Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Rocky Mountain High Sacred Harp Convention

Boulder, Colorado

September 24-25, 2005

Saturday, September 24

The sixteenth session of the Rocky Mountain High Sacred Harp Convention was called to order by Sharon Kermiet leading 276. The opening prayer was given by Russ Nye.

Leaders: Ed Stevens 384; Toby Tenenbaum 38b; Ginnie Ely 313t; Pam Carson 146; Chris Kermiet 540; Marilyn Murata 208; Karl Dise 269; Leon Ballinger 490; Hill Grimmet 497; Deborah Johnson 147t; Alice Barry 268; Earl Ballinger 371; Rex Armstrong 101b; John Schaffer 150; Kay Sirco 143; Mary Lou Van Laanen 477; Alfred Saussotte 112; Nancy Nortz 39t; Gaylon Powell 442; Kathryn Eastburn 159; Paul Lindholm 411; Claire Singleton 178; Mallie Kermiet 534; Daniel Davis 171; Bonnie Dolan 297.


The singing resumed with Russ Nye leading 34b. Leaders: Carol Selleck 39b; Anita Landess 569t; Bill Howe 49b; Pete Mathewson 145b; Margaret Sayvetz 501; Sally Guylan 61; Jeanne Schaffer 198; Sharon Kermiet 163b; Sandy Klein 455; Ed Stevens 235; Toby Tenenbaum 299; Ginnie Ely 546; Pam Carson 361; Chris Kermiet 547; Marilyn Murata 492; Karl Dise 368; Alyce Barry 228; Leon Ballinger 313b; Deborah Johnson 86; Hill Grimmet 195; Earl Ballinger 331. Chaplain Russ Nye offered the blessing for the noon meal.


The afternoon session was called together by Gaylon Powell leading 445. Leaders: Daniel Davis 312b; Bonnie Dolan 297; Marilyn Murata 274t; Carol Selleck 380; Pete Mathewson 569b; Russ Nye 107; Ila Jean Nye 452; Lindsey Wiggins 99; Chris Kermiet 324; Anita Landess 314; Earl Ballinger 317; Margaret Sayvetz 566; Sally Guylan 102; Rex Armstrong 352; Loraine Burger 84; Hill Grimmet 291; John Schaffer 515; Mallie Kermiet 282; Kay Sirco 480; Mary Lou Van Laanen 73b; Alfred Saussotte 344; Nancy Nortz 288; Sandy Klein 37t.


The singing resumed with Gaylon Powell leading 142. Leaders: Kathryn Eastburn 45t; Karl Dise 218; Paul Lindholm 532; Claire Singleton 270; Deborah Johnson 207; Jeanne Schaffer 454; Sharon Kermiet 37b; Ed Stevens 294; Ginnie Ely 475; Pam Carson 551; Leon Ballinger 217; Daniel Davis 216; Bonnie Dolan 47t; Marilyn Murata 277; Carol Selleck 73t; Pete Mathewson and Susie Mathewson 32t.

Russ Nye offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Sunday, September 25

The Sunday session was called to order by Sandy Klein leading 40. The opening prayer was given by Russ Nye.

Leaders: Sharon Kermiet 203; Ginnie Ely 66; Ed Stevens 369; Toby Tenenbaum 131t; Gaylon Powell 328; Mallie Kermiet 189; Kay Sirco 99; Mary Lou Van Laanen 564; Leon Ballinger 426b; Rex Armstrong 417; Nancy Nortz 71; John Schaffer 350; Daniel Davis 34b; Alfred Saussotte 210; Sally Guylan 421; Marilyn Murata 378b; Paul Lindholm 183; Lindsey Wiggins 383; Earl Ballinger 389; Anita Landess 333; Hill Grimmet 260; Bonnie Dolan 47b; Karl Dise 122; Mary Lou Van Laanen 29t.


Ginnie Ely and John Schaffer conducted the memorial lesson. Ginnie Ely remarked about the purpose of the service and how the close family of park rangers mourned the death of a fellow ranger. Those who have passed away were Herbert Sprong and Louis Tenebaum—Colorado; Joe Owen, Kelley Beard, Billie Beard, and Robbie Nowlen—Texas; Rayburn Humber and John Hocutt—Alabama; May Teagle—Oxford, United Kingdom; Aggie Trickett and Nik Nickelson—California; Jeff Christensen—Minnesota; all of the hurricane victims. In memory of these people, we sang 159.

John Schaffer commented on how many of the sick and shut in people may be facing death and how we should regard the words of song 340, which we sang for them. Those remembered were Howard Grimmet, Thea Tenenbaum, and David Eifler—Iowa; Verna Powell, Ophelia Matthews, and Myra Palmer—Texas; Judy Hauff—Chicago; Oneita Smucker—Washington; Julie Brunner Whitten—California. The memorial was closed.

Leaders: Carol Selleck 339; Kathryn Eastburn 319; Mary Ann Saussotte 137; Rhonda Griswold 146; Pete Mathewson 335; Claire Singleton 448b; Russ Nye 535; Jeanne Schaffer 87; Charles Ferenbaugh 64; Sandy Klein 209; Kris Wiggins 192; Ed Stevens 510; Sally Guylan 65; Earl Ballinger 82 (t? b?); Ginnie Ely 391. Russ Nye offered prayer for the noon meal.


The singing was resumed by Claire Singleton leading 148. Leaders: Gaylon Powell 236; Rex Armstrong 385t; Mallie Kermiet 532; Kay Sirco 551; Loraine Burger 344; John Schaffer 543; Leon Ballinger 49t; Mary Ann Saussotte 171; Paul Lindholm 424; Toby Tenenbaum 95; Mary Lou Van Laanen 466; Lindsey Wiggins 448t; Anita Landess 170; Karl Dise 430; Bonnie Dolan 228; Chris Kermiet 74b; Carol Selleck 30t.


Kathryn Eastburn led 496 to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Pete Mathewson 388; Dani Lindholm 315; Sharon Kermiet 279; Claire Singleton 35; Charles Ferenbaugh 155; Russ Nye 106; Kris Wiggins 318; Daniel Davis 168; Alfred Saussotte 232; Marilyn Murata 200; Hill Grimmet 191; Nancy Nortz 46; Jeanne Schaffer 358; Sally Guylan 385b.

Earl Ballinger and Leon Ballinger led 75 as the closing song. Chaplain Russ Nye offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Secretaries—Jeanne Schaffer and John Schaffer.