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National Sacred Harp Convention

First Christian Church, Birmingham, Alabama

June 17-19, 2010

Thursday, June 17

The 31st annual session of the National Sacred Harp Convention was called to order by Mark Davis leading 37b. The morning prayer was offered by Elder Jesse Roberts.

Leaders: Hubert Nall 63; Gaston White 99; Buell Cobb 52t; Jesse Roberts 112; Kathy Williams 29t; Helen Brown 492; Mike Hinton 527; Cheryl Foreman 475; Henry Johnson 113; Elizabeth Stoddard 67; Pat Temple 373; John Redman 293; Mary Wright 477; Ginnie Ely 546; Eddie Mash and Jason Steidl 365; Henry Guthery 549; Bea Carnathan 205; Gary Smith 66; Randy Webber 287.


Ginnie Ely called the class back to order by leading 145b. Leaders: Charlotte Ehrman 157; Robert Walker 171; Cathryn Bearov 372; Chloe Webb 81t; Ed Thacker 91; Carroll Lunsford 176t; Sarah Smith 340; Joe Nall 203; Charlene Wallace 283.

The Convention went into a business session with the following officers and committees elected and/or appointed: Chairman—Mark Davis; Co-Vice Chairmen—Buell Cobb, Gaston White, Hubert Nall; Chaplain—Elder Jesse Roberts; Secretaries—Cheryl Foreman, Kathy Williams; Arranging Committee—Helen Brown, Elizabeth Stoddard, Sandie Scott, Sonny Erwin; Memorial Committee—Mike Hinton, Sharona Nelson, Ginnie Ely; Finance Committee—John Redman, Robert Stoddard, Philippa Stoddard, Nathan Rees; Resolutions Committee—Mary Wright, Pat Temple. The business session was concluded.

Leaders: Lincoln Richardson 313b; Natalie Davis and Corissa Sweatt 79; Micah Roberts 388; Beth Anne Clay 542; Hugh Bill McGuire 396; Travis Keeton 482; Janet Fraembs 556; Henry McGuire 455; Ila Ingle 436; Loyd Ivey 208; Arlon Gardner 277; Anne Heider 304; Marlin Beasley 318.

Hugh McGraw was recognized as the organizing chairman of the first National Sacred Harp Convention in 1980.

Leaders: Ted Brown 225t; Brenda Peña 480; Charles Kitchens 90. Elder Jesse Roberts offered prayer before lunch.


The afternoon session was brought to order by Henry Johnson leading 29b. Leaders: Robert Chambless 70t; David McGinty 323b; Philippa Stoddard 500; Margaret Gillanders 350; Matt Hinton 460; Robert Stoddard 316; Nathan Rees 138t; Cindy Tanner 198; Linda Caranna 358; Richard Schmeidler 120; David Ivey and Karen Ivey 288; Solomon Ossa 38b; Judy Mincey 468; Gail Doss 543; Erik Mason 38t; Velton Chafin 463; JoDell Albi 361; Judy Chambless 501.


Ted Brown and Helen Brown called the class back together by leading 111b. Leaders: Cora Sweatt, Natalie Davis, Corissa Sweatt 72b; Sonny Erwin 441; Floy Wilder 227; Eugene Forbes 168; Becky Briggs 335; Samuel Sommers 548; Sharona Nelson 547; Caroline Helmeczi 48t; Steve Warner 107; Wendy Futral 339; Linda Thomas 345b; Caleb Dillehay 327; Julietta Haynes 217; Anita Landess 389; Jim Glaser 137; Elene Stovall 392.

Mark Davis and Hubert Nall led 46 as the closing song. Elder Jesse Roberts closed the session with prayer.

Henry Guthery’s extensive collection of Sacred Harp books, pictures and memorabilia, some inherited, some donated, and some purchased, was on display in the vestibule of the church. This beautiful and significant collection will be available for viewing each year at the National Convention.

Friday, June 18

The Friday session of the National Sacred Harp Convention was brought to order by Mark Davis leading 77t. Pastor Ed Spencer offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Gaston White 66; Hubert Nall 313t; Buell Cobb 74b; Jesse Roberts 240; Kathy Williams 76b; Cheryl Foreman 534; Helen Brown 411; Elizabeth Stoddard 545; Buck Lea 228; Gillian Inksetter 433; Gerry Hoffman 445; Jonathan Smith 186; Katie White 377; Judy Hauff 245; Kennon Smith 189; Tom Malone 550; Ann Webb 282; Al McCready 452.


Robert Stoddard and Elizabeth Stoddard called the class back to order leading 65. Leaders: Tor Bejnar, Alice Bejnar, Beverly Dayton, and Alen Gwynne 122; Virgel Campbell 335; Warren Steel 214; Amber Davis 224; Natalie Davis and Corissa Sweatt 145b; Micah Roberts 389; Cassie Allen 319; Beth Anne Clay 274t; Charles Woods 197; Melanie Hauff 271 (t? b?); Beth Branscome 391; Nate Green and Norma Green 283; Michael Walker 140; Sandie Scott 472; Larry Ballinger 540; Scott DePoy 201; Rene Greene 200; Rodney Ivey 302; Aldo Ceresa 68t; Karen Rollins 327; Jeff Sheppard 297; Paul Figura and Shirley Figura 162; David Carlton 440; Bill Stewart 569b; Sue Bunch 102; Delone Cobbs 44; Stephanie Laubscher 108b; Daniel Bass 268; Frank Strickland 480; Morgan Bunch 67. Elder J.L. Hopper offered prayer before the noon meal.


Eugene Forbes called the class together leading 101t. Mary Helen Dupree 95; Leon Ballinger 99; J.L. Hopper 187; Jeannette DePoy 333; Jesse P. Karlsberg 396; Ted Brown 176b; Laura Lee Earles 148; Angela Myers 515; Coy Ivey 384; Lomax Ballinger 300; Robert Kelley 169; Nell Estes 560; Frank DeBolt 503; Margaret Gillanders 542; Tim Reynolds 178; Ken Tate 220; Darryl Chesney 373; Charles McCravy 428; Sarah Tidwell 42; Richard DeLong 123b; Robert DuPree and Mary Helen DuPree 84; Nathan Rees 56t; Mike Hinton 456; Philippa Stoddard 505; Pat Temple 33t; Mark Davis 236.


Henry McGuire brought the class back to order by leading 254. Leaders: Josie Hyde 507; Sharona Nelson 168; Robert Stoddard 567; Mary Wright 328; Caroline Helmeczi 457; Samuel Sommers 54; Anita Landess 135; Ginnie Ely 196; Erik Mason 28b; Becky Briggs 234; Cindy Tanner 269; Matt Hinton 430; Rodney Ivey 500; Cassie Allen 512; Gillian Inksetter 485; Earl Ballinger 331; Aldo Ceresa 522; Michael Walker 193.

The officers led 123b as the closing song. Elder J.L. Hopper closed the session with prayer.

Saturday, June 19

The Saturday session of the National Sacred Harp Convention was called to order by Mark Davis leading 45t. The opening prayer was offered by Ron Harper.

Leaders: Gaston White and Mary Whitehurst 155; Hubert Nall 36b; Buell Cobb 425; Jesse Roberts 296; Kathy Williams 209; Cheryl Foreman 564; Phil Summerlin 318; Lance Phillips 340; Rebekah Gilmore 410t; Fred Hoerr 163b; Grace Gilmore 354b; Clark Parry and Lucinda Durkee 277; Jim Aaron 68b; Karen Clark 534; John Plunkett 227; Martha Elliott 504; Marty Hoerr and Fred Hoerr 421; Robert Simmons 66; Tim Reynolds 476; Caroline Parsons 47b; Virgel Campbell 167; Julietta Haynes 192.


Sonny Erwin called the class back together leading 454. Leaders: Ron Harper 440; Geraldine Sharpton 542; Tim Cook 458; Mary Whitehurst 171; Carolyn Thompson 481; Bea Carnathan 568; Mary Kitchens Gardner 196; Vella Dailey 565; Gerry Hoffman 272; Katie White and Judy Mincey 547; Phillip Gilmore, Rebecca Gilmore, Grace Gilmore, and Mary Jewel Gilmore 49b; Judy Caudle 329; Micah Roberts 119; Natalie Davis and Corissa Sweatt 282.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Mike Hinton, Sharona Nelson, and Ginnie Ely. Sharona Nelson spoke on behalf of the sick and homebound and their caretakers. She read the list of names, and Ginnie Ely led 34t.

Mike Hinton made remarks based on the words of “Peace and Joy”. He read the following list of deceased: Thurman Nall, Pearl Galbreath, Paul King, Uel Freeman, Corene White, Willie Mae Latham Moon, John Parsons, Charlotte Creel McCarn—Alabama; Mary Nelson—Delaware; Jimmy Denney—Georgia; Jerry Enright, Larry Devocelle—Illinois; Virginia Bolles—Massachusetts; Marsha Headrick—Mississippi; John Scarlata—North Carolina; Roland Smith—New Hampshire; Arthur Payton—Oregon; Myra Palmer, Dutch Owen—Texas. He led 532 in their memory. The memorial lesson was closed with prayer offered by Elder Jesse Roberts.

Leaders: Charlene Wallace 503; Ila Ingle 530; Carroll Lunsford 403. Elder Jesse Roberts returned thanks.


Tom Malone reconvened the convention leading 144. Leaders: Daphene Causey 436; Sharon DuPriest 216; Harold Watson 143; Chloe Webb, Laura Lee Webb 181; Charlotte Ehrman 490; Randy Webber 320; Janet Fraembs 385b; Solomon Ossa 27; Angela Myers 127; Henry Johnson 418; Brenda Peña 225t; Seth Holloway 294; Eddie Mash 301; Sara Beasley and Nancy Lea 290; Marlin Beasley 73t; Morgan Bunch and Sue Bunch 230; Linda Caranna and Tom Malone 136; Richard Schmeidler 543; Darryl Chesney 556; Daniel Lee 63; Elene Stovall 316; Jim Glaser 322; Cora Sweatt, Natalie Davis, and Corissa Sweatt 111b.


John Redman, Mary Wright, Caleb Dillehay, Judy Mincey, and Sharon Burg brought the class back together by leading 401. Leaders: Gary Smith 99; Beth Branscomb 276; Caleb Dillehay 472; Judy Hauff and Melanie Hauff 215; Sandie Scott and Craig Korth 74b; Warren Steel 285t.

The convention then went into a business session. The Finance Committee thanked the congregation for donations that were sufficient to cover expenses. The Resolutions Committee resolved to thank the following: God for our voices and for traveling mercies; pastors Ed Spencer and Mary Pat Spencer for the hospitality of the church; all those who contributed food to feed the multitude; Ginnie Ely and Warren Steel for organizing the Alternative Singing; Sarah Smith and Gary Smith for their hospitality; Convention officers and Committee members. Finally, it was resolved to meet again June 16, 17, and 18, 2011. The secretary reported that 569 people from 29 states, Washington, D.C., Canada, and the United Kingdom had registered. During the three days of the Convention, 169 leaders led 246 songs. The number of people registered by state or country was as follows: Alabama—403; Georgia—28; Tennessee—27; Mississippi—15; Texas—14; Florida—12; Illinois—9; New York—7; Massachusetts—6; Colorado—5; Virginia—4; California—3; Indiana—3; South Carolina—3; Vermont—3; Pennsylvania—2; Kentucky—2; Washington—2; Missouri—2; North Carolina—2; Arkansas—2; New Mexico—1; Ohio—1; Montana—1 Nebraska—1; New Jersey—1 Connecticut—1; Oklahoma—1; Washington, D.C.—1; Louisiana—1; United Kingdom—6; Canada—6.

Mark Davis, Buell Cobb, Hubert Nall, Gaston White, Jesse Roberts, Cheryl Foreman, and Kathy Williams led 62 as the traditional closing hymn, and those who wished took the parting hand. The closing prayer was offered by Elder Jesse Roberts, and the Convention was dismissed.

Chairman—Mark Davis; Co-Chairmen—Buell Cobb, Hubert Nall, and Gaston White; Secretaries—Cheryl Foreman and Kathy Williams