Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Henagar-Union Convention

Liberty Church, Henagar, Alabama

July 6-7, 1996

Saturday, July 6

The eightieth session of the Henagar-Union Sacred Harp Convention was called to order by David Ivey leading songs on pages 82t and 30b. The morning prayer was led by Lamar Smith. Leaders: Shane Wootten 48t; Loyd Ivey 32t; Marlon Wootten 99; Rex Wilks 30t; Wayne Wootten 64; Milton Oliver 314; Rodney Ivey 268; Norma Latham 503; Lamar Smith 36b; Ted Mercer 132; B. M. Smith 473; S. T. Reed 32b; Don Bowen 475; Jeff Sheppard 440; Bud Oliver 39b; Linda Thomas 47t; Maxine Lacy 373; Henry Johnson 452; Martha Woodard 303; Margie Smith 393; Judy Mincey 474; Boyd Scott 358.


The singing resumed with David Ivey leading song on page 83b. Leaders: Hershell King 176b; Jerry Enright 77t; Mary Elizabeth Lee 124; Pan Nunn 441; Cindy Franklin 551; Melanie Hauff 368; Betty Shepherd 216; Shelbie Sheppard 137; Cassie Franklin 392; Kathy Lee 39t; Sam Sommers 362; John Etheridge 34t; Beverly Enright 415; Leola Smith 284.


Loyd Ivey brought the class together leading song on page 108t. Leaders: Mel Kersey 120; Julie Lee 61; Louis Hughes, Jr. 32t; Willie Mae Moon 568; Joyce Walton 447; Phillip Langley 196; Ashley Roberts 434; Karen Hojnacki 198; Terry Wootten 298; Hannah Roberts 408; Louis Hughes 480; Jacob Griffith 106.


The afternoon session resumed with David Ivey and Rodney Ivey leading song on page 186. Leaders: Darlene Dalton 33b; Phil Summerlin 163t. A motion was made, second, and carried with a show of hands to keep the same officers: Chairman—David Ivey; Vice Chairman—Marlon Wootten; Secretary—Norma Latham. Leaders: Chris Thorman 501; Syble Adams “There Is A Fountain”; Susan Roberts 117; Clarke Lee 332; Edward Howton 436; Ted Johnson 48b; Virgil Phillips 222; Reba Windom 224; Johnny Lee “Not Made With Hands”; Mae Seymour 327; Don Clark “Jesus Died For Me”; Coy Ivey and his grandchildren: Zach Ellis, Richard Ivey, Sumner Ellis, Stuart Ivey, Worth Ellis, and Ivey Ellis 82t, 87, “Trusting”; Sandy Ivey and Scott Ivey 30t; Carolyn Deacy 114; Terry Wootten and Jewel Wootten 29t; Chip Barker 80t; Jesse Roberts 245; John Bailey 270; Jo Dell Albi 101t; David Lee 128; Jeanette Lowry 421; Glenn Harper 40; Sarah Harcrow 37b; Jackie Tanner 299; Mae Holt 269; Susan Harcrow 218; Charlotte Heard 535; Robert Harper “That Beautiful Land”; Lorrie Wootten 454; Elder Bud Laney 100. After announcements, David Ivey led song on page 46 for the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer by Jap Walton.

Sunday, July 7

The Sunday morning session was called to order with David Ivey leading song on page 59. The morning prayer was led by Johnny Lee. David Ivey led song on page 179. Leaders: Loyd Ivey 426t; Shane Wootten 82 (t? b?); Norma Latham 317; Wayne Wootten 276; Rex Wilks 67; S. T. Reed 35; Mattie Townsel 119; Sam Sommers 319; Lamar Smith 76b; Milton Oliver 321; Eloise Wootten 318; Reba Windom 186; Bud Oliver 145b; Jenny Wootten 344; Henry Johnson 68b; Karen Ivey 475; Rachael Lee 45t; Jerry Enright 74b.


Coy Ivey brought the class together leading songs on pages 56t and 63. Leaders: Tony Ivey 350; Linda Thomas 448b; Woodie Walker 208; Brenda Carroll 299; Richard Ivey 270; Linton Ballinger 388; Kathy Lee 39b; Shawn Carroll 28b; Allison Ivey 40; Thurman Nall 285t; Lisa Ballinger 269; Freeman Wootten 343; Leola Smith 176b.


The singing resumed with Shane Wootten leading song on page 31t. Leaders: Rodney Ivey 144; Jewel Wootten 56b; Mary Elizabeth Lee 145t; Marian Biddle and Teresa Bethune “That Beautiful Land”; Joyce Walton 289; Lora Cargo 498; Alice Mosley 235; Hannah Roberts 516; Mike Dunn 551 in memory of his grandmother, Eula Stallings.

The memorial was presented at this time by Eloise Wootten and Linda Thomas. Linda Thomas read scripture from II Corinthians 5 and Revelations 21, and then offered the following comments. “I never knew how much comfort and strength there was in the Lord until I had to depend upon it. I found strength beyond measure and peace that passes understanding. Many of you have lost so much more—spouses, children, grandchildren, and I can only try to sympathize. I do know God’s grace is always sufficient.” Eloise Wootten read the names of the deceased: Colbie Allen, Eula Stallings, Ester Reed, Joe Smith, Edna McCurdy, Kelsey Wootten, Guy Parker, Cleve Blevins, Andrew Stiefel, Floyd Stiefel, Hoyt Renfroe, Aver Crider, Luther Miller, Effie Brock, Paul Wagner, and Gordon Townsel. Eloise Wootten and Linda Thomas led song on page 290 in memory of the deceased. For the sick and shut-ins, Linda Thomas read I Timothy 4:14: “Neglect not the gift that is in thee”, and then offered the following comments, “God made each of us a unique individual unlike anyone else on earth. We need to ask God, ‘What is the task that only I can do? Who needs what only I can give? Who needs love and encouragement from me? Who need to hear about Christ from me?’ God shows His love through friends. Christian friends can be such an encouragement to each other. ‘I’ve never seen God, but I know how I feel. It is friends like you who make Him so real!’ Lets make God’s love real in someone’s life—a card, call, or visit would mean so much.” Eloise Wootten read the names of the sick and shut-ins, and Bud Oliver led song on page 345t for the following: Barrett Ashley, Bonnie Ashley, Lawrence Underwood, Buddy Tindal, Kenneth Brandon, Lily Brandon, Mary Stiefel, Virgil Phillips, and Ruby Phillips. Elder Tony Ivey closed the memorial with prayer. David Lee and Clarke Lee led “Sweet Hour of Prayer”, by request.


The class was called to order by David Ivey and Jimmy Ballinger leading song on page 565. Leaders: Johnny Lee and Mel Kersey 503; Velton Chafin 302; Jeanette Lowry 168; Dewayne Wootten 170; Gravis Ballinger 300; Clarke Lee 106; Edwin Ballinger 491; Phil Summerlin 348b; Ashley Roberts 306; Marty Wootten 448t; Patti Doss 83 (t? b?); Beverly Enright 546; Lomax Ballinger 101t; David Lee 49b; Larry Ballinger 78; Arvid Holmes 383; Amanda Ballinger 155; J. A. Mosley 282; Terry Wootten 316; Teresa Ballinger 361; Roy Nelson 456; Susan Roberts 145t; Lavon Wootten 46; Jo Dell Albi 77t; David Ballinger 111b; Jesse Roberts 372; Mae Holt 212; Bryant Lee 274t; Chris Carroll 48t; Mark Carroll 400; Sandra Jordan and Ruth Hancock 129; Joan Wilks “Trusting Jesus”; John Henry Busby and Loyd Ivey “Jesus Died For Me”; Charles Stiefel and Dennis George 47b; Mary Ruth Stiefel 75; Syble Adams 171; Julie Lee 109; Marlon Wootten, Shane Wootten, and Andrew Wootten 445.

David Ivey thanked the arranging committee, Coy Ivey and Shane Wootten, for a job well done and asked for announcements. David Ivey led song on page 566 by request of Johnny Lee. David Ivey, Coy Ivey, Loyd Ivey, and Marlon Wootten led song on page 146, and those who wished took the parting hand. Rev. Tony Ivey dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—David Ivey; Vice Chairman—Marlon Wootten; Secretary—Norma Latham.