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Pacific Northwest Convention - Washington

Sunset Hill Community Club, Seattle, Washington

February 15-16, 2003

Saturday, February 15

The twelfth annual session of the Washington portion of the Pacific Northwest Convention met at the Sunset Hill Community Club in Seattle, Washington on the third Sunday and Saturday before in February, a new date for this convention. Chairman David Hough opened the convention at 9:30 a.m. leading 37b. Chaplain David Wright offered the opening prayer.

Kathy Vlach introduced David and Karen Ivey of Huntsville, Alabama. David presided over a singing school, which he opened by leading the class in singing the major and minor scales. He reviewed with us the different time signatures and how they relate to leading. Leading techniques such as making the transition between verses when a song begins with a rest, starting a song which begins with most of the first measure in rests, or when the song is printed with a missing opening rest were illustrated as he led the class in singing songs 31t, 64, and 457. The song on page 94 concluded his lesson on the different beating methods.


Jack Lofton called the class back after the break with 30t. After noting that theoretically 2/2 songs are sung more slowly than 4/4; 2/4 are sung the fastest; and that 6/4 songs are sung more slowly than 6/8, David remarked that there is variety in tempos among the various Sacred Harp regions. To illustrate how one song can have a change of tempo within itself, he led the class in singing 455. The following leaders then asked specific questions and for help in leading the class: Marilyn Murata 195; Scott Kennedy 68b; Jordan Singer 29b; Ken Cofield 153. David Wright asked the blessing as the class was dismissed for the noon meal.


The afternoon session opened as a formal singing. Chairman David Hough brought the class to order leading 59.

A business session was held with the following officers elected or appointed: Chairman—David Hough; Treasurer—Katharine Hough; Secretary—Karen Willard; Arranging Committee—Reed Schilbach, Susan Helf, David Wright, Anne Huckins, Linda Laing, and Joanne Hoover; Memorial Committee—Karen Ivey and Karen Willard; Resolutions—Matthew Sellens and Marcia Stedman.

Leaders: Marie Brandis 318; Anne Huckins 479; Gerry Currens 191; Betty Jones 312t; Peter Irvine 67; Katharine Hough 480; Corinna Singer, Yoko Singer, and Jordan Singer 49b; Tim Draper 159; Linda Laing 48t; Fran Ross 31t; John Carson 40; Susan Helf 497; Lucinda Saue 117; James Brock 100; Joanne Hoover 477; Jinx McGuire 99; Bruce Rowland 426b; David Ivey 402; Marilyn Murata 36b; Anna Maria Nygren Irvine 225t.


Karen Willard brought the class back to order Leading 74b. Leaders: Jack Lofton 384; Callie Jordan 268; Karen Ivey 192; Darlene Simpson-Brown 72b; Scott Kennedy 454; Meg Larson 70t; Ken Cofield 344; Reed Schilbach 122; Marcia Stedman 163b; Shannon McGuire 163t; David Hough 296; Martha Channon 336; Greg Saue 503; Kathy Vlach 350; Jill Accetta 171; David Wright 207; Karen Willard 29t; David Ivey 90.

Announcements were made. Chairman David Hough led 157 (WB) as the closing song, and Chaplain David Wright led the closing prayer.

Sunday, February 16

Chairman David Hough called the class together at 9:30 a.m. leading song on page 33b. Chaplain Reed Schilbach offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Anne Huckins 34b; Susan Helf 284; Marcia Stedman 497; Joanne Hoover 81t; Ken Cofield 86; Katharine Hough 376; Bruce Roland 448b; Martie Hoadley 63; Gerry Currens 178; Betty Jones 421; Reed Schilbach 91; Eric Holt 229; Darlene Simpson-Brown 368; Scott Kennedy 569b; Karen Stingle 76b; Charles Scudder, Jr. 515b; Meg Larson 549.


Kathy Vlach brought the class back to order leading 64. Leaders: Shannon McGuire 84; Greg Saue 48t; Jill Accetta 131b; Carolyn Gilkey 142; Anna Maria Nygren Irvine 274t; James Brock 395; Marilyn Murata 456; Fran Ross 198; Matthew Sellens 125; David Hough 137; David Wright 269; John Carson 85; Kathy Vlach 415; Jack Lofton 532; David Ivey 320; Jinx McGuire 148; Marie Brandis 245.

Karen Willard began the memorial lesson bringing to mind the strong ties that develop between Sacred Harp singers and how singing a song for those in our midst who are sick or unable to attend is also followed by contacting those persons in uplifting and loving ways. The song on page 330b was led for: Sally Dahlgren, Paul Harrison, Wanda Harrison, Ruby Little, Blanche Hull, Jim Lavaughn Ballinger, Karen Willard, Owen Mullineri, Gordan Mullineri, Jap Walton, and Joyce Walton.

Karen Ivey acknowledged the fear, tension, and sorrow that grips us all in these sad and uncertain times, but encouraged us to find solace in the physical beauty of our mountains, lakes, rivers, and plains as foretastes of heaven, quoting F.S. Pierpoint’s sublime hymn “For the Beauty of the Earth,” and Psalms 19:1 “The heavens are telling the glory of God...” The loss, unexpected and untimely or not, of dear friends and loved ones is difficult under any circumstances and we grieve, but we can also celebrate their lives and have hope and comfort: hope for a brighter future and comfort in knowing that they are in an even more beautiful place than we find here, a place that has no fears, uncertainties, wars or sorrows. From Psalm 8 she quoted verses 3 and 4, then read the following list of the deceased: Paul Kulhanek, Jeanne Hardy, Anne Jespersen, Mimi Weiss, Greg Edeln, and Shirley Partlow—Washington; Marvin Harrison, Kenneth Bristow, Carrie Dickenson, and Lance Greenleaf—Oregon; Maxine Gilbert—Nebraska; Takeko Kubo—Japan; Leola Smith, Flora Skinner, and Warren Meadows—Alabama; Everette Denney, Vivian Rogers, and Kenneth DeLong—Georgia; Mary Frances Beasley Lee—Florida; B.E. Matthews—Texas; and the astronauts of the Columbia. After leading the class in singing 288, Isaac Watt’s words were read: “Lord of the worlds above, How pleasant and how fair the dwellings of thy love, thine earthly temples are; To thine abode my heart aspires with warm desires to see my God; to spend one sacred day where God and saints abide affords diviner joy than thousand days beside.” Chaplain Reed Schilbach closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Peter Irvine 475; Jordan Singer 89; Charles Scudder 472. Reed Schilbach asked for the blessing upon the food and the class was dismissed for lunch.


Katharine Hough called the class back to order for the afternoon session leading 72b. Leaders: Marcia Stedman 146; Ken Hallock 102; Lucinda Saue 87; Karen Ivey 217; Betty Jones 68b; Yoko Singer 335; Eric Holt 565; Anne Huckins 272; Bruce Rowland 568; Katharine Hough 183; Ken Cofield 47t; Martie Hoadley 159; Karen Stingle 106; Reed Schilbach 340; Scott Kennedy 235; Joanne Hoover 365; Greg Saue 99; Darlene Simpson-Brown 147t; Jill Accetta 270; James Brock 143.


The class was called back to order by Karen Stingle leading 378b. Leaders: Meg Larson 200; Angie Johnson 337; David Wright 318; Karen Ivey 182; Peter Irvine 282; Marie Brandis 319; David Ivey 201; Marilyn Murata 145b; Matthew Sellens 122; Fran Ross 551; Anna Maria Nygren Irvine 65; David Hough 496; Shannon McGuire 358; Kathy Vlach 186; Arlene Cavanaugh 192; Jack Lofton 448t; Jinx McGuire 155; Sydney Estey-Dedell 455; Martha Channon 336; Bob Schinske 566.

The class went into business session to hear the committee reports and announcements.

The Treasurer reported with gratitude that all expenses had been met and thanked the class for its generosity.

Matthew Sellens gave the Resolutions Committee report, thanking God for our safe opportunity to gather and sing, and resolving that we dedicate ourselves to let a peaceful world begin with each of us. The many hard workers that made all the convention events possible were thanked; singled out for particular mention were the dedicated and talented cooks in our midst. Special thanks were tendered to David and Karen Ivey, for coming so far and sharing so freely their talents and love of Sacred Harp.

The Arranging Committee reported attendees from Washington, Oregon, California, Nebraska, and Alabama. There were 79 registered, and a few “undocumented” who slipped in to listen.

All the reports were approved as read.

Chairman David Hough led 62 as the closing song, inviting all that wished, to take the parting hand. Chaplain Reed Schilbach closed the convention with prayer.

Chairman—David Hough; Treasurer—Katharine Hough; Secretary—Karen Willard.