Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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New England Convention

Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut

October 3-4, 1997

Friday, October 3

The twenty-second annual New England Convention was held at Wesleyan University. The Friday evening session was called to order by Chairman Neely Bruce leading songs on pages 147t and 274t.

Leaders: Susan Jaster 173; Dan Hertzler 276; Michael Kaye 569 (t? b?); Max Berueffy 171; Anna Patton 47b; Howard Katz 99; Cheryl Stroud 551; Becah Morrison 299; Paula McGray 28t; Walter S. Hartley 178; Jeff Colby 216; Leigh Tintle 228; Laura Densmore 86; Jean Seiler 455; Katie Shimizu 209; Paul Booth 410t; Laura Clawson 115; David Bliss 117.


Neely Bruce brought the class to order for a special session in memory of Frits DeBohr leading songs on pages 37b, 250, 34b, 35, and 34t.

Leaders: Roland Hutchinson 242; Karen Snowberg 532; Edward Jessen 290; Francis R. Bliss 84; Patty Cuyler 198; Ian Smiley 95; Kelly House 442; Kyle Greenlee 31t; Richard Schmeidler 474; Mary Neville 163b; Barbara Benary 168; Leonard Spencer 504; Diane Mennella 228. Neely Bruce led 302 as the closing song.

Saturday, October 4

The morning session was called to order by Neely Bruce leading songs on pages 151 and 159. Leaders: Guy Banks 77b; Karen House 318; Ginny Landgraf 444; Hal Kunkel 426b; Gina Balestracci 112; Virginia Neville 272; Nathan Morrison 288; Lynnette Combs 280; Ginnie Ely 228; Charles Cofone 65; Jim Ulrich 569b; Jessica Holland 117; Seth Houston 183; Margaret Bornick 472; Berkley Moore 290; Mary-Alice Amidon 442; Ronald Bornick 299; Bob Parr 218; Neely Bruce 61.


The class was called to order by Peter Amidon leading song on page 178. Leaders: Cath Oss 163t; Paul Gauthier 82t; Bill Holt 430; Susan Mampre 497; George Seiler 480; Tim Eriksen 83b; Laura Risk 345b; Bruce Randall 344; Bobbie Goodell 501; Peter Irvine 142; Susan Waters 31t; Anayis Joy Mampre Wright 551; Doron Henken 192; Laura Barber 147t; Glen Wright 474; Duncan Vinson 33b; Eliza Cavanaugh 30t.


Neely Bruce called the afternoon session together leading songs on pages 250, 200, and 335. Leaders: Dan Hertzler 324; Jim Desmond 163b; Ba Wheeler 268; Beth Slepian 155; Karen McArthur 48t; Hillary Olin 254.

At this time the class was turned over to Peter Amidon for the Memorial Lesson. Peter Amidon led “Millbrook” by Neely Bruce for the sick and shut-in: Ann Beasley Ballard, Phyllis Bruce, Winifred Bruner, Jonathan Dean-Lee, Anna Dziadik, Dorothy Goodell, Lucy Goodhue, Maureen Joy, Donald and Elsie Lawless, Bob Scorgie, Bill Wakefield, Susan Wantland, and Jo Weber.

Song on page 122 was led by Peter Amidon for those singers and friends who have passed away: Lois Berfield, Estes Benson, George Boardman, Frank Borchert, Lawrence Brooks, Dr. Julian Brunen, Elizabeth Ann Burke, Caroline Cho, Patricia Jean Cuyler, Diana, Princess of Wales, Frits DeBohr, Tony DeFusco, Clarence and Enid Dorscher, Jean Dorscher, Nina Dunbar, Maureen Joy, John Lundgren, Madolin McGray, Arthur Morgan, Barbara Owens, George Padrone, Joan Sanders, Quay Smathers, Betty Snowberg, Arthur Stauffer, Sr., Mother Theresa, Anna Timmerman, Carol Weller, Clarke Wilson, and Alice Yang. The Memorial Lesson was closed.

Leaders: Linda Delfs 445; Susan Jaster 124; Michael Kaye 49b; Max Berueffy 384; Anna Patton 73t; Howard Katz 362; Cheryl Stroud 350; Becah Morrison 538; Paula McGray 556; Walter Hartley 146; Jeff Colby 29b.


Neely Bruce called the class back to order leading songs on pages 47t and 284. Leaders: Doron Henkin “Brier Island”; Seth Houston “Interstate”; Patty Cuyler “Ranks of Corn”, “West Shore”; Roland Hutchinson “Ussher”; Hal Kunkel “Ten Thousand Charms”. Announcements were made. Singing resumed with the following leaders: Minja Lausevic 198; Beth Carpenter 203; Jean Seiler 209; Laura Clawson 217; Francis Bliss 193; Katie Shimizu 300; Ian Smiley 454; Kelly House 378b; Kyle Greenlee 425b; Richard Schmeidler 334; Mary Neville 347; Barbara Benary 481; Leonard Spencer 70b; Diane Mannella 550. Neely Bruce led the closing song on page 62.

Co Chairmen—Neely Bruce and Phyllis Bruce; Secretaries—Kelly House and Jeff Colby.