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Pacific Northwest Sacred Harp Convention

Sunset Hill Community Clubhouse, Seattle, Washington

February 16-17, 2008

Saturday, February 16

The 17th annual session of the Pacific Northwest Sacred Harp Convention was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by Erik Schwab and Anne Huckins leading 47t. Bob Schinske offered the opening prayer. Jinx McGuire led 49t, and Bill Walters led 40.

The following officers were elected to serve: Chairperson—Anne Huckins; Vice Chairperson—Bill Walters; Secretary—Jordan Singer; Treasurer—Susan Helf.

Leaders: Reed Shilbach 91; Susan Helf 198; Bob Schinske 411; Karen Willard 539; Myles Alexander 27; Erika Wilson 66; Bruce Rowland 270; Joanne Hoover 277; Greg Saue 99; Marcia Stedman 84; Jack Lofton 328; Shannon McGuire 163t; Chris Cotter 542.


Alice Poinier brought the class back together leading 34b. Leaders: Marie Brandis 142; Tigre Lusardi 475; Dennis Campbell 402; Marla Elliot 273; Bruce Rye 430; Jessica Beer 218; Sarah Whites-Koditschek 448b; Arcana Ferschke 214; Connie Stanton 297; Scott Kennedy 344; Tamara Harris 299; Karl Oswald 466; Steve Helwig 547; Jacob Breedlove 101b; Betsy Jeronen 384; Harlan Walker-Young 159.


Jessica Beer brought the class back together leading 335. Leaders: Carolyn Gilkey 474; Dan Thoma 64; Marilyn Murata 527; Carol Selleck 101t; Chris Brown 38b; Mryka Hall-Beyer 86; Judy Whiting 150; Karen Stingle 76b; Tom Fahrbach 453; Eric Burton 39t; Tom McTighe 313b; Keith Nipper 68b. Bob Schinske delivered a blessing for the noon meal.


Anne Huckins brought the afternoon session to order by leading 148. Leaders: Katherine Hough 269; Jenn Dolan 216; Paul Berry 68t; Dave Hough 480; Ken Cofield 454; Jean Murphy 504; Julia Binkley 82t; Bill Walters 468; Meg Larsen 200; Susan Helf 528; Lyle Lindsey 510; Leta Marshall 143; Kay Atwood 128; Lindsay Feuer 178; Rosie Lindsey 472; Leon Janssen 448t; Lucinda Saue 163b; Mother Felicitas 81t.


Eric Schwab brought the class back together leading 565. Leaders: Ellie Loggins 41; Dennis Campbell 457; Marilyn Murata 412; Bruce Rowland 282; Chris Cotter 189; Tammi Ziola 114; Marla Elliott 155; Carol Selleck 400; Judy Whiting 318; Mryka Hall-Beyer 551; Chris Brown 441; Bruce Rye 442; Marie Brandis 236; Erika Wilson 569b; Jean Murphy 268; Meg Larson 350; Lyle Lindsey 49b; Bob Schinske 456; Myles Alexander 515; Keith Nipper 146; Greg Saue 535; Shannon McGuire 137; Joanne Hoover 477.

Anne Huckins led 157 (CB) as the closing song. Bob Schinske offered the closing prayer.

Sunday, February 17

Anne Huckins called the class to order leading 48t. Reed Schilbach offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Erik Schwab 566; Susan Helf 112; Jinx McGuire 455; Reed Schilbach 347; Jacob Breedlove 445; Alice Poinier 315; Carolyn Gilkey 171; Arcana Ferschke 192; Leta Marshall 497; Lyle Lindsey 72b; Steve Helwig 217; Lucinda Saue 209; Scott Kennedy 276.


Steve Helwig brought the class back together leading 29t. Leaders: Karen Stingle 385b; Dan Thoma 500; Betsy Jeronen 52t; Karl Oswald 38t; Tigre Lusardi 26; Thom Fahrbach 316; Andy Isbell 40; Harlan Walker-Young 145b; Jenn Dolan 110; Tom McTighe 270; Brandy Jefferson Johnson and Mryka Hall-Beyer 163t; Chris Brown 183; Shannon McGuire 84; Eric Holt 284; Marilyn Murata 274t.


Kathy Vlach brought the class back together leading 186. Leaders: Joanne Hoover 52b; Tammi Ziola 277; Judy Whiting 212; Elizabeth Riggs 479; Jack Lofton 380; Mother Felicitas 47b.

Karen Willard and Ken Hallock conducted the memorial lesson, leading 564 in honor of the following sick and shut-ins: Tracy McGuire, John Elliot, Julie Lynne, Mary Benson, Bill Birney, Dolores Jones, Harry Oswald, Jim Dodge, David Wright, Karen Jones, Bernice White, Tom Payne, Fumie Murata, Shizue Sugimoto, Ellen Hurley, and Leonard Winters.

Karen Willard and Ken Hallock led 550 and 534 in memory of the following deceased: Clarisa R. McGuire, Mike Cofield, Elliot Newlin, Betty Rowland, and Tig Baker—Washington; Eliot Scott, Gene Edera, Jeanette Denker, and Shayna Kai McGinnis—Oregon; Amanda Denson Brady and LaRue Allen—Alabama; Mary Ballinger and R.B. Marshall—Texas; Bob Smith and Kay Smith—Iowa; John McDougal—United Kingdom; Andrew Metzger—Wisconsin; Leland Larsen—Colorado; Jessica Gill—Rhode Island; Marge Anthony Parker Burk—North Dakota; Bill Garfield—Illinois; Harriet Evans, Blake Theriot, Ida Griffith, and five members of the Ford-Gault family. Reed Schilbach offered a prayer.

Bruce Rye led 383. Reed Schilbach delivered a blessing for the noon meal.


Anne Huckins brought the class back together leading 300. Leaders: Tamara Harris 319; Corinna Singer and Jordan Singer 313b; Melisa Doss 362; Myles Alexander 85; Mryka Hall-Beyer 327; Eric Eliason 268; Rosie Lindsey 348b; Ken Cofield 128; John Carson 312b; Bob Schinske, Sophia Schinske, Jim Howey, and Emma Howey 496; Paul Berry 365; Susan Helf 47t; Erika Wilson 481; Bill Walters 348t; Greg Saue 86; Tom McTighe 28b; Melisa Doss 178; Kathy Vlach 361; Lyle Lindsey 384; Jenn Dolan 95.


Jack Lofton brought the class back together leading 345b. Leaders: Steve Helwig 228; Carolyn Gilkey 503; Scott Kennedy 63; Julia Garfield and singers from Evergreen State College 38b; Anita Shaperd 203; Jinx McGuire 269; Arcana Ferschke 567; Alice Poinier 43; Tamara Harris and Tigre Lusardi 506; Thom Fahrbach and Harlan Walker-Young 317; Dan Thoma and Karl Oswald 474; Karen Stingle, Reed Schilbach, and Mother Felicitas 122; Rosie Lindsey and Paul Berry 61; Myles Alexander and Jacob Breedlove 123b; Erika Wilson and Ken Cofield 117; Karen Willard and Ken Hallock 497; Marilyn Murata and Mryka Hall-Beyer 106; Judy Whiting and Chris Brown 323t; Anne Huckins and Bill Walters 324.

The class held a business session. The Treasurer reported that expenses had been met. The Arranging Committee (Kathy Vlach, Alice Poinier, and Joanne Hoover) reported that 90 songs had been led Saturday, and 81 (t? b?) on Sunday, with 210 singers registered overall.

Announcements were made. Anne Huckins led 549 as the closing song, while singers took the parting hand. Abraham Miller offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairperson—Anne Huckins; Vice Chairperson—Bill Walters; Secretary—Jordan Singer