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Pacific Northwest Convention - Oregon

Waverly Heights United Church of Christ, Portland, Oregon

October 18-19, 2003

Saturday, October 18

The eleventh annual Oregon session of the Pacific Northwest Convention was held on the third Sunday and Saturday before in October. Matthew Sellens called the class to order at 9:00 a.m. leading 448b. Bruce Rowland offered the morning prayer.

A short business session was held with the following officers elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Matthew Sellens; Secretary—Marie Brandis; Treasurer—Kathy Vlach; Resolutions—Suzanne Denker.

Chairman Matthew Sellens introduced our special guest, Matt Wojcik from Brattleboro, Vermont. Mr. Wojcik led an advanced singing school Saturday morning, concentrating on fugue singing. He also gave histories of Sacred Harp singing in New England and how it differs from traditional Sacred Harp singing in the American South. His insights and experience were appreciated by all singers in attendance as we continue to expand our knowledge of Sacred Harp singing traditions, and to value each of them. The class was dismissed with Bruce Rowland offering the blessing for dinner.


The afternoon session was brought to order by Meg Larson leading 63. Leaders: Matthew Sellens 74b; Jessica Beer 77 (t? b?); Katharine Hough 29t; Marie Brandis 328; Dan Thoma 66; David Zaworski 155; Jack Lofton 228; Gary Plouff 274t; Martha Johnson 196; David Wright 192; Meg Larson 70t; Greg Saue 143; Karen Willard 550; Sally House 171; Rosie Wojcik 460; Jane Grant 163 (t? b?); David Hough 270; Betty Marvin 73b; Caleb Hardy 86; Tom Payne 362; Matthew Wojcik 436; Lucinda Saue 209; Fran Ross 106; Jim Brock 344; Kathy Vlach 49b; John Carson 312b.


The class resumed singing with Susan Helf leading 34b. Leaders: Pat Nida 457; Teri Reich 133; David Jensen 159; Bruce Rowland 426b; Jean Murphy 147b; Eric Holt 146; Sally House 47b; Matthew Sellens 125; Jessica Beer 498; Rachel Foster 335; Dan Thoma and Julie Thoma 68b; Katharine Hough 372; Jack Lofton 340; Marie Brandis 318; David Zaworski 531; Gary Plouff 319; Martha Johnson 532; David Wright 200; Greg Saue 31t; Karen Willard 330b; Lucinda Saue 186; Matthew Sellens 36b. Bruce Rowland offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

A social and informal singing was held Saturday evening beginning at 7:00 p.m. at the home of Marie Brandis and David Zaworski with about 35 singers attending.

Sunday, October 19

Chairman Matthew Sellens called the class to order at 9:00 a.m. leading 171. Leaders: Matthew Sellens 106; David Hough 32t; Jessica Beer 446; Matt Wojcik 81 (t? b?); Tom Payne 375; Jill Accetta 39t; Teri Reich 126; Bruce Rowland 282; David Wright 546; Susan Helf 112; Marie Brandis 391; Jack Lofton 454; Jean Murphy 189; Gary Plouff 153; Katharine Hough 442; Kathy Vlach 192; Jane Grant 119; Sally House 84; Ken Cofield 61; Karen Willard 181; Rosie Wojcik 440; Eric Holt 448b; Martha Johnson 497.


The class was brought back to order by Meg Larson leading 503. Leaders: Dan Thoma 350; Fran Ross 496; Scott Kennedy 569b; John Carson 324; Betty Marvin 287; Pat Nida 235; Greg Saue 99; David Zaworski 38b; Caleb Hardy 268; Suzanne Denker 504; Marsha Cuttler 45t; Matthew Sellens 108b; David Hough 179; Jessica Beer 392.

Suzanne Denker and Pastor David Zaworski conducted the memorial lesson. Drawing on the poetry of “Vale of Sorrow,” it is the grief of love that we feel sorrow at the loss of loved ones because we do love them, because they have meant so much to us. Even as we grieve, we celebrate the gift of their love. Suzanne Denker led 59 for the sick and shut-ins.

David Zaworski led 83t for the following deceased: Lance Greenleaf, Karen Von Riesen, Norabel Miller, and Kathy Blago—Oregon; Ann App and Paul Kulhanek—Washington; Ruth Brown—Alabama; Claudine Snyder—Texas; Muriel Plouff—Massachusetts; Hazel Camp—Georgia; and Dorothy Ross—New York. Pastor David Zaworski closed the memorial lesson with prayer.


Meg Larson opened the afternoon session leading 49t. Leaders: Jean Murphy 551; Tom Payne 107; Susan Helf 347; Scott Kennedy 68 (t? b?); Matthew Wojcik 383; Kathy Vlach 475; Jill Accetta 406; Teri Reich 49b; Ken Cofield 71; Betty Marvin 338.

A short business meeting was held. Kathy Vlach reported that contributions had covered all expenses of the convention. Thanks were given to David Wright and Jack Lofton for pitching this weekend;

Julie Thoma for organizing the food and singer spouses, Beryl Morrison and David Beer, for helping in the kitchen, ensuring that refreshments and food were available when required; those who attended the convention; Matt and Rosie Wojcik for their invaluable contributions to our love of all Sacred Harp singing.

Special thanks was given to the congregation of the Waverly Heights United Church of Christ for giving up their worship space (and time) for our convention; and for joining us in singing as a form of worshipping God.

A total of 71 people were registered over the weekend, with 140 songs led. The business meeting was closed.

Leaders: David Wright 73t; Fran Ross 198; Pat Nida 218; Rosie Wojcik 217; Caleb Hardy 40; Marie Brandis 67; Jack Loftin 378b; Gary Plouff 567; Katharine Hough 236; Sally House 430; Eric Holt 475; Karen Willard 53.


The final session was brought to order by Martha Johnson leading 147 (t? b?). Leaders: Meg Larson 501; Greg Saue 523; Dan Thoma 37 (t? b?); David Zaworski 294; Jill Accetta 495; Scott Kennedy 178; Betty Marvin 369; Matt Wojcik 269; Kathy Vlach 145 (t? b?); Ken Cofield 117; Rosie Wojcik 32 (t? b?); Eric Holt 288; David Hough 30 (t? b?); Fran Ross 361; Tom Payne 58; David Wright 456; Teri Reich 421; Caleb Hardy 344; Pat Nida 479; Matt Wojcik 300; Jessica Beer 332; Marie Brandis 542; Katharine Hough 183; Rosie Wojcik 499.

Announcements of future singings were made. Matthew Sellens led 36b as the closing song as those who wished took the parting hand to close the convention. Pastor David Zaworski led the closing prayer.

Chairman—Matthew Sellens; Secretary—Marie Brandis.