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United Sacred Harp Musical Association

Liberty Church, Henagar, Alabama

September 11-12, 1999

Saturday, September 11

The ninety-sixth session of the United Sacred Harp Musical Association was called to order by Linton Ballinger leading song on page 81t. Tom Owens led the morning prayer. The officers were called to lead as follows: B.M. Smith 82t; Nora Parker 36b; Bud Oliver and Connie Karduck 171; Shelbie Sheppard 269; David Ivey 112; Harrison Creel 498; Don Bowen and Louis Hughes, Sr. 347; Syble Adams 99.


The class was brought together by Rodney Ivey and daughter, Cheyenne Ivey, leading song on page 47t.

A business session was held to elect officers. The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—David Ivey; Vice Chairman—Rodney Ivey; Secretary—Nora Parker (Permanent); Chaplain—Louis Hughes, Sr.; Arranging Committee—Henry Johnson, Jackie Tanner, and Max Berueffy; Memorial Committee—Elene Stovall, Marcia Johnson, and Kelly House; Resolutions Committee—Mike Hinton and Melanie Hauff; Locating Committee—Terry Wootten and Linton Ballinger; Finance Committee—Don Bowen, B.M. Smith, and Linda Sides.

Leaders: Henry Johnson 267; Max Berueffy 39b; Jackie Tanner 222; Charlene Wallace 277; Betty Wright 569b; Virginia Douglas 49b; Julie Vea 192; Bonnie Flowers 528; Rebecca Johnson 288; Bobby Jackson 480; Kelly House 456; Randall Smith and Lamar Smith 76b; Daryl Mayberry 454; Earl Ballinger and Lavaughn Ballinger 84; Tim Reynolds 163b; John Plunkett 571; Judy Caudle 180; David Carlton 114; Sandie Scott 551; Janet Herman 216; Mike Hinton 373; Lynne deBenedette 224; Wanda Capps, Ann Jett, and Cindy Franklin 327; Jimmy Ballinger and Teresa Ballinger 300.


The class resumed singing with Jeff Sheppard leading song on page 325. Leaders: Samuel Sommers 380; Jon Giles 250; Coy Ivey and Charles Bell 59.

Charles Bell, Chairman of the DeKalb County Commission, welcomed the United Convention and its attendees to Henagar and Dekalb County, Alabama.

Leaders: Richard DeLong 240; Lee Rogers 220; Hershell King 80b; Elsie Moon 394; Polly Spears, Pauline Shippley, and Sara Kilgore 147b; Amanda Denson 186; Larry Ballinger 151; Kate Langley 200; Nate Green and Norma Green 418; Sarah Harcrow 159; Jerry Schreiber 35; Ginnie Ely 196; Reba Windom 172; Edward Howton 436; Pam Nunn 218; Mark Miller 442.


The afternoon session was reassembled with David Ivey leading song on page 448b. Leaders: Jerry Enright 77t; Louis Hughes, Sr. 565; Tennie Moody 365; Flora Skinner 434; S.T. Reed 345b; Laura Densmore 74b; Jon Gregg 358; Rosemary Greenaway 361; Richard Ivey and Stuart Ivey 270; Judy Hauff and Melanie Hauff 163t; Mark Carroll 37b; Myra Dalton 278b; Kelly Beard 460; Cassie Franklin, Rodney Ivey, and Elene Stovall 384; Marcia Johnson 448t; Tim Swanson 274t.


The class was called together by Linda Sides leading song on page 148. Leaders: Linda Thomas 475; Flarce Creel, Harrison Creel, Cindy Franklin, and Cassie Franklin 342; Carla Smith 124; Judy Mincey 540; Ted Mercer 302; Willie Mae Moon 568; Ernestine Pipkin 110; Lisa Grayson 201; Ted Johnson 142; Karen House 496; Tom Owens 532; Estelle Flowers 401; Terry Wootten 542; Pauline Childers 318; Jane Hancock 106; Curtis Owen 137; Mary Florence Smith 441; Edith Tate 73t; Leola Smith 340; Martha Henderson 53.

The Saturday session was closed with David Ivey leading song on page 34t, followed with prayer by Louis Hughes, Sr.

Sunday, September 12

The Sunday session was brought to order by David Ivey leading song on page 82t. Louis Hughes, Sr. led the morning prayer.

Leaders: Rodney Ivey 101t; Loyd Ivey 426t; Margie Smith 225t; Mary Wright 337; Marlon Wootten 445; Eloise Watkins 426b; B.M. Smith 273; Jessica Davis 30t; Jenny Willard 422; Mattie Townsel and Patsy Gentle 313t; Kiri Miller 282; Barbara Swetman 383; Karen Freund 77b; Eloise Wootten 454; Carroll Lunsford 162; Laura Clawson 95; Tony Ivey 312t; Edith Owen and Curtis Owen 490; Pat Temple 183.


The class was brought together by Bud Oliver leading song on page 39b. Leaders: Mike Dunn 186; Marilyn Burchett 29t; Jarrod George 300; Susan Harcrow 436; Sam Jones 126; Brenda Carroll 384; Joyce Walton 57; Roy Nelson 318; Rene Greene 171; Shane Wootten 270; Lomax Ballinger 299; Virginia Douglas 49b; Sarah Smith 406; Joan Aldridge 198; Allison Ivey 192; Jim Carnes 218.


The class was called to order by Jackie Tanner leading song on page 208. Leaders: Gary Smith 569b; Allison Stovall 441; Dennis George and M.B. Daniel 45t; B.J. Harris 503; Floyd Peters 335; Laura Akerman 220; Evelyn Harris 47t; Dewayne Wootten 283; Melvin Stiefel 338.

A memorial lesson was held at this time. Elene Stovall made an introductory talk, and Kelly House read the names of the deceased. Those remembered were: David Shirey, Antoinette Swetman, Ralph Heath, Sherry Thomas, Phillip James, Lindberg Lacy, Alice Washburn, Cecil Gilliland, Elder J.O. Handley, Elder Roy Avery, J.L. Oden, Vester Jones, Flossie Jones, Jim Freyder, Essie Calvert, and J.V. Gilbert—Alabama; Roxy Duffy and Horace DeLong—Georgia; Ethel Klein—Florida; Gerry Armstrong—Illinois; Richard Allison—Indiana; Don Jolly—California; Chris Randa and Karen Wiard—Minnesota; Akram Scott—New York; Richard Daniels—Texas; and Helen Salowey—New Jersey. Marcia Johnson made a talk and then led song on page 547 for the deceased.

Kelly House read the names of the sick and shut-ins. Those remembered were: John Bailey, Dorothy Garber, Susan Garber, Tommye Denson Mauldin, M.S. Mimms, Tauchcedah Scott, Ed Craig, Alcie Craig, Carol Hancock, Noell Hancock, Lois Stanson, Woodie Walker, Lawrence Underwood, Lula Underwood, Virgil Phillips, Ruby Phillips, Elsie Beasley, Mozelle Sheppard, Allene Stanford, Warren Mason, Van Mize, Lonnie Rogers, Vivian Rogers, Maxine Lacy, Marie Aldridge, and Ruby Wilks. Elene Stovall and Kelly House led song on page 68b for those names that were read and for those whom we remember and wish were able to attend.

Mark Brown sang “Beulah Land”. Tony Ivey read the words from the song on 138b with comments about their meaning, and closed the memorial with prayer.

Leaders: Henry Johnson 285t; Karen Ivey and Allison Ivey 31t; Marty Wootten 99. Roy Nelson asked the noon blessing.


Max Berueffy reassembled the class with song on 319. Leaders: Nora Parker 276; Connie Karduck 498; Shelbie Sheppard 195; Harrison Creel 530; Randall Smith and Rodney Ivey 137; Don Bowen and Coy Ivey “Trusting”; Loyd Ivey, Marian Biddle, Adam Biddle, Ivey Biddle, Teresa Bethune, Lindsey Bethune, Martha Underwood, and Jessica Ivey “That Beautiful Land”; Tom Owen 47b; Eschol Hughes 27; Mildred McElroy and Terry Wootten 38b; Flora Skinner 426b; Cindy Franklin and Cassie Franklin 76b; Betty Wright 323b; Curtis Owen and Edith Owen 34b; Julie Vea 39t; Betty Shepherd 216.


The class resumed singing with Rex Wilks and Karen Travis leading song on page 155. Leaders: Bonnie Flowers 217; Kelly House 430; Lavon Wootten 176t; Howard McGuire 392; Jeffrey Wootten 148; Jerry Schreiber and Louis Hughes, Sr. 344; Lynne deBenedette and Karen Freund 56b; Mike Hinton 543; Kelly Beard 170; Cassie Franklin, Allison Ivey, and Richard Ivey 559 (CB); Jeff Sheppard 293; Myra Dalton and Misty Gilbert 542; Reba Windom 196; Richard Ivey and Stuart Ivey 567; Linda Thomas, Syble Adams, and Eloise Wootten 500 (CB); Samuel Sommers 24b; Jon Giles 404; Jerry Enright, Reba Windom, and Betty Shepherd 378t (for Woodie Walker).

A business session was held to hear committee reports.

Resolutions Committee—A successful convention requires lots of work by lots of people. This 96th meeting of the United Sacred Harp Musical Association resolves the following: We sing praises to God and offer our eternal gratitude for permitting us to gather here to sing and share fellowship and songship.

We thank the members of Liberty Church for permitting us to gather here for the Convention, and to the local families for your hospitality.

We thank the immediate past and present officers for organizing, publicizing, and all the coordination required to make this Convention happen. We also recognize the committees for this smooth-running Convention.

We thank everyone who prepared the food and wonderful things we have eaten. What a labor of love! A special thanks to:

(1) Coy and Marie Ivey for the barbeque, chicken livers, and dressing which was superb!

(2) The Olivers and Reeds for the refreshing lemonade.

(3) Willard and Betty Wright for the delicious ice cream. You made Baskin Robbins look small. The seven flavors of ice cream were delicious.

(4) Karen Ivey for the sweet potato pie. My, my, I haven’t tasted pie like that in 35 years!

(5) To everyone who took a part in providing the bounteous spread over the past two days.

We praise God for the singers who came from all over the country to join together in worship, fellowship, and song. This has been a mountain top experience! Give us all a safe journey home.

We resolve to continue to preserve this heritage and tradition by attending Sacred Harp singings wherever and whenever we can. May we sing again next September for the 97th meeting of this Convention.

Respectfully submitted: Mike Hinton and Melanie Hauff.

Locating Committee—Terry Wootten reported that the United Convention will be hosted by Old County Line Church for the 97th session in September, 2000. Old County Line Church is located ten miles west of Warrior, Alabama near Corner in Jefferson County.

Finance Committee—Nora Parker reported that the total expenses of this year’s Convention were $674.33; a collection of $550.65 was received; balance on hand is $1,245.03.

The business session was closed.

David Ivey and Rodney Ivey led song on 62 as the closing song, and B.J. Harris dismissed the Convention with prayer.

Chairman—David Ivey; Vice Chairman—Rodney Ivey; Secretary—Nora Parker.