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North Carolina Sacred Harp Convention

Page Walker Hotel, Cary, North Carolina

March 6-7, 2004

Saturday, March 6

The sixteenth annual North Carolina Sacred Harp Convention was held at the Page Walker Hotel, Cary, North Carolina, on the first Sunday and Saturday before in March. Chairman Rich Hammer opened the convention by leading 63. Henry Bizzell offered the morning prayer. Rich Hammer welcomed the class and then led 210.

A business session was held with the following officers elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Rich Hammer; Vice Chairman—Nancy Newell; Secretary—Pat Boyd Ward; Treasurer—Don Ward; Arranging Committee—Lynda Hambourger.

Leaders: Blake Morris 179; Nancy Newell 178; John Feddersen 385b; Henry Bizzell 34b; Lynda Hambourger 142; Suzanne Newton 270; Chris Sepic 350; Mary Wright 421; Pat Temple 475; Blake Morris 474; Nancy Newell 163b; John Feddersen 528; Kevin Dann 276; Don Ward 300; Lynda Hambourger 268; Erin Newton 291, 180.


Rich Hammer called the class to order leading 452. Leaders: Susanne Newton 47b, 282; Pat Ward 45t; Brad Hunnicutt 457, 455; Stephen Holland 217; Chris Sepic 415, 497; Mary Wright 35, 71; Karin Shank 354 (t? b?), 84; Pat Temple 183, 168; Don Ward 448t, 448b.


The singing resumed with Rich Hammer leading 159. John Feddersen led 362 and 569b.

A brief New Traditions session was held with Blake Morris leading a new song “Bankes”.

Leaders: Nancy Newell 344; Henry Bizzell 127, 503; Kevin Dann 87; Lynda Hambourger 236; Erin Newton 299, 377; Brad Hunnicutt 70b, 146; Chris Sepic 86, 228; Stephen Holland 181, 107; Suzanne Newton 472, 532; Mary Wright 480, 510.


Rich Hammer brought the class to order leading 147 (t? b?). Leaders: Ron Craig 117; Matt Cartmill 47t, 31t; Pat Temple 232, 400; Blake Morris 214, 297; Stephen Holland 99, 288; Chris Sepic 38t, 39t; Kevin Dann 122; Don Ward 198, 313b; John Feddersen 436; Brad Hunnicutt 414; Tom Dillon 446.


The class resumed singing with Rich Hammer leading 354t. Leaders: Nancy Newell 40; Mary Wright 290; Matt Cartmill 547; Pat Ward 454; Lynda Hambourger 189; Suzanne Newton 192; Stephen Holland 481; Chris Sepic 68t, 287; Ron Craig 38b.

Announcements were made. Henry Bizzell dismissed the class with a prayer.

Sunday, March 7

The Sunday session was called to order by Rich Hammer leading 163b. Leaders: John Feddersen 145 (t? b?), 388; Guy Bankes 77b, 556; Gail Doss 148, 400; Matt Cartmill 201, 228; Pat Ward 217, 126; Don Ward 229, 269; Erin Newton 504, 446; Nancy Newell 300, 46; Pat Temple 27, 81t; Mary Wright 121, 378t; Lynda Hambourger 216, 347.


Rich Hammer brought the class to order leading 63. Leaders: John Feddersen 254, 112; Suzanne Newton 150, 151; Guy Bankes 174, 39b; Gail Doss 196, 270.

Sally Owens conducted the memorial lesson, and Nancy Newell led 209 in memory of the deceased. Those remembered were: Tony Palkovic, John D. MacLeod, Jr., Sadie M. MacLeod, Angela Stapleton, Laury Morse, George O’Hanlon, Linda Wood, Georgia Wood, Mary Kniseley, Harold Hensler, Gertrude Hensler, Nancy N. Daniel, and Dorsey W. Daniel.

Lynda Hambourger led 472 for the sick and shut-ins. Those remembered were: Edwin Pickard, Paul W. Wilson, Reggie Durham, Nancy Keppel, Patty Griffith-Fallaw, John Manzdilla, Richard Garrison Neill, Art Broadus, and Susan Kelley. Henry Bizzell closed the memorial with prayer. Rich Hammer led 210.


The afternoon session was brought to order by Rich Hammer leading 415. Leaders: Matt Cartmill 47t, 47b; Erin Newton 313b, 72b; Pat Ward 383, 56b; Don Ward 81b, 200; Nancy Newell 155, 156; Pat Temple 566, 114; Mary Wright 405, 510; Lynda Hambourger 373, 344; John Feddersen 442, 87; Guy Bankes 440, 441.


The singing resumed with Rich Hammer leading 289. Leaders: Brad Hunnicutt 81t, 294; Gail Doss 99, 224; Matt Cartmill 327, 497; Margaret Morse 29b, 49b; Brad Hunnicutt 378 (t? b?), 77t, Suzanne Newton 334, 49t; Lynda Hambourger 547; John Feddersen “ Sweet Beulah Land”. Don Ward gave the Treasurer’s Report and stated that enough money had been collected to meet expenses for the convention.

Chairman Rick Hammer thanked all who participated in the planning of the singing, and those who brought food for the noon meals.

Announcements were made. Chairman Rick Hammer led 62 as the closing song, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Rich Hammer; Vice Chairman—Nancy Newell; Secretary—Pat Boyd Ward.