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Potomac River Sacred Harp Convention

The Grange, Great Falls, Virginia

April 5-6, 2008

Saturday, April 5

The 19th annual Potomac River Sacred Harp Convention was held on the first Sunday in April and the Saturday before at the Great Falls Grange. Cathy Tucker called the convention to order at 10:00 a.m. leading 144. The opening prayer was offered by Chaplain Kim Moreno.

The following officers were elected to serve: Chairman—Kevin Griffin Moreno; Vice Chairperson—Bev Yeager; Treasurer—Kelly Macklin; Secretary—Carly Goss.

Opening remarks were made by the Chairman, followed by instructions from Gillie Campbell concerning our “zero-waste” recycling and composting effort.

Leaders: Kevin Griffin Moreno 137; Bev Yeager 515; Rachel Speer 229; Carly Goss 32t; Kelly Macklin 187; Nora Dunn 283; Erin Kelly 430; Tim Slattery 171; Kathy Manning 266; Gillie Campbell 496; Jim Glaser 358; Joni Seidenstein 195; Chris Bracken 40; Mary Ann Daly 277; Marty DeNys 228; Barbara Barry 372; Evelyn Wheeler 159; John Hewes 497; Dottie Hurley 49b; Beth Reed 504.


Joni Seidenstein and Nova Seidenstein called the class together leading 146. Leaders: Mimi Stevens 122; Leyland delRe 182; Mary Langley 61; Fritz von Fleckenstein 479; Rosalie Duncan 196; Hunter Hale 163b; Scott Mattheson 72b; Kim Moreno and family 87; Evan Duncan 224; Mary DeNys 547; John Alexander 86; Mary Wright 457; Ray Milefsky 268; Clare Chapin 344; Corey Walters 414; Adrian Mariano 419. Announcements were made, followed by a blessing for the noon meal by Ted Stokes.


Kevin Griffin Moreno and family called the class back to order leading 178. Leaders: Kelly Macklin 323t; Pat Temple 34b; Lamar Mathew 35; Jessica Keyes 384; Oliver Kindig-Stokes 434; Richard Ivey 422; Anna Mays 451; Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 189; Leslie Alperin 454; Robert Stoddard 415; Bill Waddington 218; Jean Seiler 217; Peter Golden 203; Alice Noyes 111t; Aldo Ceresa 522; Karen Isbell 448t; Karl Dise 210; Kathy Kaiser and David Garner 106; Ted Stokes 151; Zoe Clay 117; Elizabeth Stoddard 216; George Seiler 480; Terry Ryan 352; Laura Densmore 304.


Jessica Keyes led 445 to call the class back together. Leaders: John delRe 111b, Ina Shea 176b; Owen Kelley 81t; Beth Huener 200; Guy Bankes 444; Margaret Bornick 236; Tom Clay 64; John Feddersen 183; Kay Huener 350; Jason Law 66; Lynda Hambourger 551; Frank Evans 85; Ron Bornick 455; Roy Link 58; Karen Isbell 29t; Lamar Matthew 157.


Anna Mays called the class back to order leading 82t. Leaders: John Alexander 179; Erin Kelly 491; Evan Duncan 300; Leslie Alperin 313b; Zoe Clay 148; Corey Walters 566; Rosalie Duncan 274t; Margaret Bornick 486; Marty DeNys 142; Mary Langley 73b; Ron Bornick 186; Mimi Stevens 532; Pat Temple 373; Jim Strube 354t; Gillie Campbell and Jean Seiler 318; Leyland delRe and Kelly Macklin 212; Bev Yeager 351.

Kevin Griffin Moreno made closing announcements and led 70t. Lamar Matthew closed the Saturday session with a prayer.

Sunday, April 6th

Kevin Griffin Moreno called the Sunday session to order at 9:30 a.m. leading 467. Kim Moreno offered the morning blessing. Leaders: Nora Dunn 31t; Kim Moreno 145t; Adrian Mariano 411; Kathy Manning 482; Tim Slattery 222; Mary Ann Daly 191; Carly Goss 460; Jim Glaser 569t; Clare Chapin 47t; Cathy Tucker 454; Joni Seidenstein 506; John delRe 564; Rebecca Mays 31b; Barbara Hohenstein 110; Walter Hartley 178; Elizabeth Stokes 475; Doron Henkin 474; Cindy Wasson 86; Lee Schumacher 40; Anna Mays 272; Jim Strube 217.


Robert Stoddard called the class back together leading 70b. Leaders: Kelly Macklin 466; Alice Noyes 107; Steven Sabol 442; Beth Huener 547; Laura Densmore 49b; Aldo Ceresa 436; Kay Huener 234; Jessica Keyes 335.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Kathy Manning. Kathy spoke beautifully about Amanda Denson Brady, who was a dear friend and mentor to many present at the convention. Kathy led page 189 in memory of Amanda.

Ted Stokes and Oliver Kindig-Stokes presented their thoughts and read the list of sick and shut-ins as follows: Dwight Speer, Marilyn Darch, Wendy Karlsberg-Meltzer, Janet Fraembs, Frank Fraembs, Pauline Childers, Bill Ellason, David Bornick, Bill Farnon, Julietta Haynes, Jonathan Hunter-Kilmer, Kat Kincade, Dan Macklin, Kacy Pate, and Marge Wheeler. Ted and Oliver lead 69t in their honor.

Ted spoke concerning the list of the deceased, which included the following: LaRue Allen, Milton Oliver—Alabama; Dennis Stevens—Colorado; Steve Lewis—District of Columbia; Amanda Denson Brady—Georgia; Glen Ernst—Illinois; Mary Carson, Ruth Donovan—Maryland; Clare V. Chapin—Maryland/Connecticut; Donald Goss, Jean Goss, Jack Kramer—Massachusetts; Minja Lausevic—Massachusetts/Minnesota; Naomi Ivi, Arthur John Spring—Minnesota; Jeanette Lowry—Missouri; David Davies—New Jersey; Becky Accuri, Alex Mennella, Barry Talesnick—New York; William Powers—Pennsylvania; and Mike Stewardson—Virginia . Ted and Oliver led page 260 in memory of the deceased. The memorial lesson was closed with a prayer by Kim Moreno.

Leaders: Bev Yeager 269; Elizabeth Stoddard 77b; Frank Evans 287; Bill Waddington 347; Nova Seidenstein and Joni Seidenstein 278b; Karl Dise 320; Terry Ryan 339; Ina Shea 429; Peter Pate 318; Barbara Barry 148. The blessing for lunch was offered by George Seiler.


Kevin Griffin Moreno, along with new singers, called the class back to order leading 276. Leaders: Erin Kelly 477; Kyle Greenleaf and Vienna Greenleaf 198; John Hewes 254; Ray Milefsky 47b; Mary Wright 328; Peter Golden 112; Pat Temple 312b; Mimi Stevens 84; Steven Sabol, Jim Brady, and family 77t; Robert Stoddard 556; Rachel Speer 573; Jean Seiler 299; Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 432; Guy Bankes 297; George Seiler 168; Leyland delRe 298; Richard Ivey 215; Gillie Campbell 479; Oliver Kindig-Stokes 392; Mary DeNys 95b; Cindy Wasson 313b; Corey Walters 338.


The class was called back for the final session of the convention by Bev Yeager leading 344. Leaders: Walter Hartley 155; Doron Henkin 333; Elizabeth Stokes 440; Barbara Hohenstein 441; Nick Schliapin 369; Anna Mays 30t; Bill Waddington 536; Jessica Keyes 76b; Elizabeth Stoddard 38b; Aldo Ceresa 376; Karl Dise 379; Terry Ryan 37b; Ina Shea 458; Ted Stokes 426t; Chris Bracken 340; Brady Family 319; Laura Densmore and Nora Dunn 383; Peter Golden 324; George Seiler and Kim Moreno 282; Richard Ivey and Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 424; Robert Stoddard 32t; Carly Goss and John delRe 445; Guy Bankes 327; Rachel Speer 175; Kelly Macklin and Leyland delRe 348t; Alice Noyes 503.

Kevin Griffin Moreno led 62 as the closing song. Kim Moreno closed the convention with a prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Kevin Griffin Moreno; Vice Chairperson—Bev Yeager; Secretary—Carly Goss