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Pacific Northwest Convention, Washington

Ballard Homestead, Seattle, Washington

February 15-16, 2020

Saturday, February 15

The Washington Session of the 29th annual Pacific Northwest Sacred Harp Singing Convention was called to order by Wing Mui leading 47t. Destiny Woods offered the opening prayer.

In a business meeting, the following officers and committee members were elected or appointed to serve: Chairperson—Lu Zeng; Rising Chairperson—David Wright; Treasurer—Gedney Barclay; Secretary—Sara Ng; Arranging Committee—Bob Schinske, Laura McMurray, Kate Coxon, Katie Mahoney, and Clarissa Fetrow; Chaplains—Destiny Woods and John Wiens; Memorial Committee—Lucinda Larsen Saue and Greg Saue; Kitchen Committee—Erik Schwab and Rodman Campbell; Beverage Committee—Wing Mui, Adam Morgan Berey, and Nicole Scott. The business session was closed.

Leaders: Lu Zeng 31b; David Wright 131b; Susan Helf 61; Rodman Campbell 71; Gracie Bucklew and Nichole King 448b; Peter Schinske 66; Deb Cook 313b; Alan Viola 42; Destiny Woods 48t; Dave Hough 30t; Gloria Sauceda, Gracie Bucklew, and Nichole King 117; Clarissa Fetrow 64; Bruce Rowland 426b; Anne Huckins 82t; Greg Saue 163b; Laura McMurray 75; Jim Friedrich 501 (in memory of Stephen O’Leary); Jinx McGuire 300.


Carolyn Gilkey called the class to order leading 171. Leaders: Kathy Vlach 340; Rosie Sokolov 407; Pat Coghlan 444; Dorothy Mitchell 540; Vicki Morgan 472; Betsy Jeronen 534; Chris Noren 408; Jean Murphy 184; Idy Kiser 122 (for Gillian Inksetter and her mother, Judy Toole); Linda Berkemeier 123t; Kevin Barrans 348b; Kate Fine 500; Arieta Santinelli and Jeff Begley 512; Cornelia Stanton 87; Ben Brown 155; Doug Hill 326; Katharine Hough 183.


Shannon McGuire called the class to order leading 315. Nancy Novotny led 200. David Wright, on behalf of Treasurer Gedney Barclay, gave the financial report and led 278b. Leaders: Lucinda Larsen Saue 178; Solomon Ossa 532; Fred Wilkey 474; Dorothy Robinson 377; Aubrey Hemminger 276; Lyle Lindsey 47b; Sophie Sokolov 143; Wren Hyde 287; Jeff Begley 545; Mryka Hall-Beyer 569b; Thom Fahrbach 232; Karen Stingle 318; Ruth Linehan 76b; Julius Pasay 227; Lindy Groening 228; Linda Selph 422. Destiny Woods offered thanks for the meal.


Brandon Martin-Anderson called the class to order leading 162. Leaders: Marie Brandis 328; Bob Schinske 204; Brian McKee 112; Evelyn Lamb 491; Ray Rechenberg 148; Stephanie Fida 275t; Dave Barber 216; Anne Cowling and Mryka Hall-Beyer 68b; Erika Wilson 480; David Schmitt 564; Eva Striebeck 546; Leah Coffin 367; Jack Lofton 215; John Wiens 535; Mary Rose O’Reilley 344; Erik Schwab 562; Adam Morgan Berey 504; Reed Schilbach 312b; Sadhbh O’Flynn 419; Scott Kennedy 455.


Clarissa Fetrow called the class to order leading 74b. Leaders: Ruth Linehan 29t; Aisha Morgan 421; Kate Fortin 383; Deb Cook 354b; Dave Hough 271t; Jeff Begley 335; Linda Selph 217; Chris Noren 497; Jinx McGuire 269; Ray Rechenberg 77t; Jim Friedrich 142; Katharine Hough 378b; Wren Hyde 460; Solomon Ossa 349; Betsy Jeronen 330b; Karen Stingle 254; Julius Pasay 388; John Wiens 567. Lu Zeng led 32t as the closing song, and a blessing was offered by Destiny Woods.

Sunday, February 16

The Sunday session of the Pacific Northwest Convention was called to order by Lu Zeng leading 52t. The opening prayer was offered by John Wiens. Leaders: Laura McMurray 28b; Shannon McGuire 441; Arielle Epstein, Robyn Steveley, Kodiak Wyvern, and Milo Gaudiano 448b; Alan Viola 457; Veronica Harris, Allie Gilbert, Flora Whiting, Valerie Vajda, and Sebastian Flores 117; Adrionna Fey 85; Adam Morgan Berey 45t; Willow Condon, Daejin Kim, Chris Nolte, and Joe Lombardo 347; Alex Short and Zach Medici 84; Dorothy Mitchell 34b; Anne Huckins 288; Jean Murphy 380; Ian Suchon and Virginia Pendragon 95; Lyle Lindsey 228; Dorothy Robinson 33b; Lucinda Larsen Saue 49b; Thom Fahrbach 402 (for Jennifer Jones and Emma Swartz).


Nancy Novotny called the class to order leading 81t. Leaders: Bob Schinske 168; Emily Greenhalgh 47t; Nicole Scott 44; Pat Coghlan 550; Mariah Husted 383; Brian McKee 178; Leah Coffin 280; Rodman Campbell 214; Vicki Morgan 454; Kate Fine and Sara Ng 384; Ben Brown 209; Sophie Sokolov 73t; Aubrey Hemminger 146; Destiny Woods 475; Aisha Morgan 87; Matthew Porter 203; Cornelia Stanton 171; Reed Schilbach 318; Scott Kennedy 344.


The class was called to order by Eva Striebeck leading 128. Leaders: Kate Fortin 142; Kathy Vlach 212; Marla Elliott and Britannah Foster 358; Greg Saue 99; Gedney Barclay 270.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Lucinda Larsen Saue and Greg Saue. Lucinda Larsen Saue and Greg Saue led 86 in honor of the following sick and shut-ins: Gloria Barber, Tiziano Dalla Gasperina, Melanie Hauff, Jean Helf, Will Helf, Gillian Inksetter, Kirsten James, Jennifer Jones, Francesca Kocks, Jennifer Mayfield, Ted Morgan, Leo Nalli, Brend Rechenberg, Gretchen Saue, Quinn Stanley, Laurel Tannenbaum, Judy Toole, Jan Treadwell, Jennifer Wandres, and Nyla.

Lucinda Larsen Saue and Greg Saue led 503 in memory of the following deceased: Stephen O’Leary—California; Daleen Hansen—Colorado; Aubrey Barfield and Dorothy Solir—Florida; Joanne Solir and Charlene Wallace—Georgia; Rhea Radford—Idaho; Michael Appert—Illinois; Michael Bischoff and Paul Luther Wilson—Minnesota; Maxine Lusk—Montana; Jay Longan—New York; Shane Voegele and John Wills—Ohio; Ramona Mason and Cheyanne Perez—Oklahoma; Concetta Branson, Dot Choppy, John Coggins, and Anita Engiles—Oregon; Sonny Erwin—Texas; Bill Ayers, Mary Ann Berry, Clare Paris, Alexander Rielley, Grace Reynolds, Lois Saue, Alice Winship, Gerrie Woods, and B—Washington; Paul Chernoff—Canada; Brian Morrisroe—Ireland; Andrea Gaudiano and Franco Gaudiano—Italy. Prayer to close the memorial lesson was offered by John Wiens.

Leaders: Peter Schinske 217; Rosie Sokolov 432; Dave Barber 333; Idy Kiser 112; Arieta Santinelli and Jeff Begley 276; Evelyn Lamb 466; David Schmitt 468; Erika Wilson 560; Nancy Novotny 283. John Wiens offered thanks for the meal.


Susan Helf called the class to order leading 435. Leaders: Stephanie Fida 548; Erik Schwab 465; Lindy Groening 558; Kevin Barrans 55; Sadhbh O’Flynn 125; Jack Lofton 220; Marie Brandis 140; Kate Coxon 192; Bruce Rowland 82t; Eva Striebeck 308; Carolyn Gilkey and Trevor Ashbury 474; Fred Wilkey 332; Susan Helf 547; Linda Berkemeier 175 (for Gillian Inksetter and her mother, Judy Toole); Jim Friedrich, Heidi O’Brien, and Britt Olson 481; John Wiens 455; Jordan Singer 320; Katharine Hough 236.


Evelyn Lamb and Clarissa Fetrow called the class to order leading 53. Leaders: Linda Selph 309; Gedney Barclay 30b; Ray Rechenberg 285t; Elizabeth Riggs and Jack Lofton 479; Wren Hyde 345b; Jeff Begley 477; Mryka Hall-Beyer and Angela Small 277; Ruth Linehan 428; Doug Hill 179; Clarissa Fetrow 173; David Wright 198; Betsy Jeronen 440; Peter Freeman and Thom Fahrbach 48t; Audrey Karabinus 367; Julius Pasay 160b; Karen Stingle 551; Jinx McGuire 351; Solomon Ossa 302; Mischa Skeeter 324; Chris Noren 566.

A business meeting was held to hear committee reports. The Treasurer, Gedney Barclay reported that expenses were met through the generosity of attendees and made a motion to remit the Convention’s purse to Pacific Northwest Sacred Harp Singers, Inc., which was carried. Kate Coxon and Ray Rechenberg presented a resolution, which was adopted, thanking the officers, committees and volunteers, and setting the 2021 session on the third Sunday in February and Saturday before. The Arranging Committee announced one hundred seventy-two singers over both days, from three countries, nine states and two Canadian provinces, singing one hundred ninety-two tunes. Lu Zeng and David Wright led 62, and those who wished took the parting hand. John Wiens offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Lu Zeng; Rising Chairman—David Wright; Secretary—Sara Ng