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Georgia State Sacred Harp Convention

Lyndon House Arts Center, Athens, Georgia

March 23-24, 2019

Saturday, March 23

The 58th session of the Georgia State Sacred Harp Convention was held on the fourth Sunday and Saturday before in March at the Lyndon House Arts Center in Athens, Georgia. Erica Hinton called the class together leading 101t. Philip Denney offered the morning prayer. Mike Spencer welcomed the class, and led 420.

Leaders: Lela Crowder 213t; Anna Hinton 203; David Brodeur 406; Justin Bowen 31t; John Plunkett 171; Andy Ditzler 131t; Judy Chambless 527; Karen Rollins 327; Nina Burris 335; Deborah Van Broekhoven and Jan Ballard 45t; Philip Denney and Fred Eady 84; Robert Chambless 303; Jeannette DePoy 67; John Hollingsworth 36t; David Smead 487; Deborah Taube 49b; Phillip Langley 222; Rob Dillon 52b; Jeremiah Ledbetter 480; Sandra Wilkinson 167.


Oscar McGuire brought the class back together by leading 34b. Leaders: Kathy Williams, Joanne Harwell, and Donna Pruitt 186; Jane Cannon 53. A business session was held with the following officers and committee members elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Mike Spencer; Vice Chairman—Kathy Williams; Chaplain—John Hollingsworth; Secretary—Lela Crowder; Treasurer—Donna Bell; Arranging Committee—Jane Cannon and Anna Hinton; Memorial Committee—Amy Armstrong and Helen Brown; Locating Committee—John Plunkett, Philip Denney, and Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg; Resolutions Committee—Justin Bowen and Liora O’Donnell Goldensher.

Leaders: Jesse Roberts 263; Debora Grosse 91; Bobby Watkins and April Watkins 546; Hayden Arp 384; Charles Woods 197; Eli Snyder 172; Taylor Watkins 445.


Donna Bell called the class back together by leading 145t. Leaders: Daniel Lee 278t; Kerry Cullinan 569t; Chris Wilhelm 212; Gene Pinion 390; Julian Damashek 276; Clark Williams 106; Tom Ivey 436; Tom George 396; Lydia Lewallen 75; Karla Berlioz and Jose Camacho 268; Samuel Williams 539; Lauren Bock 34t; Wade Kotter 135; Rebecca Over 441; Sarah Trumbore 208.


Helen Brown called the class back to order leading 47t. Leaders: Bill Hollingsworth 236; Jacob Lindler 32b; Bridgett Hill Kennedy 486; Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 291; Reba Windom 411; Cheyenne Ivey 500; Nicholas Thompson 200; Helen Brown 542; Susan Cherones 349; Ted Brown 187; Pam Nunn 507 (in memory of Darrell Swarens); Matt Hinton, Janis Perry, Wyler Hecht, Claire Dunphy, and Anita Blaschak 448t; Liora O’Donnell Goldensher 426b; Chris Brown 447; Judy Whiting 472; Dave Farmer 455; Jose Camacho 444; Suzanne Coffman and Tom Ivey 282; Kyle Johnston 340; Ann Riley 440; John Gentry 375; Fred Eady 358.


Justin Bowen, Brad Sisk, and Laura Heatley brought the class back together leading 65. Leaders: Karen Edwards 383; Christy Sinksen 47b; Emmaleigh Calhoun 117; Anders Wells 99; Dan Edwards 497; Dan Bailey 569b; Shannon Primm and Didi Dunphy 201; Shelby Castillo and Hayden Arp 530; Amy Wells and Corinne Wells 354b. Announcements were made.

Mike Spencer led 521 as the closing song. Bill Hollingsworth offered the closing prayer.

Sunday, March 24

The Sunday session of the Georgia State Sacred Harp Convention was brought to order by Mike Spencer leading 31b. John Hollingsworth offered the morning prayer. Leaders: Kathy Williams 49t; Lela Crowder 421; Corinne Wells and Anders Wells 472; Justin Bowen 492; Dan Bailey 66; Donna Bell 120; Patty Judson and Andy Ditzler 352; John Plunkett 391; Bobby Watkins 512; Kyle Johnston 501; Ted Brown 100; Pam Nunn 454; Jim Neal 406; David Brodeur 361; Helen Bryson 176t; Lauren Bock 177; Taylor Watkins 388; Wade Kotter 318; Bill Hollingsworth 56b; Liora O’Donnell Goldensher 432; Amy Wells 222; Chris Brown 28b; April Watkins 274t; Gene Pinion 283.


Jane Cannon brought the class back together leading 133. Leaders: Robert Kelley 184; Reba Windom 176b; John Hollingsworth 415; Susan Cherones 300; Oscar McGuire 485; Shelby Castillo 30b; Clarke Williams 124; Rebecca Over 517; Andy Ditzler 168; Jeannette DePoy 89; David Smead 38t; Daniel Lee 101b; Judy Whiting 354t; Kerry Cullinan 449; Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 451.


Bobby Watkins brought the class back together leading 76b. Leaders: Bridgett Hill Kennedy 37b; Sarah Trumbore 209.

Amy Armstrong and Helen Brown conducted the memorial lesson. Amy Armstrong read Proverbs 25:20, and spoke about how the memorial makes a space during the singing to acknowledge those who cannot be with us. Amy led 72t for the sick and shut-ins who included Bea Aaron, Velton Chafin, Rozlyn Greene, Winfred Kerr, Ottis Sides, Carolyn Thompson, Don Bowen, Richard DeLong, Virginia Dyer, Lucy Garner, Edna Garst, John Garst, Judy Mincey, Norma Mincey, Susan Roberts, Charlene Wallace, Merv Horst, Dan Patterson, Molly Sweetser, Concetta Branson, Jonathan Smith, David Booher, Sarah Huckaby, Curtis Owen, Philip Ralls, and John Hopkinson.

Helen Brown reminded everyone that grief is the price we pay for love. She also called attention to how many songs mention home and that John chapter fourteen tells readers that are many mansions awaiting. Helen led 418 for departed singers who included Willodean Barton, C. M Cashion, Jr., Eugene Forbes, Glenda Hopper, Mike Jones, Irene Rice, Frank Wood—Alabama; Audrey Ruth Garner, Clara Wheeler—Georgia; Paul Luther Wilson—Minnesota; Mary Ellen Schrock—New York; Mike Nichols—North Carolina; Susan Carr, Pete Civico, Harry Cowking, Steve Harrison, Rev. Michael Pain, Bob Patten, Bill Steel, Stuart Tanner, Caroline Williams, and Janet Winstanley—United Kingdom. John Plunkett closed the memorial with prayer.

Leaders: Tom Ivey 376; Ann Riley 178; Nicholas Thompson 392; Karen Edwards 430; Tom George 495.


Kathy Williams brought the class back together by leading 372. Leaders: Christy Sinksen 107; Lydia Lewallen 370; Dan Edwards 203; Lisa Bennett 272; Anders Wells 71; Helen Brown 296; Anna Hinton 142; Michael Archer 44; Nina Burris and Emmaleigh Calhoun 198; Rosemarie Yntema 183; Kelly Morris 147t; Shannon Primm 206; David Jackson 378t; Chris Wilhelm 286; Jacob Lindler 163b; Erica Hinton 228; Laura Akerman 196; Justin Bowen and Reba Windom 192; Wade Kotter 350; Chris Brown and Judy Whiting 323t; Jane Cannon 151; Kerry Cullinan 438; Liora O’Donnell Goldensher 475; Rebecca Over 460; Robert Kelley 434.


Mike Spencer brought the class back together leading 393. Leaders: Helen Brown and Ted Brown 373; Lydia Lewallen and Kyle Johnston 134; Tom George and Sarah Trumbore 112; Clarke Williams 480; Nicholas Thompson 528; Bridgett Hill Kennedy 564; Tom Ivey 382; Shelby Castillo 216.

The convention went into a business session to hear reports from the various committees. The Locating Committee reported that the convention will meet at Emmaus Primitive Baptist Church near Carrollton, Georgia, on the fourth Sunday and Saturday before in March, 2020. Donna Bell presented the finance report. Justin Bowen and Liora O’Donnell Goldensher presented the resolutions in which they thanked the various officers and committees, the Lyndon House Arts Center, supporters of the singing, and the singers. All reports were read and approved. The business session was closed. Announcements were made.

Mike Spencer and Kathy Williams led 347 as the closing song. John Hollingsworth gave the closing prayer.

Chairman—Mike Spencer; Vice Chairman—Kathy Williams; Secretary—Lela Crowder