Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Cullman County Singing Convention

Cullman County Courthouse, Cullman, Alabama

July 7-8, 2007

Saturday, July 7

The annual Cullman County Singing Convention was called to order by Glenn Keeton leading 59. The opening prayer was offered by Danny Creel.

A business session was held and the following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Glenn Keeton; Vice Chairman—Henry Guthery; Secretaries—Brenda Merritt and Wanda Capps; Arranging Committee—Billy Williams; Chaplain—Danny Creel.

Leaders: Glenn Keeton 32t; Arthur Gilmore 378t; T.J. Funderburk 47b; Carolyn Thompson 392; Bea Carnathan 204; Kristie Harju 97; Gary Smith 31t; Linda Funderburk 328; Pamela Regan 122; Jimmie Gilmore and Amanda Denson 218; Hugh Bill McGuire 430; J.C. Rutledge 568; Elizabeth Keeton 378b; Helen Brown 411; J.L. Hopper 543.


Henry Guthery called the class back to order leading 318. Leaders: Robert DuPree 569b; Melody Johnson 95; Emily Creel 532; Eugene Forbes 203; Ted Brown 119; Charles Crawford 72b; Corene White 379; Henry Schuman 426b; Charles McCravy 176b; Karen Swenson 500; Adrian Eldridge 270; Judy Caudle 227; Tim Cook 174; Henry Guthery III 434; Paul Figura 229; Darrell Swarens 335; Margaret Gillanders 68b; Ann Jett and Bailey Jett 108t, 327.


The class was called together by Glenn Keeton leading 56t. Leaders: John Carson and Marti Carson 312b; James Eldridge 177; Shirley Figura 176t; Ann Fox 145b; Pleasance Crawford 151; James Wagner 457; Heidi Nolen 448t; Ruth Wyers 100; John Merritt “Higher Ground”; B.J. Schnorenberg 319; Virginia Eldridge 28b; Caleb Allred 82t.


Glenn Keeton opened the afternoon session leading 137. Leaders: Brenda Merritt 542; Wanda Capps 142; Rachel Allred 377; Josie Hyde 507; Rebecca Eldridge 168; Robert Walker 171; Sandie Scott 389 (for Lonnie Rogers); Gail Doss 79; Will Allred 182; Katherine Eldridge 117; Travis Keeton 155; Aubrey Hemminger 84; Alexandra Makris 217; Danny Creel 384; Ken Tate and Hannah Tate 112; Carmel Wood 547; George Sigot 87; Pat Temple 473; Nate Green and Norma Green 123t.


The class was called to order by Glenn Keeton leading 504. Leaders: Kathy Manning 502; Nancy Tuck and Margie Lee 358; Glenda Hopper 425; Sarah Smith 340; David Carlton 442; Clarence McCool and Jennifer Allred 349; Geraldine Sharpton 299; Susan Allred and Zack Allred 399b; Jennifer Allred 126; Marlin Beasley 371; Butch White 74b; Seth Allred 433; Delone Cobbs 49b; Ken Robinson 565; Sonya Sipe and Amanda Denson 77t; Amanda Denson, Kathy Manning and Pat Temple 191; Laura Hale and Ryan Hale 503; David Knight and Judy Caudle 268; Charles McCravy 352.

Announcements were made. Glenn Keeton and Henry Guthery led 267 as the closing song. Danny Creel offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Sunday, July 8

The morning session began with Glenn Keeton leading 175 (for Marie Guthrie). Danny Creel offered the morning prayer.

A resolution was made by Josie Hyde to recognize Billy Williams, Marie Guthrie, and others for their years of dedication to the convention.

Leaders: Glenn Keeton 348b (for Wilton Donaldson); Corene White and Henry Guthery III 216, 314 (in memory of Eron White); Pleasance Crawford and Charles Crawford 38t, 524; Charles Crawford 535; Darrell Swarens 350 (for Milton Oliver), 36b; Sarah Smith 37t (for Edith Tate), 318 (for Pauline Childers); Seth Allred 564, 29b; Hugh Bill McGuire 40, 396.


The class was brought back to order by Henry Guthery leading 409. Leaders: T.J. Funderburk 282, 490; Jared Wootten 155; Linda Funderburk 373, 143; Adrian Eldridge 48t, 480; John Carson 163t, 361; George Sigot 99, 68b; Arlon Gardner 448t, 76b; Kathy Manning 560, 240; Henry Guthery III 478, 530; Marti Carson 408; Virginia Eldridge and Marti Carson 178.


Glenn Keeton brought the class together leading 86.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Judy Caudle. She read a devotional on Psalms 25:5, and led 540. The deceased remembered were John Hyde, Flarce Creel, Eldora Moody, Heath Jett, Carolyn Puckett, and Ulys Walker—Alabama; Hibbard Thatcher—Tennessee; Sam E. Smith—Mississippi; Robert Bozarth—Indiana; Mary Ballinger—Texas.

The sick and shut-ins honored were Beau Caldwell, Elder W.G. McGough, Frank Williams, Herby Bailey, Mattie Townsel, Genny Whitworth, Edith Tate, Elder Philip Gilmore, Pamela Gilmore, Marie Guthrie, Ruth Burleson, Charles Derleth, Jeanette Lowry, Gillie Campbell, Wilton Donaldson, Milton Oliver, Raymond Hamrick, and Julietta Haynes. The memorial was closed with prayer offered by Adrian Eldridge.

Glenn Keeton led 475 in memory of John Hocutt, and for United States service men and women. Leaders: Marty Wootten 30b; Danny Creel 383, 222; Ken Tate 73b, 343.


The afternoon session began with Glenn Keeton leading 494. Leaders: Larry Ballinger 50b, 100 (for Wilton Donaldson); Delone Cobbs 31b, 30t; James Eldridge 342, 384; Lisa Geist 269, 224; Vernice Phillips 112; Bud Oliver 321(for Milton Oliver), 421; Kermit Adams 441, 426t; Cindy Tanner 368, 198; Steve Adams and Rachel Allred 101t, 309; Harrison Creel 111b, 512; Elsie Moon and Amanda Denson 456, 278b; Jennifer Clay, Sonya Sipe, Beth Anne Clay, Becca Lauren Clay, and Mary Frances Clay 39b, 63; Jennifer Mosteller, Zeb Ferguson, and Cindy Tanner 277; Hannah Tate and Ken Tate 128; Colin Denson Brady, Emily McGuire Brady, and Amanda Denson 345b.


Henry Guthery brought the class together leading 196. Leaders: Katherine Eldridge and Virginia Eldridge 142; Brenda Merritt and Caleb Allred 542; Rachel Allred 442; Will Allred 454; Rebecca Eldridge and Adrian Eldridge 436; Pat Temple 34b; Gail Doss 573; Butch White 37b; Glenn Keeton 40 (by request); Billy Williams 445.

Announcements were made. Glenn Keeton read the poetry of 62. The closing prayer was offered by Danny Creel, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Glenn Keeton; Vice Chairman—Henry Guthery; Secretaries—Brenda Merritt and Wanda Capps