nugent 134, 117. Sandra Hack Polaski gave thanks for the noon meal.


Hank Schutz called the afternoon session together by leading 148. Leaders: Mary Langley 426b; Marty DeNys 198; Jim Strube 332; Mary DeNys 47b; Frank Evans 284; Kelly Macklin 538; John delRe 445; Clare Chapin 452; Lois Badey 448b; John Alexander 179; Phil Rubin 211; James Nugent 434; Kathy Kaiser 368; Lynda Hambourger 448t; Kathy Manning 325; Sheila Nugent 245.

Craig Baughan conducted the memorial lesson and offered a prayer for the following sick and shut-ins and their care-givers: Robert Hambourger, Marie Martinelli, George Tutweiler, Barbara Clarke, and Candy McLeod.

The verse “Jesus Wept” was used to remember the following deceased: Carole B. Vance and Kat Kinkade—Virginia; Clare V. Chapin—Connecticut; Amanda D. Brady and Edith Tate—Alabama.


Stephen McMaster called the class back together by leading 282. Leaders: Bev Yaeger 192; Clare Maher 344; Don Polaski 318; Pat Temple 168; Mary Wright 105; Nancy Newell 276; Phil Rubin 191; James Nugent 354b; Mary Langley 430; Jim Strube 187; Lynda Hambourger 89; Clare Chapin 228; Frank Evans 200; Kathy Kaiser 352; John Alexander 76b; Kathy Manning 144; Stephen McMaster 236; Clare Maher 49b; Nancy Newell 273; Craig Baughan 347; Kelly Macklin 185; Sandra Hack Polaski (no number listed).

Stephen McMaster thanked all who had a part in putting on the convention and all who participated. He led 373 as the closing song, and a prayer of dismissal was offered by Sandra Hack Polaski. The James River Convention will meet next year on the Saturday before the second Sunday in November (November 7, 2009).

Chairman—Stephen McMaster; Vice Chairman—Bev Yaeger; Secretary—Mary Wright