Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Texas State Sacred Harp Convention

Conference Center, College Station, Texas

February 26-27, 2000

Saturday, February 26

The eighth annual session of the Texas State Convention met at the Conference Center in College Station, Texas. The class was called to order by Chairman Jeb Owen leading song on page 492. Gaylon Powell led the invocation.

Leaders: Chairman Jeb Owen 490; Vice Chairman John Morris 491; Secretary Vivian Rogan 49t; Beverly Coates 475; Ryan Ross 276; Tom Owen 498; Cissy Moseley 532; Scott Wizeman 40; Emmie Morris 142; Josh Rogan 344; D.J. Hatfield 163t; Doris Hanks 384; Baron Powers 85; Liz Rogan 376; Owen Ross 203; Robert Handel 29b; Edith Owen 480; Donald Ross 546; Mary Bachmann 569b; Leon Ballinger 299; Catherine Rogan 222; Greg Economides 504; Myra Palmer 318.


Vice Chairman John Morris brought the class to order with song on page page 36b. Leaders: Scott Curran 176b; Diane Ross 503; Zach Rogan 280; Cheryl Foreman 460; Gaylon Powell 442; Amanda Owen 535b; Kelly Beard 434; Albano Alban 166b; Katie Moseley 34b; B.E. Matthews 294; Reed Coates 212; Michele Rogan 196; Bruce Coates 163b; Myrl Jones 189; Peter Nichols 117; Olivia Powell 448b; Gary Rogan 383; Amanda Blevins 84.

Chairman Jeb Owen appointed Beverly Coates and Dr. Don Barker to the Memorial Committee. John Morris was appointed to recognize the sick and shut-ins. Donald Ross, Gaylon Powell, and Leon Ballinger were appointed to the Nominating Committee.


Vice Chairman John Morris called the afternoon session to order leading song on page 53. Leaders: Dr. Don Barker 145t; Ernestine Pipkin 146; Al Rogers 198; Curtis Owen 150; Sarah Coates 543; David Moseley 186; Mary Oruc 49b; Stanley Chang 269; Kevin Powell 107; Terre Schill 134; Stephen Latimer 178; Mike Moseley 182; Greg Economides 200; Beverly Coates 362; Ryan Ross 217; Tom Owen 528; Cissy Moseley 566.


The class was called to order by Chairman Jeb Owen with song on page 56t. Leaders: Scott Wizeman 59; Emmie Morris 455; Josh Rogan 438t; D.J. Hatfield 229; Doris Hanks 44t; Baron Powers 268; Owen Ross 395; Robert Handel 61; Edith Owen 328; Donald Ross 499; Mary Bachmann 47t; Leon Ballinger 454; Stanley Chang 479; Myra Palmer 436; Scott Curran 112; Diane Ross 507; Cheryl Foreman 350; Gaylon Powell 536; Kelly Beard 298; Amanda Owen 209.

The Nominating Committee presented the following slate of officers for the 2001 Texas State Convention: Chairman—John Morris; Vice Chairman—Sarah Coates; Secretary/Treasurer—Vivian Rogan. The slate of officers was accepted by acclamation.

The day of singing was brought to a close with song on page 414.

Sunday, February 27

The Sunday session of the Texas State Convention was called to order by Chairman Jeb Owen leading song on page 31t. Dr. Don Barker gave the invocation.

Leaders: Chairman Jeb Owen 548; Vice Chairman John Morris 421; Secretary Vivian Rogan 73b; Billy Moseley 480; Albano Alban 145b; Michele Rogan 168; B.E. Matthews 565; Reed Coates 220; Mary Oruc 47b; David Moseley 441; Amanda Blevins 171; Gary Rogan 324; Dr. Don Barker 452b; Katie Moseley 192; Al Rogers 63; Catherine Rogan 373; Curtis Owen 551; Sarah Coates 183; Peter Nichols 358; Terre Schill 339.


Chairman Jeb Owen led song on page 378b to bring the class back together. Leaders: Mike Moseley 532; Zach Rogan 222; Doris Hanks 218; Josh Rogan 45t; Bruce Coates 503; Cissy Moseley 34b; Donald Ross 481; Myra Palmer 208; Leon Ballinger 137; Beverly Coates 524; James Moseley 39b; Cheryl Foreman 515; Tom Owen 291; Diane Ross 347; D.J. Hatfield 245; Myrl Jones 430.

The memorial lesson was held. Dr. Don Barker read from Psalms, and Beverly Coates led song on page 512 in memory of those who had passed on since our last convention. John Morris led song on page 337 in honor of those who were sick and shut-ins.


Chairman Jeb Owen called the class to order leading song on page 176b. Leaders: Baron Powers 119; Emmie Morris 273; Scott Curran 142; Liz Rogan 203; Gaylon Powell 86; Edith Owen 122; Robert Handel 348b; Amanda Owen 475; Billy Moseley 47t; Michele Rogan 455; Monnie Ross 148; B.E. Matthews 426b; Reed Coates 99; David Moseley 189; Amanda Blevins 40; Gary Rogan 285t; Don Barker 82t; Katie Moseley 318; Sarah Coates 76b; Terre Schill 234; James Moseley 49t; Olivia Powell 236; Kevin Powell 440; Vivian Rogan 84.

Gaylon Powell gave the financial report, and announcements of future singings were made.

Leaders: Mike Moseley 198; Doris Hanks 299; Josh Rogan 300; Bruce Coates 77t; Cissy Moseley 535; Donald Ross 368; Leon Ballinger 278 (t? b?); Olivia Powell 532; Kevin Powell 454; Jeb Owen 163b.

The closing song was number 178, and Curtis Owen closed the convention with prayer.

Chairman—Jeb Owen; Vice Chairman—John Morris; Secretary—Vivian Rogan.