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The New Orleans Gathering of Lgbtq Singers

St. Luke Assembly of God & Peter and Paul’s Church, New Orleans, Louisiana

January 11-12, 2020

Saturday, January 11

The Saturday session of the New Orleans Gathering of LGBTQ Singers was held at St. Luke Assembly of God, New Orleans, Louisiana. Ateven Snderson called the class to order by leading 274t. Singers were invited to share about their personal experiences as part of their lesson.

Leaders: AnnaLeigh Smith 82t; Brian McKee 122; Corinne Serfass 72b; Jacob Kiakahi 47t; Alec Jenkins-White 287; Shana Wenger 228; Jamie Ross 74b; Nicholas Thompson 189; Ann Riley 209; Claire Hogan 114; Tristan Gordon 230; Jason Steidl 317; June Murph 410t.


Sasha Hsuczyk called the class back to order by leading 145t. Leaders: Lilly Israel 400; Steve Luttinen 74t; Ryan Bowman 455; Joel Menk 374; Ellen Ray 176t; Dann Pell 439; Lael Birch 198; Myles Dakan 108b; Kit Walsh 215; Jonathon Smith 505; Stina Soderling 324; Nicole Bowman 127; Eva Jarecke 457; Daron Douglas 423; Anna Hutson and Shana Wenger 268; Leah Velleman 448t.


Ateven Snderson called the class back to order by leading 106. Leaders: Tim Morton 330b; Hanna Brolander 38b; Grant Cross 39t; Miriam Delirium 313b; Wing Mui 27; Morgan Biggs 40; Ariel Erskine and Shana Wenger 472; Sumie Zook 178; Sasha Hsuczyk 542; Claire Hogan 172; Steve Luttinen 332; Brian McKee 148; Jacob Kiakahi 89; Ann Riley 142; Joel Menk 372; Lael Birch 179.


Leah Velleman, Wing Mui, and Lael Birch called the class back together by leading 312b. Leaders: Nicholas Thompson 192; Tristan Gordon 551; AnnaLeigh Smith “Compton’s Queens”; Dann Pell 285b; Jamie Ross 271t; Ryan Hill 338; Kit Walsh 95; Jason Steidl 117; Lilly Israel 344; Nicole Bowman 86; Leah Velleman 313t; Ellen Ray 275b; Alec Jenkins-White 328; Eva Jarecke 397; Stina Soderling 270. Myles Dakan led 379 to close the day. The singing was followed by an evening discussion.

Sunday, January 12

The Sunday session of the New Orleans Gathering of LGBTQ Singers was held at Peter and Paul’s Church in the morning for the first two sessions and moved back to St. Luke’s Assembly of God in the afternoon for the last two sessions of the day. The class was brought to order by Ateven Snderson leading 318. Leaders: Daron Douglas 42; Morgan Biggs 30t; Ryan Bowman 546; Tim Morton 269; Wing Mui 300; Ryan Hill 84; June Murph and Nicholas Thompson 93; Jonathon Smith 326; Corinne Serfass 214; Tristan Gordon 36b; Alec Jenkins-White 277; Sasha Hsuczyk 411; Kit Walsh 445; Sumie Zook and Shana Wenger 197; AnnaLeigh Smith 319; James Rodrigue 107; Eva Jarecke 235.


Ateven Snderson and Sasha Hsuczyk called the class back together by leading 128. Leaders: Jamie Ross and Kay Laspruce 56b; Lilly Israel 99; Leah Velleman 47t; Ellen Ray 48t; Miriam Delirium 201; Stina Soderling 384; Myles Dakan 192; Shana Wenger and Elizabeth Vargas 72b; Nicholas Thompson 200; Jason Steidl 511; Claire Hogan 65; Ann Riley 276; Jacob Kiakahi 108t.


Ateven Snderson called the class back together by leading 388. Leaders: Steve Luttinen 500; Brian McKee and Stina Soderling 475; Lael Birch 111b; Joel Menk 548; Dann Pell 434; Nicole Bowman 504; Anna Hutson 159; Morgan Biggs 109; Tim Morton 513; Hanna Brolander 131t; Wing Mui 29t; Jonathon Smith 131b; Leah Velleman 270; Nicholas Thompson 216.


Sasha Hsuczyk called the class back to order by leading 56t. Leaders: Ann Riley 454; June Murph 333; Jamie Ross 376; Corinne Serfass 27; Tristan Gordon 33b; Ryan Bowman 112; Kit Walsh 390; Sumie Zook 313b; Lilly Israel 157; Ellen Ray 45b; Miriam Delirium 271t; Stina Soderling 31t; Myles Dakan 448b; Ryan Hill 288; Jason Steidl 35; Claire Hogan 95; Sasha Hsuczyk 414; Jacob Kiakahi “Osceola”; Daron Douglas 146; AnnaLeigh Smith 30b.

A report was given by the secretary, stating that there were 138 songs sung, by 42 leaders from 14 states and 2 countries. Announcements were made. The officers led 62 to close the day, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Ateven Snderson; Co-chairman and Secretary—Sasha Hsuczyk