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Pacific Northwest Convention (Oregon)

The Laurelhurst Club, Portland, Oregon

October 20-21, 2012

Saturday, October 20

The 21st annual Pacific Northwest Convention was held at The Laurelhurst Club, Portland, Oregon, on the third Sunday and Saturday before in October. Chris Cotter and Heather Ikeler called the class to order leading 448b. Scott Kennedy offered the opening prayer.

A brief business meeting was held and the following officers were elected to serve: Chairperson—Chris Cotter; Vice Chairperson—Heather Ikeler; Treasurer—Dan Thoma; Secretary—Heather Ikeler.

Jesse P. Karlsberg and Lauren Bock were introduced as the singing school teachers. Together they covered the Rudiments, what makes a good class, what we as singers can do to help make a good singing, dynamics and accent, and led 82t, 313b, 31t, 65, 460, 168, 274t and 360 to demonstrate their points. Singing style was addressed. We were encouraged to use our speaking voice with a straight tone and to avoid vibrato and other kinds of ornamentation, and to sing loudly enough to express and hear ourselves, but not so loudly as to be unable to hear the voices of our fellow singers. Jesse and Lauren talked about the mechanics of leading and demonstrated by each leading the same song, 556 (Jesse notes and first verse, Lauren second verse) in their own distinct styles.


The class was called back together by Cornelia Stanton leading 32t. Leaders: Chris Cotter 108t; Heather Ikeler 134; Tom McTighe 77b; Jessica Beer 171; Betsy Jeronen 111b; Steve Cackley 484; Scott Kennedy 489; Emily Gletsos and Penelope Gletsos 300; Dan Thoma 224; Marie Brandis 142; Thom Fahrbach 138t; Bruce Rowland 426b; Carol Selleck 287; John Carson 163t; Erika Wilson 275t; Karen Willard 371; Jonathan Levy-Wolins 189; Steve Tarr 113; Mary McDonald-Lewis and Kosmos Gletsos 122; Karl Oswald 168; Carolyn Deacy 95. Scott Kennedy offered the blessing for the noon meal.


Jessica Beer called the class back to order leading 72b. Leaders: Jack Lofton 528; Mary Gowins 192; Carol Huang 215; Juniper Hill 254; Paul Figura 342; Kari Lundgren 344; Steve Helwig 283; Daniel Hunter 100; Mark Miller 162; Kevin Barrans 384; Tamara Harris 424; Caroline Helmeczi 433; Lauren Bock 328; Bridgett Kennedy 383; Erik Schwab 228; Katy Kanfer 434; Caroline Bonnet 496; Jennie Brown 550.


The class was called back to order by Chris Cotter leading 47t. Leaders: David Wright 269; Linda Selph 214; Shirley Figura 361; Jesse P. Karlsberg 392; Shani Aviram 504; Liora O’Donnell Goldensher 546; Sophia Schinske 497; Jessica Hahl 417; Bethany Towne 316; Jerry Schreiber 362; Marla Elliott 58; Abraham Hardy 503; Mary McDonald-Lewis 481; Linda Booth 196; Darlene Simpson-Brown 179; Alberta Hardy 87; Jenna Bond Tompkins 165; Anne Huckins 163b; Sarah Knapton 32b.

Chris Cotter led 323t. Scott Kennedy offered the closing prayer.

Sunday, October 21

The Sunday session of the Pacific Northwest Convention was brought to order by Chris Cotter leading 48t. The opening prayer was offered by Cornelia Stanton.

Leaders: Lyle Lindsey 178; Kelsey Nelsen 146; Jim Friedrich 77t; Reed Schilbach 318; Danielle Burton and Kathy Vlach 282; Dorothy Robinson 474; Dan Hunter 129; Bob Schinske 453; Bill Walters 444; Anna Stoerch 477; Greg Saue 99; Mary Ditson 455; Nell Whitman 114; Lucinda Saue 155; Melissa Stephenson 144; Marcia Stedman 107; Paul Figura 460; Gregory Mulkern and Jessica Hahl 168; Rosie Lindsey 498; Jordan Singer 89.


The class was called back together by Rosie Lindsey leading 72b. Leaders: Tamara Harris 441; Kate Fine 452; Martha Sherwood 53; Caroline Helmeczi 320; Clarissa Fetrow 419; Liora O’Donnell Goldensher 203; Jean Murphy 189; Philip Haines 319; Kevin Barrans 400; Cornelia Stanton 473; Peter Schinske 573; Jack Lofton 376; Kari Lundgren 276; Solomon Ossa 472; Kathy Vlach 350; Eric Holt 448t.

Chris Cotter led 39b for the following sick and shut-ins: Shirley Flatley, Carla Smith, Olga Haas, Sharon Kellam, Gary Gronau, Velton Chafin, and Barry Ratzkin.

Thom Fahrbach conducted the memorial lesson and led 240 for the following deceased; Marie Ivey, Travis Keeton, and Harrison Creel—Alabama; John Merritt—Mississippi; Dominic Ziegler and Carla Washington—California; Alice Fahrbach—Michigan; Joseph Murphy—New York; Anne Dhu McLucas, Robert Dean Butler, Robert Reynolds, Fred Edera, Pauline Robinson, Ross Nida, Marjorie Coorey, and Eric Miller—Oregon; Susan Accetta—Pennsylvania; Alissa Bennett and Ross Bunnell—Washington; H. Keise, Grant West Erwin, Jr.—State Unknown.

Leaders: Dan Thoma 539; Scott Kennedy 547; Bridgett Kennedy 440; Marla Elliot 235; Erik Schwab 447; Shirley Figura 348b. The noon blessing was offered by Cornelia Stanton.


The afternoon session was called to order by Scott Kennedy leading 454. Leaders: Mark Miller 422; Erika Wilson 564; Lauren Bock 216; Linda Selph 456; Bob Schinske 475; Jennie Brown 217; Jesse P. Karlsberg 183; Carol Huang 436; David Wright 542; Bethany Towne 411; Jerry Schreiber 532; Karen Willard 198; Reed Schilbach 297; Carolyn Deacy 430; Mary Gowins 442; Dan Thoma 157; Katy Kanfer 394; Jonathan Levy-Wolins 112; Caroline Bonnet 567; Steve Helwig 432; Linda Booth 186; Mary Ditson 312b.


The class was called back together by Heather Ikeler leading 445. Leaders: Benedicta Hardy 40; Juniper Hill 245; Carol Selleck 524; Anna Stoerch 98; Sophia Schinske 270; Clarissa Fetrow 480; Daniel Hunter 416; Bridgett Kennedy 377; Lauren Bock and Jesse P. Karlsberg 197; Emily Winokur 549; Ethan Hardy 210; Caleb Hardy 438; Greg Saue and Lucinda Saue 479; Betsy Jeronen 439; Anne Huckins 49b; Marcia Stedman 143; Jordan Singer 229; Kathy Vlach 84; Darlene Simpson-Brown 534.

Chris Cotter called a business meeting to order. Committee reports were given as follows: The Treasurer announced that all expenses had been met; Registration announced 199 people registered with 158 songs led by 95 leaders over the two days; Resolutions were given by Tamara Harris and Bridgett Kennedy, thanking travelers and all others who participated in making the convention a success. A gift was presented to Lauren Bock and Jesse P. Karlsberg in appreciation for their fine singing school.

Announcements were made. Chris Cotter led 36b, as all who wished took the parting hand. Cornelia Stanton offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairperson—Chris Cotter; Vice Chairperson and Secretary—Heather Ikeler