Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Georgia State Sacred Harp Convention

Carrollton Community Activities Center, Carrollton, Georgia

March 24-25, 2001

Saturday, March 24

The fortieth session of the Georgia State Sacred Harp Singing Convention was held at the Carrollton Community Activities Center, Carrollton, Georgia on the fourth Sunday and Saturday before in March. The convention was called to order by Jeannette DePoy leading song on page 75. Kenneth DeLong offered the morning prayer.

Jonathan Dorsey, director of the Carrollton Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, welcomed everyone to Carrollton.

The following officers and committee members led: Jeannette DePoy 171; Felton Denney 73t; Charlene Wallace 99; Richard DeLong 82t; Eric Tweedy 131 (t? b?); Scott DePoy 270; John Plunkett 308; John Hollingsworth 409; Lee Rogers 228; Helen Bryson 340; Elder Jesse Roberts 170; Jimmie Denney 155; Louis Hughes, Sr. 540. Other leaders: Kenneth DeLong 316; Laura Clawson 216; B.M. Smith 475; Lela Crowder 117; Coy Ivey 137; Mary Brownlee 29b; Billy Hollingsworth 250.


Jeannette DePoy and her dad, Frank Block, called the class together leading song on page 63. Leaders: Henry Schuman 344; Duncan Vinson 496; Ben Wisdom 345t; Charles Woods 544; Al Grinden 229; Henry Zittrouer 108t; Junie Wootten 503; David McGukin 433.

A motion was made and seconded to go into the business session. Officers elected or appointed were: Chairman—Felton Denney; Vice Chairman—John Plunkett; Secretary/Treasurer—Charlene Wallace; Chaplain—Lonnie Rogers; Arranging Committee—Richard DeLong, Scott DePoy, and Judy Mincey; Memorial Committee—Elder Jesse Roberts, Lee Rogers, and Josephine Denney; Resolutions Committee—Helen Bryson, Laura Akerman, and Teenie Moody; Finance Committee—Jimmie Denney, Don Bowen, and Louis Hughes, Sr.; Locating Committee—Andy Anderson, Kenneth DeLong, and Eric Tweedy.

An amendment to the Constitution and By-Laws of the Georgia State Sacred Harp Convention was recommended by Hugh McGraw, to be voted on the next day, Sunday, March 25, 2001. End of business meeting.

Leaders: Andy Morse 189; Daryl Chesney 212; Nathan Green and Norma Green 570; Tommy George 354b; Teenie Moody 384; Liz Bryant 142; Mary Florence Smith 192; Myron House 311; Bobby Bailey 230; Russ Scholtz 123t; Bobby Jackson 480; David Lee 183; Linda Sides 454; Lonnie Rogers 225t; Jarrod George 300; LeAnne Carnell and Nathan Crosby 446; Susan Posey 178; Everette Denney 405; Frances Carnell 383.


John Plunkett, Will Witherington, Danielle Witherington, Sara Witherington, and Laura Witherington called the class to order leading song on page 299. Leaders: Don Bowen 283; Karen Ivey 288; Martha Beverly 188; Floy Wilder 402; Glenn Keeton 222; Jessica Roberts and Micah Roberts 168; Kathy Lee 146; Chris Carnell 272; Jeff Sheppard 182; Evelyn Harris 89; LaRue Allen 200; Reba Windom 172; Flora Skinner 434; Dennis George 542; Kathy Williams 107 (for Jerilyn Schumacher); Tom Tucker 510; Bud Oliver 39b; Rodney Ivey 47t; Amber Springfield 186; Shelbie Sheppard 195; B.J. Harris 303; David Ivey 572.


The class resumed singing with Felton Denney leading song on page 489. Leaders: Alice West 290; Suart Ivey and Richard Ivey 208; LeAnne Carnell 313b; Nancy Yeager 68b; Phillip Langley 110; Ashley Keeton 504; Frances Mary D’Andrea 380; Carol Crawford 333; David Yeager 32b; Jan House and Myron House 236; Philip Denney 120; Debra Jones 32t; Andy Anderson 535; Bill Beverly 515; Betty Wright 347; John Redman 143; Tommy McGraw 37b.

Announcements were made. Felton Denney and John Plunkett led song on page 490 (by request) as the closing song. Louis Hughes, Sr. dismissed the class with prayer.

Sunday, March 25

The convention was called to order by Chairman Felton Denney leading song on page 34b. Chaplain Lonnie Rogers offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Felton Denney 448t; Andy Anderson 27; Philip Denney 299; John Redman 362; Bobby Jackson 81t; Bobby Bailey 229; David Yeager 163b; Evelyn Harris 155; Everette Denney 34t; Don Bowen 77b; Tommy McGraw 475; Laura Akerman 543; Teenie Moody 347; Liz Bryant 203; Phillip Langley 224; Judy Mincey 538.


John Plunkett called the class together leading song on page 492. Leaders: Earlis McGraw 346; Oscar McGuire 573; Kiri Miller 442; Lorie Goode 358; Jackie Tanner 298; Job Triggers 146; Raymond Hamrick 54; Sheri Taylor 324; Karen Clark 35; Tom Ivey 66; Diane Wall 178; Karen Reeves 339; Cindy Tanner 498.


Philip Denney called the class together leading song on page 49t. Leaders: Cassie Franklin 556; Rueben Ball 497; Nancy Yeager 503; Myron House 191; Eunice Webb 436; Jim Crawford 268; Lee Rogers 269; Scott DePoy and Rodney Ivey 282; Eschol Hughes 460.

The memorial lesson was held. Richard DeLong led song on page 285t in memory of the Georgia deceased: Jack Smith, Jack Corley, Allene Stanford, Earnestine Kendrix, J.D. Muse, Mary Lou Cagle, Elder J.J. Aderhold, and Faye Warren. David Ivey led song on page 138b in memory of: Woodie Walker, Winston Jones, Marie Aldridge, Eloise Watkins, and Cecil Edwards—Alabama; Susan Garber—Connecticut; Karen House—New York; Bob Todd—Pennsylvania; Mary K. Friday—Washington, D.C.; and Joanna Sorlien.

Jan House led song on page 284 for all the sick and shut-ins, including the following: Faye Pettis, Pearl Bell, Bill Green, Kelly Morris, Mozelle Sheppard, Gladys McGraw, Revy Williamson, Vivian Rogers, Wilford Denney, Shelbie Sheppard, Jeff Sheppard, Jerilyn Schumacher, Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Anderson, Joyce Walton, Jap Walton, Dot Garber, Sharona Nelson, Edith Tate, John Henry Busby, and Rebecca Johnson. Lonnie Rogers closed the memorial with prayer.


The afternoon session resumed with Felton Denney leading song on page 387. Leaders: Coy Ivey and Karen Ivey 532 (for Edith Tate); Elene Stovall and Rodney Ivey 430 (in memory of Karen House); Floy Wilder 327; Jessica Roberts, Jesse Roberts, and Micah Roberts 306; Bud Oliver 73t; Ted Mercer 300; Max Berueffy 391; Flora Skinner 426b; Stuart Ivey 189; Henry Schuman 318; David Lee 274t; Laura Clawson 192; Martha Beverly 56b; Bonnie Flowers 383; Buell Cobb 389; Richard Ivey 567; Megan Jenning 384; David McGukin 163t; Russ Scholtz 99; Phil Summerlin 277; Reba Windom 216; Estelle Flowers 388.


Felton Denney called the class to order leading song on page 128. Leaders: Glenda Collins 124; Patrick Brown 148; Ashley Keeton and Glenn Keeton 507; Kathy Williams 273; Carol Crawford 55; Amber Springfield 142; Linda Sides 270; Bill Beverly 86; Tom Tucker 332; Kathy Lee 312b; Lela Crowder 280; Helen Bryson 522; Joel Griffin 378b.

A motion was made and seconded to go into the business session.

The Financial Report was given.

The following Resolutions Report was given. The 40th annual Georgia State Sacred Harp Resolutions Committee would first like to offer thanks to our Almighty God for giving us voices to lift in praise to Him. Our hearts are full from the overflowing streams of sound, grace, and fellowship we have experienced here.

Whereas the tradition of Sacred Harp has endured in this country over 200 years, we feel as Jacob Bower said of a singing school in Kentucky in 1812. “I started very early and got there just as they were singing. I thought that I had never heard such a heavenly music. All the singing, praying, and shaking of hands, accompanied with singing, was certainly the sweetest exercise I have ever witnessed.”

Whereas, we want to give thanks to:

(1) Jonathan Dorsey, Carrollton Bureau of Tourism, for the publicity and the use of these buildings.

(2) The diligent and able efforts of the officers, committees, and other helpers to see that needs were met and the convention ran smoothly.

(3) The dedicated and loving hands that prepared food for the nourishment of our physical bodies.

(4) The songwriters, channels for sweet inspiration and delightful interweaving of melody.

(5) Singers, young and older generation, large voices and small, from nearby, throughout Georgia, and other states to support the convention.

We resolve to be ever caring and supportive of those who are not here in body, but in spirit, and those who have traveled to a better land but who have so unselfishly provided us with a love of the Sacred Harp tradition.

We give thanks for all these things. And, we hereby resolve to:

  • Let the stream flow in our hearts.
  • Continue to sing, love, and support this music and to spread the joy of it to others.
  • Come together again, God willing, next year for another Georgia State Convention.

Respectfully submitted: Laura Akerman, Teenie Moody, and Helen Bryson.

The Locating Committee reported that the forty-first session of the Georgia State Sacred Harp Convention will meet at the Old DeKalb Courthouse, Decatur, Georgia.

Other business: A motion was made and passed to add Article 9, paragraph 1/2 to the Constitution and By-Laws of the Georgia State Sacred Harp Convention.

  1. The chairman will appoint a custodian, male or female, whose duties will be to see that arrangements are made, such as setting up chairs when necessary, make sure food area is clean, and other things necessary for the convention.
  2. Negotiable salary will be set ranging from one hundred to five hundred dollars, depending on the location of the convention.

End of business session.

Leaders: LaRue Allen 302; Louis Hughes, Sr. 76b; Lonnie Rogers 348b; B.J. Harris 303; Mary Florence Smith 91; B.M. Smith 28b.

Announcements were made. Felton Denney and John Plunkett led song on page 62 as the closing song. Phil Summerlin dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Felton Denney; Vice Chairman—John Plunkett; Secretary—Charlene Wallace.