Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Lookout Mountain Convention

Pine Grove Church

August 26-27, 1995

Saturday, August 26

The ninety-second session of the Lookout Mountain Sacred Harp Singing Convention was called to order by Lamar Smith leading songs on page 82t and 32t. Harvey Austin led the morning prayer. Leaders: Bud Oliver 59; Milton Oliver 36b; S. T. Reed 30t; Randall Smith 137; Boyd Scott 58; Cecil Gilliland 273; Rodney Ivey 186; Martha Woodard 428; Linda Thomas 345b; Hershell King 235b; Edith Tate 436; Carmon Brothers 340.


The class was called to order by Lamar Smith leading song on page 343b. A business session was held to elect officers as follows: Chairman—Milton Oliver; Vice Chairman—S. T. Reed; Secretary—Randall Smith; Arranging Committee—Bud Oliver; Memorial Committee—Alanna Blanks and Linda Thomas; Finance Committee—Lamar Smith and Scot Oliver. Leaders: Kat Kinkade 385t; John delRe 326; Becky Browne 528; Leyland delRe 123b; Kelly Macklin 57; Jeanette Lowry 430; John Daniel delRe 274t; Marie Smith 373; Dave Ressler 189; Katharine Manning 532; Lora Cargo 269; Don Bowen 548; J. C. Denney 101t; Judy Mincey 485; Mel Kersey and Freeman Wootten 122; Freeman Wootten 48b; Joyce Saxton 196; Felton Denney 120; Alice Edwards 73b; Ernestine Pipkin 276; Reba Dell Windom 192.


The class resumed singing with S. T. Reed leading song on page 123t. Leaders: Syble Adams 171; Hunter Haie 49b; I. V. McWhorter 97; Shelton Williamson 222; Edward Howton and Maxine Lacy 460; Ruth Walker 434; J. A. Mosley 341; Jerry Enright 36t; Carlene Griffin 37b; Alice Mosley 145 (t? b?); J. C. Smith and Bud Oliver 282; Kelly Beard 309; Doyle Ashley 358; Brenda Carroll 442; Harvey Austin 335; L. H. Underwood 383; Melvin Hyatt 182; Joyce Walton 277; Clyde Black 288; Colbie Allen 384.


Milton Oliver called the class to order leading song on page 321b. Leaders: Douglas Conn 67; Shelbie Sheppard 440; Flarce Creel 475; John Morris 163b; Warren G. Meadows 348b; Ann Jett 327; Emmie Morris 220; Jap Walton 153; Wanda Capps 142; Charlene Wallace 267; Charles Whitmer 447; B. J. Harris 452; Pauline Childers 480; Buell Cobb 131b; Marie Hyatt 166b; Everette Denney 34b; Cassie Franklin 344; Cecil Sanders 512; Joan Aldridge 198.


The class was called to order by Bud Oliver leading song on page 145t. Leaders: Pam Nunn 424; Coy Ivey and Eloise Wootten 454; Jewel Wootten 176t; Jeff Sheppard 388; Woody Walker and Willie Mae Haney 208, 172; Wayne Wootten and Loyd Ivey 47t; Syble Adams “Going Home To Die No More”; B. M. Smith 448b; Elene Stovall 441; Rhoda Norris 498; Velton Chafin 225t; Myra Dalton and Shane Wootten 102, 448t; Mary Smith 371; Mary Ruth Stiefel 204; Evelyn Harris 378 (t? b?); Philip and Paula Gilmore 68b, 48t; Joe, Bill, Odis, and Hubert Nall and Flo Cozan 84, 129; Norma Latham 418; Scot Oliver and Alanna Blanks 496. Milton Oliver led song on page 46 as the closing song, and Doug Conn dismissed the class with prayer.

Sunday, August 27

On Sunday morning the convention was called to order by Milton Oliver leading song on page 32t. Lamar Smith led the morning prayer. Leaders: S. T. Reed 82t; Randall Smith and Bud Oliver 73t; Randall Smith, Bud Oliver, and Virgil Phillips 137; Coy Ivey 172; Margie Smith 313t, 284; Elene Stovall 556, 217; Lamar Smith 36b; John Daniel delRe 421; Don Bowen 270, 282; Jeffery Hines and Elizabeth Cusick 178, 148; Odis Nall 145b; B. W. Ashley 300.


The class resumed singing with S. T. Reed leading song on page 42. Leaders: Wayne Reed 108b; Leyland delRe 165; Jackie Tanner 208, 299; Judy Mincey 180, 501b; Shane Wootten 37b; Norma Latham 334, 332; Loyd Ivey 89, 438; Verlon Stiefel 138b; Marlon Wootten 39b, 30t; Ruby Phillips 475; Rodney Ivey 144, 298; Hershell King 426t, 551; Hubert Wall 61, 186.


The class was called to order by Milton Oliver leading song on page 64. Leaders: Jerry Enright 77t; Harvey Austin 101t, 109; Jeff Oliver 162, 129; Joe Nall 430, 171; Kat Kinkade 313b, 193; Eric Blanks, Sheryl Beard, Alanna Blanks, and Milton Oliver 496; Doyle Ashley 192; Willie Mae Haney 269, 212; J. C. Rutledge 105, “That Beautiful Land”; J. S. Smith and Bud Oliver 499; Lawrence and Lula Underwood 170, 189.


The class reassembled with Bud Oliver leading song on page 384. Leaders: David Ivey 455; Mel Kersey 99; B. M. Smith 464; Joyce Walton 57; John Morris 76b; Joan Aldridge 150; Kelly Beard 280; Dave Ressler 209; John delRe 369; Richard Ivey 454. A memorial lesson was held by Linda Thomas at this time. She gave us these thoughts to reflect upon, “Part of the host have crossed the flood and part are crossing now. There are many that have crossed before us and we will always miss them. We appreciate the lives they lived and the examples they set for us to follow. We thought we couldn’t sing without them, and no one can take their place, but others join us and we sing on ‘til we meet again where there will be no more parting. I’m glad we are not alone at the crossing. In Luke l6:22 when Lazarus died, he was carried by the angels when his body died. His soul moved out, II Corinthians 5: ‘Absent from the body, present with the Lord.’ We need to lay up treasures in Heaven—invest in things that are eternal because, ‘when we die we leave what we have and take what we are.’ People are the only part of this world that will last forever. The soul never dies, our bodies are temporal, but our new bodies, at the resurrection, will be eternal. The most important thing in life is to be prepared for death. Death is the gate to endless joy.” Jerry Enright led song on page 482 for those who passed away: Fay Allen, Helen Ivey Cordell, Lois Green, Arville Hyatt, Lessie Cates, Forney Cobb, Leon Price, John Morris, Jack Harcrow, Ervin Brothers, Winford Lacey; Dula Webb, Bertha Henson, Orville Boldwin, John Aylor, Dale Redmon, Hoyt Renfroe, Hugh Brandon, Jack Simmons, Lewis Vaughn, Junurs Hudgins, Carlton Hitchcock, Harry Dumas, Velma Kelly, and Ted Godsey. Remember the shut-ins with your prayers, visits and cards. Give them a flower and tell them you love them while they are living. David Ivey led song on page 56b for the sick and shut-ins which were: Marie Aldridge, Daphene Causey, Thurman Nall, Aver Crider, Ozetta Gilliland, Joe Smith, Will Battles, Jerry Sheppard, and Mozell Sheppard. Brother Verlon Stiefel closed the memorial lesson with prayer. Leaders: Jeff Sheppard 35, 43; Jeanette Lowry 29t; Emmie Morris 215; Allison Ivey 567; Allison Ivey and Richard Ivey 182; Kelly Macklin 216; Ernestine Pipkin 110; Charles Whitmer 218; Katharine Manning 279b.


The class was called together by Randall Smith and Shane Wootten leading song on page 343. Leaders: Becky Browne 203; Karen Ivey 532; Cindy Franklin 198, 146; Charles Stiefel and Randall Smith 285t; Cassie Franklin 142; Joyce Saxton 84; Ben Bridges 63; Marty Wootten 441; Eloise Avery 426b; Shelbie Sheppard 106; Reba Dell Windom 196; Mary Ruth Stiefel 75. The singing concluded with Milton Oliver leading song on page 62, and all who wished took the parting hand. The class was dismissed with prayer by Brother Verlon Stiefel.

Chairman—Milton Oliver; Vice Chairman—S. T. Reed; Secretary—Randall Smith.