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Texas State Sacred Harp Convention

College Station, Texas

February 26-27, 2005

Saturday, February 26

The thirteenth annual Texas State Sacred Harp Convention was held in College Station at South Knoll Elementary School on February 26 and 27. Chairman Cheryl Foreman welcomed everyone and called the class to order with 52t. Mike Moseley offered the opening prayer.

The following officers were nominated and elected last year to serve for the 2005 singing are: Chairman—Cheryl Forman; Vice Chairman—Billy Huckaby; Secretary—Liz Owen,

Leaders: Billy Huckaby 565; Secretary Liz Owen 171; Mike Moseley 30b; John Beard 34t; Barbara Newell 72b; Beverly Coates 129; Kevin Powell 340; Cissy Moseley 270; Don Barker 145b; Dick Steil 146; Diane Ross 455; Gary Rogan 299; Scott Curran 475; Owen Ross 74t; Chris Adams 112; Robert Vaughn 569b; Sarah Huckaby 74b; Anne Moseley 34b; Bruce Coates 86; Ryan Ross 417.


Cheryl Foreman called the class back to order with 61. Leaders: Jeb Owen 106; Vivian Rogan 282; Gaylon Powell 564; Larry Hall 178; Amanda Blevins 142; Curtis Owen 490; Catherine Rogan 224; Doris Hanks 448b; Donald Ross 507; Justin Latimer 198; Reed Coates 110; Terre Schill 298; Allen Riley 49t; Liz Owen 273; Barbara Newell 84.


Cheryl Foreman called the class back to order with 401. Leaders: Dick Steil 82 (t? b?); Owen Ross 192; Billy Huckaby 400; Larry Hall 49b; Cissy Moseley 186; Kevin Powell 383; John Beard 384; Don Barker 354b; Beverly Coates 548; Donald Ross 530; Gary Rogan 99; Mike Moseley 122; Sarah Huckaby 454; Scott Curran 318; Diane Ross 209; Doris Hanks 36b; Ryan Ross 294; Chris Adams 168; Robert Vaughn 300; Anne Moseley 148; Bruce Coates 566; Terre Schill 187.


Cheryl Foreman called the class back to order with 276. Leaders: Amanda Blevins 448t; Reed Coates 137; Jeb Owen 472; Gaylon Powell 536; Vivian Rogan 163b; Curtis Owen 328; Catherine Rogan 344; Katie Moseley 68b; Liz Owen 68t; Billy Huckaby 424; Dick Steil 58; Owen Ross 304; Larry Hall 47b; Amanda Owen 39t; Allen Riley 347.

Cheryl Foreman led 549b as the closing song. Curtis Owen offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Sunday, February 27

Chairman Cheryl Foreman called the class to order at 9:30 a.m. with 59. Prayer was offered by Gary Rogan.

Leaders: Billy Huckaby 76b; Reed Coates 112; Gaylon Powell 542; Terre Schill 398; Amanda Blevins 47t; Bruce Coates 313b; Anne Moseley 480; Leon Ballinger 278t; Robert Vaughn 67; Ryan Ross 365; Doris Hanks 358; Jeb Owen 24b; Olivia Powell 56t; David Music 99; Scott Curran 196; Gary Rogan 176t; Sarah Huckaby 501; Mike Moseley 284; Donald Ross 528; Catherine Rogan 40; Beverly Coates 283; Don Barker 452.


Cheryl Foreman called the class back to order with 135. Leaders: John Beard 75; Justin Latimer 236; Kevin Powell 504; Diane Ross 543; Olivia Powell 532; Leon Ballinger 402; Burl Russell 65; David Music 334; Don Barker 97; Reed Coates 176b; Gaylon Powell 240; Terre Schill 56b.

The Nominating Committee gave their report at this time. The nominees selected to serve in 2006 were: Chairman—Billy Huckaby; Vice Chairman—Diane Ross; Secretary/Treasurer—Liz Owen. All were accepted by acclamation.

The memorial lesson was held. Sarah Huckaby led 86 for the following sick and shut ins: Kelly Beard, Ernestine Pipkin, Verna Powell, Ophelia Matthews, Morris Nowlin, Robbie Nowlin, Frances Daniels, and Toney Smith.

Gaylon Powell commented on several verses of the songs of John Hocutt and led 498 for the following deceased: Jack Whitehead, John Hocutt, Billie Beard, and Essie Arnold. Mike Moseley closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Bruce Coates 503; Anne Moseley 276; Amanda Blevins 143; Robert Vaughn 432; Ryan Ross 168; Scott Curran 376.


Billy Huckaby called the class back to order with 335; then a Financial Report was given.

Secretary/Treasurer Liz Owen gave the Financial Report. Due to increased rental fee we had to move the location of the singing this year. The convention concurred that the location was acceptable. It was noted that we need to be thinking ahead for the financial condition of the convention. Announcements of upcoming singings were made.

Leaders: Gary Rogan 324; Doris Hanks 299; Zach Rogan 278b; Jeb Owen 362; Sarah Huckaby 274t; Mike Moseley 306; Donald Ross 368; Catherine Rogan 200; Beverly Coates 425; John Beard 290; Kevin Powell 442; Diane Ross 430; Terry York 147t; Terre Schill 218; Burl Russell 68b; Terry York 135.

Billy Huckaby and Liz Owen led 208 as the closing song, and the class was dismissed with prayer.

Chairman—Cheryl Foreman; Vice Chairman—Billy Huckaby; Secretary/Treasurer—Liz Owen.